Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jordan K. Nieuwland


Jordan K. Nieuwland has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Surprise Attack


A big thanks to those that gave constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. I also like to thank those that left encouraging comments and stopped by for a look.

So…I’ve made some pretty big changes in terms of composition and I think they were necessary ones. The most obvious of these, is the change in aspect ratio, so it feels more like a still from a film making the scene more cinematic. Made the clouds a bit more puffy in the foreground and scaled them up a bit. Removed the fight and the bg and replace it with some more derelict ships. Increased the intensity of the light rays shining down so they direct your eye toward the action.

That’s it, hope you like it. Had a blast painting and I like to say good luck to everyone with their own space opera entries.




a hasty concept of a pirate dreadnought hijacking a civilian ship…

location will be higher in the atmosphere with super structures reaching almost as high as the ships

C&C welcome


Yarrr, another pirate attack

a quick concept, this time an ocean scene. not sure which of the two I’m going to finalize yet.

used a real photo of clouds to boost the idea stage.

C&C welcome


WOW!:eek: Great atmosphere!!!
Good luck!:thumbsup:


great start! both of them looks good. The first one has good perspective and the second has nice atmosphere to it.

keep them coming.


same themes as before in this paint sketch . really liking this idea of two ships in heated battle like two old galleons shooting cannons at each other with lots of smoke and atmosphere. the battle is taking place in an old ship/scrap yard with broken derelict ships in the background.

C&C welcome


OMG! Man! You know how to draw there! It’s really nice!!! If only I could draw like that :(! Anyways man keep it comming really nice! :thumbsup:


Fanatstic start man!

All 3 sketches are great, i like the first and third one best, i think you may need something happening in the background of both

In the first one maybe they are racing to reach something in the distance that you can just see and in the third one something has just happened in the background they are escaping from just ideas…

Good luck man.


Good Luck :thumbsup:

I like your idea alote, reminds me of Captn Harlock, was think of going that way myself but I wanted something no one would do. But I really like your sketch


I like your second concept sketch the most… it has a great atmosphere, and the lighting is fantastic.


These are great!! The atmosphere, scale and lighting is fantastic on all three!!

The second one really reminds me of 9-11 photographs… which isn’t no bad thing. I think it’s the water and the tall buildings engulfed in smoke.

And i like the two ships in the third one broadside and balsting away at each other like a pair of 18th or 19th century battleships!! It’s almost like they want to be up against each other smelling the blood and sweat rather than doing it anonymously from a distance!! Cool!!

Good luck deciding and developing…


Wow really great sketches! Keep them coming. :bounce:


Really great work here !!!

I Like the second one best… just has this awesome atmosphere about it. I would love to see it from another point of view though, a little higher
it might make this scene more interesting and dramatic.

Keep up the good work !!!



Your search are very interesting I am in a hurry to see the
Good luck.


Looking good. I like the concept of the third one the best, but I like the composition of the second one the best.


I vote for the second concept. It’s a great composition and seems more original than the other two for some reason.


hi there,

great concepts thus far… dropping by to see some great work.


most recent one is a bit busy, I’d say the second one is the best, great atmosphere in all of them. I hope you’ll keep posting more sketches :wink:


I like your work very much. Very interesting colors research (maybe not enough contrasted on the forgrounds).
Keep on working.
Good luck for the challenge.


The second sketch is freakin’ awesome. Maybe have the control room be filled with terrified people? Like they are helpless and watching this massive invasion?