Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Ken Henderson


The detail on the mothership are very great, most realistice, always good job, at the end i think this pic will be a great piece of art, very good work… to be continued



Do you ever sleep?


Thanks… I hope so, again, it’s the final tweaks to the overall image that will make or break it. Will I have time… we’ll see. Deadline is 9:00pm Monday, Pacific time here on the west coast.

I think I will.

Thanks for your continued enthusiasm!!


Hi Ken,

Your render/painting skills on the surface of the ship are marevellous. Much more accurate than I could ever do it. I would love to know how you did the beautiful light pattern on the right handside. I very much struggling with those kind of things.

Maybe it could be an idea to give the laser some sort of characteristic attribute/structure. Like some straight veins or maybe some sort of impulse points or an additional transparent tube around it. That would underline the immense power of the laser.

Great work.



Yes i sleep but is not the same hours in france, now it’s 2 o’clock PM hey i appreciate you make a critic on my pic, will be importante for me because your are a good artist



Thanks! I beg to differ with you about your ability to hit that detail level. I’ve seen your entry… the detail at the bottom of the FG ship is wonderful and the hull texture is gorgeous (post a tut on it!).

I’m not sure what you’re asking about in regards to the light pattern? Where specifically? I’d be happy to give you a breakdown… but maybe not until the competition is over… we’ll see how I’m doing on time.


Yah, I like the pulse idea for the laser beam. That being said I do think it looks powerful right now. But you’re right, it needs something. I think I’ll do a similar effect to what I did for the fighter engine thrusters. A little metal texture in Photoshop on “linear light” mode to get a crackling energy feel. That should do it! Good idea… thanks!


Critique is done. Happy to do it for such a talented fellow illustrator! Sorry I haven’t replied more to your thread.

Thanks agins for checking in and the support guys!


Hi Ken,

i meant the part below: (when there´s time enough)




Sure… I can give you a how to, probably tommorow. Basically I created a separate texture in photoshop, selected and area on my Mother ship and pasted that texture inside that area. Then I rotated it / scaled / skewed it to fit the correct angle. After that I did some subtle layer / blending affects.

I’ll post a reasonable tutorial tomorrow morning.

It’s easy, you’ll be able to do it no problem!


well, when i mention moebius it was in a good way. but its not matter any more. what you have in here is very unique style. and i like it very much. keep it up mate! :slight_smile:



Thanks! When Moebius was mentioned I was more than flattered, he’s one of the all-time greatest fantasy illustrators and has inspired so many.

Thanks for both the comparison and the compliments!


good, that was my point :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Finished (granted, there will probably be some tweaks during the final image polish phase).


Here’s a detail shot.

Left to do:

  • Temple city (starting now)
  • Fighter integration
  • final lighting
  • tweaks

1 day, 19 hours, 38 minutes, 49 seconds to go!




Just wanted to see what you thought of the subtle texture I added to the Mother ship beam?


very nice work, i love the contrast between the explosion and the ship, its very eyecatching but not too brash. the detail is particularly good as well, nothing to crit though, looking forward to your final



Thanks! I think I may have to desaturate the image (portions of it at any rate) to get a more coherent feel. We’ll see what theTemple city does to bring it all together. Right now my palette is pretty primary, I would like it to be a bit more subtle. Final tweaks will tell the tale.

Thanks for stopping by!


This is looking good, the grand action is take place very well. Keep at it, focus on the final details. Good luck and all the best


Hi Ken,

Unlike MDN67 I badly needed some sleep :slight_smile:

Yes! Now I think the look enforces the impression that the beam bores into the building. Nothing to crit. Great work:thumbsup:



No, no, i sleep me to :slight_smile:

The détails on the ships are great, perhaps more light in the reactor, but,… always good work



Thanks! Good luck to you as well!


I did as well… didn’t even work last night! I figured I needed to get a full nights rest so I could be sharp and work the remaining hours on the piece, crunch all the way to the end. My only concern is the upload of the Tiff image. I just hope the system isn’t jammed with everyone trying to do it at once! Bad planning on my part… oh well, live an learn. I’ll get it done though…

Glad you like the beam texture now…


Glad you got some rest!

More light in the reactor eh? I’ll try it after I finish the Temple city. My concern was that I didn’t want it to compete with the glow from the beam itself… I already have 2 very bright light sources (beam, eruption) adding a third would make the lighting a bit of a nightmare… so I went with a relatively contained glow.

Thanks for the continued feedback and support guys!


Hi Ken,

Mike (walrus) told me the image has to be packed into a zip-file. The amount of mb reduces very well.
So… maybe it isn´t that worst tomorrow. Wish you a good workflow.