Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


So here’s a neater version… still quite a quick drawing… i just can’t find the time so far in this challenge!!

I’m not delighted with this sketch, but it has started to ask some questions of me… i’ve based it quite closely on the Napoleon portrait i found. It’s a useful starting point. I’m going to make the throne very tall and mostly shrouded by his cape and gown.

I’ll try and do a couple of rough colour studies over the next few days to work up the idea. Working in colour should make it easier to block out shapes and colours to get the proportions i’m looking for… especially of the secondary characters… and the (hopefully) ‘epic’ background…

I’m putting up almost everything i find time to do… which is why there’s been three pretty rough images uploaded today. I figure it’s worth showing everything to show the whole process from start to finish…

and… NinjaASSN… i can’t wait to see it finished either…


He has a wreath now ???


This is one of my favorite ideas on here. I’m hoping that you like the idea enough that you could maybe turn it into a childrens book. Maybe submit a story treatment to Pixar :slight_smile: I’d just love to see this go past the Space Opera contest. It’s really great.


i totally agree w that, i like it as much as i liked some other humorous concept for may have trouble w the epic bit of the contest though…i don’t know how much this weighs for judgement


hehe reminds me of ceacar. great work thus far.



Now get painting!!!


Coolies…let the painting begin…:thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies!!

FlyingP: haha… it’s and experiment and inspired by the Napoleon portrait… and i did say: “ANd i followed up one of FlyingP’s suggestions and given him a laurel wreath instead of a crown.”…gonna try a big crown next!!

DougBot: Thanks a lot… i’m planning on doing more on this after the contest. I figure it’s a good way of justifying the time to my girlfriend!! I’ve done some bits and bobs on my Monkey Girl story since i finished the Machineflesh contest… but i’ve got distracted by the Grand Space Opera now!! Ahhh… Pixar… It’d be a dream to do visual development for Pixar…

Giza-Di: I’m working on the ‘grand’ aspect of the challenge… it’s gonna be tricky… and i doubt it’ll look as ‘epic’ as some of the more realistic entries… but i’ll do my best!!

Slav, KOryH, element5: Thanks… i’ve done another sketch on the train this morning… but the next step is definitely a bit of painting!!

I’ll post my new sketch when i get some time to scan it!! Probably lunchtime!!


can’t read every post you know :smiley:

although I do now prefer him with a crown to be honest :slight_smile:


oooooh… there’s no pleasing some folk!! :slight_smile:

he’s got a big round, bejewelled crown in the next image… but he’s tiny… so you can’t really see. I’ve really gotta think about the scale of the main figures in my final composition… i might add some statues of him to help…


yep like the statue idea :thumbsup:


Don’t worry, Brian… they’ll be nothing like your statue!!


pity I’m still trying to decide what mine will look like in the end…and whether or not I give it a sports bra :eek:


Some more ideas for the final composition… a kid princess (possibly the pretty girl in the class who rejected the King of Space when they played kiss chase) is forced to watch her home planet devastated by the King-of-Space’s secret weapon, the Shrink-o-ray!!

The composition would be more central.

And there’d be more variation in characters.

I think i might try and get some colour stuff done now.

About time really.

But not actually possible on the train.

Ho hum.

(sports bra sounds good, brian!! haha!!)


I love this little character! I still prefer one of your earlier sketches that zoomed in on him. I cant wait to see your final!


Hi Jonny,

keep up the cool work (you know I’m a fan)

The last post is the the most successful. It all ties in nicely, and the shrink-o-ray marries it all in compositionaly.

My eye kept dropping off the page at the bottom …what about more people in the foreground keeping your eye rotating around and in, keeping the focus on your central drama. They could be quite ambiguous out of focus heads and shapes creating an area of negative space around the princess. I think it’ll help her stand out also when you paint the rest of the piece. By grouping areas like that, it might help the eye identify places to stop and ponder.

You know me…just a thought.

Cool concept as usual.



I kind of agree with that, you’ve put so much into developing his character, and he’s getting a bit lost in that last composition :hmm:


Damn… How could I miss your thread!:blush:

Great concepts so far. Like the last on. Good composition…
I think that the composition draws enough attention to the king, even he is more far away then previous.

Cheerz and good luck:beer:



This is great watching the river of ideas flow, I think you’re right, it’s time for some colour, stay awake at home to work on the challenge, and sleep on the train, that’s what i used to do. Just don’t sleep past your stop, or you’ll probably be late for work.



Excellent. I’ll be following this :slight_smile: