Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Ken Henderson



Thanks! Glad you liked the process pics… hope they help or at the very least give you some insight into how I burn the hours (days) away.

Thanks for looking!


The fighter look great, perhaps add some more reflects, for the backround “building” I think you could made the yellows lights more littles to give sensation of a bigest-buildind… I prefer a darker ambience. In general a great job, and greats explanation of your “technics” :thumbsup:


Wow your ship is teeribly beautifull, i like it, good work and good luck


The piece looks like it’s coming along nicely. I like your ship design. It reminds me of that old game, R-Type. There was another game it reminds me of too, but I forgot the title. Also your alien structure looks great. Can’t wait to see how that looks fully rendered.



Thanks for the crit! I’m revisiting the hull “finish” on the ship as I’ve had a few comments on it. I’ll post a newer version later today… gotta get it knocked out as I have too much else to do to nit-pick this ship. That being said, it is a very important aspect of the image. Sigh…

In regards to the size of the buildings windows and the sense of scale you get from them. I like the size they are now, the upper temple / volcano stucture (that isn’t finished yet) will have more windows which will be scale proportionate. That relationship will help to “sell” the scale and vastness of the upper temple so it’s necessary for the windows in the city to be this size. As well, I like the fact that the fighters are flying this close to the buildings, shows a lack of respect and heightens the drama… I think.



Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks for looking everyone, good luck… only 11 days or so to go! Cripes!


Evil Gerbil:

Thanks Mr. Gerbil! I don’t recall those games, I’ll have to look them up. I appreciate the positive feedback. I love your Machine Flesh entry, thought it was one of the strongest in the competition so getting a provisional thumbs up from you is a boost.

Heck… it’s a boost getting all this feedback from everyone whose posted on this thread. Thanks again everyone.



For the whole booster thing, what if you were to combine the two? I mean, have it silhouetted, but also glow from the engine? Kinda like an extreme case of sub-surface scattering (which I’m not sure would work on such a solid object, but hey, it could look cool!) I dunno, I guess what I mean is…if you put your finger up to a light bulb, it will be, for hte most part, silhouetted, but you will still see the light scatter within and kinda make the edges of your finger glow.

But yea, that ship looks really nice. The process images were very interesting to look at. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of approach before :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks for your thoughts! Yah, it’s an interesting decision, one that I’ll - no doubt - go various ways on until I reach a solution. It’s all about selling the drama afterall… Glad you liked the process images… all I can say to encapsulate all 8 images… the multiply mode in Photoshop is your friend!

Thanks for stopping by!


Modified the ship as per some comments. Took off the majority of the texture on the hull, chrome-i-fied the front portion (it’s so gleemy now) and added some detail to the cockpit area while fixing the cockpit glass.


Here’s the same fighter in scene. In the scene I modified it’s levels, added some darker shadows and the glow from the volcano eruption. This isn’t a final image, just a test to see how the ship feels in the scene.

Let me know what you think!

OK… now that i’ve finished that I have the remaining 80% of the image to do… CRIPES!!!

Thanks for looking!


The detail on the ship is astounding… Can’t wait to see this bad boy finished.



Thanks! I have a tonne of work ahead of me…


Hi cgcrusty,

lovely texture. The metal looks very convincing. Great work

Don´t make the ship to perfect in this stage because it´s better to have details constant in relationship to the other elements in your image. That means a lot of work and time is running. Try to develop the details equal in your whole image. Great rendering




Thanks for the comments and compliments!

I understand what you’re saying about level of detail and consistency of representation throughout the piece, but I figure I have a few outs here:

a) This is an alien craft as compared to the Temple city that it is flying through. The level and type of detail (rivits, vents, paneling etc…) doesn’t exist in the city, it’s made of stone. There is some metal (window frames, superstructure etc.) but it’s mostly stone.

b) The alien fighter is pretty well the closest object to the viewer. By giving this much detail up close it allows me to suggest that same detail in other fighters in the distance and the mothership itself.

c) I agree that I will have to bring objects on a similiar plane of existance up to the ships level of detail but the only object that falls under that criteria is one small section of the temple cities transportation tube.

d) If I do find myself in trouble in regards to detail levels I can always knock the ship back a bit as I have everything broken down into layers.

I think I’ll be OK, but you never know until you dive in. Regardless… I have a tonne of work to do!

Thanks for your concerns and interest!


i always fan of your ship, the reflective lignht on the fighter is very good The light of the blast’s volcan will must be more strong for the correspondance with the reflective light but the composition is very very beautifull, i like, good work



Thanks for your crit!

I agree that the Volcano explosion will have to be massive to sell the need for that type of a reflection on the ship. It’ll be interesting as I will also have the bright blast ray coming from the Alien Mother ship to (potentially) influence the surroundings with spilled light. Right now the ship in the setting with the reflection and highlights from the Volcano is just a test to see what I’ll have to do to integrate the base ship into the scene. I’m sure it will change… but in theory (the latest comped image of ship and Volcano / scene) it seems to work.

Thanks again for checking back in and the kind words!


nice style on the painting of the ships it kinda looks like its hand painted.

don’t neglect the the flare at the back of the ship the blue light should affect the ship’s body
some what, it wiill really help make it like belongs there

But its great the technique looks like its out of an illusrtated comic or somthing .



Thanks fro the crit and the kind words!

The ship is handpainted, just… hanpainted using a computer! :slight_smile:

You know you’re right about the engine flare… I should have the inner part of the rightside wing being lit up by the thruster and some hints of it on the leftside wing as well. Thanks for pointing that out!


Your piece is looking great, can’t think of anything to suggest except keep it up.