Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Ken Henderson


Thanks for all the kind words everyone. All of us worked our butts off for this challenge and it shows! I feel very privileged to be in this Art show (OK… competition :slight_smile: ) with all of you!



Gaia’s Herald:

Thanks, glad you like the temple and the resulting integration!


Thanks, I really appreciated your feedback throughout!


Thanks! Glad you like the image… Those fighters were almost my downfall. As Fahrija pointed out early on, the detail I put into them set the tone for the image… which I was happy to oblige, but… I should have put more time into it. That last 30 hours was something!


Hey! A fellow “non” illustrator!


Not to sure where that guy was coming from, hopefully an explanation will come soon. It’s always interesting to hear people talk about your work. Your image is wonderful, wonder what he / she would say about it? Probably love it (as most will)!

Thanks for the kind words. This was really a great way to get back into the swing of things and I had a lot of fun interacting with everyone and sharing my process (the convoluted mess that it is…).

Thank you again, all of you, for the comments and encouragement these last weeks!

Good luck to everyone! I know people will come and look at the entries for the GSO and be wowed… great work!!



Looks great amigo, you have my vote.



Thanks Lane… nice photo, very fetching!


hey, fellow “non-illustrator!” :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t take it too seriously, everyone has their own subjective opinions about what does it for them and what doesn’t. You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time… well, you know how it goes! But i think there were a heck of a lot of very strong entries in this challenge that relied strongly on line art - yours, Arctis, Kaparo, Airborn… enough to prove that, “cartoony” or not, people can call it whatever label they like, but it still can convey a great mood, spirit, scenario, etcetera. I expect to see all or most of them/you in the winner’s circle… whatever that means, as i have no idea how judging actually works for this thing!



I don’t… I’ve been doing this type of work too long to let any comments bother me really. It’s a subjective world we’re in. I’m just glad people are interested enough to look and comment!

I agree about the strength of entries and that some or all of the images you mentioned might make it in. We’ll see what happens… it’ll be interesting.

I’m curious when the public voting will open up… as that’ll narrow the top 15 down. Then it’s up to the judging panel.


Good luck!


cgkrusty, I think that your final image is great but I imagine it more as a comic book cover maybe cause the line style of the background or perhaps cause of the colors.



Cool… they were asking for book cover type images for the competition, looks like I nailed it!


Hey, really… no worries. I appreciate the feedback a lot and your perspective on the image is appreciated.

I agree with you, it’s a little cartoony - comic like in it’s approach… maybe more so than I had hoped. But that’s the way it came out and I’m happy with it.

Thanks again!


…very nice work Mr. Henderson…and btw congrats for the next generation in comin’…




Hey Tremblay… thanks so much for checking in! Yup… another lil’ one on the way. have you checked out the Blogs?

The image itself is a little flat, not enough depth or atmosphere… but, not bad.

We’ll see how I did on the 14th.


…yeah man i’m explorin the blog…really like the womb thing…

…l’image est cool mec je l’aime beaucoup…you got my vote for sure…


Yah… Robin’s having fun with the Blog!

Thanks for looking, hope you’re well… give Merlin a pat for me…


Hi ken,

this was a tough challenge but for all that I thought your image had a wide scope to get mentioned. Hmm…the heck with it :slight_smile: See ya in march on the next one. :thumbsup:

best regards



You know… I was hoping for a HM but really, my image just didn’t have enough atmosphere and focus to win… and sadly, my lighting (which I love to do) wasn’t great either. The moral of the story, get the main image done sooner so you have time to tweak… period.

Really looking forward to the next challenge…

See you then!


yea you did have great individual parts in the image tho ,
till next time :thumbsup:


Same thoughts :slight_smile:



Thanks… but, as we saw in the judging (and knew all along really) it’s the entire image that counts. Getting it done sooner will allow me the time to pull it all together.

See you in the next go round!


Still, all in all, it was a strong image, and a lot of fun seeing your process. You were, in my book, one of the most meticulous in detailing your step-by-steps that you were taking to get there. It’ll be great to see what you come up with next time… Let’s get 'em! :slight_smile:




Thanks, your image was strong as well, and much more polished and together than mine. Unfortunately process doesn’t count for much now… but it was a great exercise to share. In regards to the competition… it was a good thing I didn’t place… when cleaning up my system a week or so ago I accidentally deleted ALL my files for my entry. So, I would have had to decline any prize as I wouldn’t have been able to show process images with the proper rez.

All I have now are the images I posted during the competition so it’s a good thing I shared as much as I did…


What an idiot…


That’s the first time I’ve done something that nuts on that scale… never clean your system up at 4:00am!

Anyhow… we’ll all be ready next time. I’ll have to go up to Vancouver with some duct-tape and find Blackarts. :twisted:

:love: Obviously I’m kidding. His work is amazing and he and the majority of all the winners have raised the bar which is good for the rest of us. Makes us hungrier and better…


Looking forward to seeing you in the next one.



As I am you… you had a really strong piece, so many great works to choose from.

I’ll see you in the winners circle in April / May (whenever the next challenge ends).