Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Ken Henderson



Good news… I wish they had the TIFF requirements outlined somewhere on the site. Anyone know exactly the format they want you to save it in? I can’t find it…

It’s all good!

Thanks for the info…

…oh, hey, I probably won’t get to that process breakdown today for the ship lights that you’re curious about. If I can’t do it here at the challenge I’ll do it on a regular post to CGTalk… cool?


Cgkrusty: I see you have been quite bussy these last days. The mother ship looks fantastic, and now it al comes together. Great progress!


Gaia’s Herald:

Thanks! Just working on the Temple city now… I’ll post an update later tonight.


Hi Ken,

You have 8hr more time than me. :slight_smile: - isn´t that a good encouragement? :smiley:
I´m really looking forward to watch the first previews of your building.




I have to have my image in by 4:00pm tomorrow… so I have just over 24 hours to go. You’re much further along than I am… but we’ll both be done in time! No worries!!

I’ll have an update up before midnight, San Fran time.

Good Luck!


I’d love to see a shot of the whole image, not just the mother ship - to see it all together and see how it all fits. One thing with the MS though: I think you might wanna get some of that firey red/orange to light up the bottom. Now it’s just the green beam doing it.

If you haven’t found out already, all the info on the tiff requirements is all on the upload page. (basicly: flattened, RGB, uncompressed, in a zip file, no alpha or other channels, no path layers…)

Good luck in these last few hours!


Detail of the work on the Main temple area… now I’m off to finish off the temple city. Still to do:

  • Temple city
  • Ship integration
  • various damage / explosions
  • final tweaks
  • submit

14 hours, 48 minutes, 10 seconds to go!

Thank God for Scotch or I’d never get this donw!



You’ll have to wait for the final for the whole image… sorry!

Yah, I was thinking about adding some spill from the volcano explosion on the MS, but I was figuring the MS beam would overpower that… I may add a few touches here and there… we’ll see.

Thanks for the crit and Tiff info!

Must paint…



Hey ken,

all my encouragements :thumbsup:

the wip of the building is great!



Good work on the temple, i stop to talk, you don’t have the time, go, go


Well… here it is… all together.

I’ve got 2 1/2 hours so any advice would be great!

A) is it too busy?
B) Do you like the fighter crash (I’ll polish it more if so… it’s temp right now)
C) Is the image to saturated? Should I tone it down a bit to get out of the all-primary-world it’s living in right now?

Let me know!

Thanks for your help and support everyone!


Here it is!

Thanks to everyone that helped and supported me through all of this. Hope you like it!

I must sleep noooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


It has a very comic-book look. I like it, the style, the composition and the designs, but maybe that style don’t work well as an illustration itself.



Thanks for your feedback… so, you think the colours are to bright (I think they are a bit, but I just didn’t have time to tweak and pull it together at the end… next challenge perhaps)? I’m curious as to why you think it doesn’t work as an illustration itself?

What else would you call it? A narrative? A cartoon?

Interested to hear your thoughts…

Fahrija, MDN67:

Thanks you guys for all your support and interest through all of this. It’s been a great experience. I hope people will visit this competition and discover the wonderfuil work that you two have done.

Everyone else, thanks for visiting!

I didn’t have time to polish the image as much as I wanted… poor time management on my part. Next Challenge will be better.



you pulled it off, great detail.


Nice to see how it all comes together. The temple works perfectly well with the rest of the pic now. Beautiful stuff! Standing ovation.:applause:


Amazing reslt, very good pic but i know than the result will be nice, good luck CGKRUSTY


Hi Ken,

Just beautiful work :thumbsup:. The designs are very well done and there can´t be enough action so don´t worry about the crowded thing. The textures are very convincing. It was fun watching this image grown.

I would have posted you before but I was pretty exhausted and couldn´t keep my eyes open. Thank you for your kind words also.

I wish you good luck and hope we see you again on this platform/comunity/next challenge



Your image is cool I like the design of architecture a
little Alien) the care brought on the execution of the vessels is very
good, good luck.


Great work, Ken! I tried to post a response to your second to last piece but the CGTalk servers were so busy and crowded yesterday (i can’t imagine why!) that it kept rejecting my attempts to post. But no worries, I basically was saying that I don’t think your image is too busy nor too saturated, and that both things are perfectly appropriate for a Grand Space Opera theme. I mean, you have to take this witrh a grain of salt, this is coming from me and you’ve seen how busy and saturated my piece is… but that’s what i felt fit the theme. So i like those elements of your piece too. Great work, and you’ve also done a terrific job of sharing your steps and process with the whole gang!