Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


nah… they are reeeeally unlikely to appear in the final design!! They’re just chaff!! I’ve done various other doodles that won’t appear in my final image but i just liked these two!! I’ll try and make sure i don’t get too carried away with other images… :slight_smile:

I’m still working towards a final composition along the lines of the colour image on page 2… i’ll get some more layouts posted before friday. Then i will have to do a bunch of character designs and architectural layouts to fill out the court of the King of Space!!


i like your comic touch still… its a nice change. i was trying to add some comic relief into mine, but wel see… keep it up man


haha those two catapults rock man. W8 some more stuff :bounce:

srry bad eng


What a pleasant change of pace. It didn’t say anything about a serious pivotal moment in space! Thanks for the laughs. You are a great humorist and cartoonist. If all you do is keep the comic strip going I will be so happy!


and I thought you only doodled while on the train. Fun stuff Jonny, please keep them coming :bounce:


now that’s what i call star wars!!

that’s great duddlebug, It’s hard to find a spot for humor in this particular challenge, but you pull it off nicely.:thumbsup:
Your Style is superb!!


Great stuff! Made me laugh again :smiley: I suggest that u put funny faces in a “serious” painting. Somehow like in MonkeyIsland games, where all that pirates try to be serious and dangerous looking, but with their faces and characteristics, they r just sooooo funny. Just a suggestion.


Yuo’re kicking some ass…



Love the king of space! It’s coming along nicely and I really like you style of humor. :slight_smile:


nanny-Bot is really fun.Cool idea and that young spoiled King would have one Hell of a nanny bot would’nt he? It makes sense.Nice idea,and fun.Keep at it.:arteest:


eeeeeh i want moooore!!!
i’m very interested in your thread Duddle

keep it up man!


yess mmore sketchészz , pleezz


Fun thread. :slight_smile:
Gotta keep an eye on this.


Thanks for all the comments!!

I feel like i’ve been really slack!! I’ve not posted for ages… relatively… loads going on in my personal life and at work which make it tricky to find the time to get stuck into the challenge. I think i’ve posted on other threads more recently than i have here!! And… cor lummy… there’s some droolworthy work getting posted. Could be a tough challenge…

And i’ve been driving to work, so i don’t get my hour on the train…

But i did get the train yesterday!! SO… i did a couple of sketches… which i’ll post in a minute!!


I’m kinda revisiting what i’ve already done because i’ve had a week or so without touching my challenge.

I need to start thinking about the components of the final image and the King of Space is central to the composition… so i’m gonna get him sorted first…


very very rough… but i might as well show the whole process!!

Just thinking about the throne and the King’s costume… I found a great portrait of Napoleon which has inspired me and given me some ideas for the King of Space… hmmmm… gotta think of a name…

ANd i followed up one of FlyingP’s suggestions and given him a laurel wreath instead of a crown.

Might change it back.

Might not.



maybe u desig laurel/crown combo ?

yea n put it like it’s tilted n fallen slightly over his eyes ?

maybe it’s a bit too big ? like it would’ve been measured wrong …
u could put the designer there pondering differences between
centimeters and inches… :slight_smile:


He he… the “great” Napolenon :slight_smile: The pic is working quite well, but i suggest u to put some really thin and tall people n the back, so it would be a nice contrast to the little king, who is round and small. What do u plan to put in the background?


Squibbit: A laurel/crown combo could be another option…hmmmm…?? And i thought about ‘tilted’ too… so it looks way too big for him. Like he pinched it from the former King of Space…?

NinjaAssN: The background is going to be along the lines of the colour image on page 2 of my thread… so this is just very rough ideas stuff… thinking about the King of Space himself. The final iamge will hopefully have a wide array of different characters and creatures of all different shapes and sizes!!

here’s a small version of that image again…

The King of Space will be high up on his throne and brightly (spot) lit… and surrounded by all his court… And there’ll be a king or queen or princess surrendering with their guards. And the background will show the battered remains of a huge defeated ship… and a planet…

And maybe a portrait painter… painting the scene for prosperity…?

And that’s it!! (??)


thumbs up! :slight_smile: cant wait the deadline to see it finished… hehehe