Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


Great last sketch! I would really like to see it in a more clean way, but ur cartoon tecnique is awesome so it looks cool already. I would just suggest u something about composition… The great round thing in the back is too much to the left side, coz u already have a king on a great chair there… so the whole picture is leaning on the left, making it not stable. Dont do a central composition, just put the big round thing in the back to the right and i thing all will come out very nice.
And those characters around r aweeeeesooooome! Best ever! hahaha :smiley:


yup, I’m loving the last sketch as well. The shrink ray makes a nice circular shape to tie the compostion together…tighten this bad boy up.


Jonny, Where you at? Come back!!


Um… What can i say…?

I’ve had a crazy month… so here’s my excuses for not finishing my homework…

I’ve changed jobs after four and a half years at Warthog. (The company was bought by Gizmondo, a new handheld console, and handheld isn’t really my thing). I had to knock up a portfolio for interview which interrupted my King of Space flow. I’m really excited about my new job… i’m concepting characters for a really exciting BIG license… and i need to really commit to that over the next few months…

It also means i’m driving a round trip of 60 miles every day, instead of getting the train with my mountain bike and sketchbook for an hour each way. And the King of Space doodles and my Machineflesh entry were pretty much concepted on the train!!

And my girlfriend is pregnant!! Woohoo!! It’s fantastic news but kinda unexpected… So there’s a few changes on the home front… and we live in a scruffy old house that i’ve been meaning to ‘do up’ for the last two years which has got that little bit more urgent. Like we’ll need a proper bathroom, for instance!!! So i’ve been doing a fair bit of DIY each weekend…

And my scanner’s buggered!! I’ve been scanning a lot of my stuff at the Warthog office and mailing it home… which isn’t really possible at my new place…

And i’ve got another mini-project which i could well be commited to which will run up to mid january…

And i’m away in Wales for Xmas and then having 5 days in Normandy (France) over New Year…

And i’ve not even thought about my christmas shopping!! :slight_smile:

SO (phew)… i’m so far behind already with everything that’s been going on over the last month or two, and i don’t think there’s any way i can get my image done before xmas!!! And the deadline’s so early in January i’m gonna find it impossibly to commit any real time to my final image!!

Sorry for anyone who was interested in my thread.

BUT, I’m pretty keen on the ‘King of Space’ idea. I’ve actually bought and i’m planning on working on it as an ongoing comic strip (the link just heads to my homepage at the moment so i’ll stick in a ‘holding’ page, but it’ll be a little while before i get some proper pages up and running, end of January, perhaps?). I’ll be looking at developing a regular web comic. But that’s gonna be a project for 2005… along with (another comic strip) and (for my collective comic gumpf!!) and monkey girl from the Machineflesh challenge… oh… and there’s the mini-duddle in the spring of course???

Sorry for wimping out… maybe next time… but i will try and put the other scans up on this thread when i’ve bought my new scanner!! And i’ll post any new King of Space stuff i do next year!! Maybe if i get a spare few hours i’ll work up a colour ‘rough’… but i ain’t making any promises with everything that’s going on in December.

And sorry for the essay!! :smiley:

Good luck to the rest of ya!!


Blimey… that was a bit tooooo long… what a lot of waffle!!


Im sorry to hear that u r not gonna finish ur promissing start, but im glad that so many good things happended to u… so good luck with everything! Im happy for u :thumbsup:


well I would say it was sad news, but sounds like things are getting interesting for otherwise Jonny, congratulations by the way. :smiley: :thumbsup:


Here, Here Jonny, congratulations on the future Duddle, I’ll definetly be watching for anything new, and i’m now an avid goer of your webpage. Good to hear about the new job sounds really exciting!

No hard feelings about the space opera, when it rain’s it pours dude, and there’s just those things that you have to take of when they happen…like the plumbing in the new bathroom…good luck with that hey! haha

See ya on the flipside Jonny
:beer: :beer: :beer:
3 cheers for Jonny everybody!


Congrats , o daddy to be!! Best of luck with kingofspace and other projects and

see you in the next challenge ,ok ?

:beer: :beer: :beer:


gooooOOOd luck man. Cya NEXT TIME :wip:


Best of luck John


First: Congrats to ya offspring!!!:thumbsup:

Cya at the next challenge then, duddyboy!

Cheerz and respect

Tommy Lee


Hey y’all!! Thanks for the replies!!

I’d have loved to get ‘King of Space’ in this challenge… but i just won’t have the time. I am definitely going to carry on developing this idea!!! And i’ll post some stuff on the 2D forum when i’m happy with it!!

I wanna wish anyone still working on the challenge all the best of luck!! And i’ll take y’all on for the next challenge!!


Duds, I almost thought that you had disappeared off the face of the planet, i was really hoping youd be back. Ive always loved your kooky take on things. Im sorry to hear that youve pulled out but thats completely understandable your powers are needed elsewhere. Goodluck with your work mate, stay in touch and i will definately look for your work in the future. Have a good one.:thumbsup: :beer:


Congrats for everything !!! 2005 seems to be a great great year for you !!! Enjoy it :slight_smile:


Hey, Duddlebug! I’m a long time lurker, first time poster in this thread. Sorry to see you out but you’ve got more important things on your plate. Glad to hear that the King of Space will live on – it’s such a great concept and I absolutely love the work you’ve done here. Congratulations on your new job and the news of your own little Prince or Princess of Space. :slight_smile:


Congratulations, mate (on everything)

I’ll send an e-mail to you soon.

Take care



okey dokey… got some time free now.

oh darn… is it over?


haha! but hey, only two weeks to the next one , eh ? :thumbsup:


Hahaha… i thought i’d be typing into the ether!! But you’re still there!!

Another challenge in two weeks?? Is it??? Is it reeeeally? When? Where? What?