Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Koral İlhan


Koral İlhan has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Drwn

some sketches about guerilla concept


Nomads of invaded planet.


Scientist invaders.I will try to make more variations of them


A cargo vehicle for carrying the species.I am waiting your critics.Thanx


awesome sketches my friend. I would like to see some detailed ones and environment sketches.
keep it up.


good sketches brother Can’t wait to see more sketches and detail.

abi gecenin 3u anılla internetde gezerken seninde islerini gorduk cok mutlu olduk boyle devam
kendine iyi bak oyum sana.


Nice sketches, look forward to the composition of the final elemnets.


Thanx to everyone who wrote their critics.I wanna add some new stuff but ı havent got a net connection.Now ı am workin on nomads and ı will try to put the new sketches with the help of some friends.

Thanx again and waitin your critics.


sketch works part 1


mammal concept


I like your mamal sketches. What kind of background or setting were you thinking about doing?:slight_smile:


Thanx for your critics.I hve got some plan to make composition about a guerilla war and ı will try to send more sketches if ı can find any space in computer room :ı


Sketches for nomads and mammal.Unfortunatly ı cant send the drawings in order.It can be older then others.


Another sketch for mammal size and concept.


Very coooo mamalia, but what’s the story/ background etc…?



I love your characters and creatures… lets see some environments! mmm so i guess i agree with atmospheria and blueyelizard… give us more to talk about :bounce:


amazing concepts. I like mammal most. Reminds me of dune. Can’t wait for composition concept!

Ps. Backround story would be nice too :wink:


Thanx for your critics.I cant update the images quickly.Because ı havent got a net connection in my house.I am sending sketches from my friends comp or schools computer room.Because of that the subject of composition is flyin in my head.Today I found some opportunity to send some new stuff to site.

Hillartsympho:I LİKE to use charactERS in front of composition.But u r right.I will try to make some sketches about enviroments.

Kalen:Thanx for ur critics.First movie of Dune legend is a milestone in my life.ı can be effected from novel.



Nomads again :slight_smile:


some sketches about guerilla concept