Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


hmmm… i’m gonna go to bed in a minute… cream crackered.

gonna get up early and do some sketches though… and do some work in my lunch hour tomorrow… know what i mean? :slight_smile:


Very fun character! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to see more of your work!


great stuff and fun :thumbsup:


In the words of a grate man …
“Freak’n Sweet!” - Peter Griffin.


JARhead, element5 and EyeS-L: Thanks a lot!! I’ll hopefully get some more stuff posted on monday morning… i’ve not had time to do anything in the last few days and haven’t got a working scanner at home. So anything i do this weekend will have to wait until monday morning…

Unless i do something straight off digital… hmmmm…


wow… this looks really unique… it is actually centered on a character… keep it up man!


S U P E R B!

go on…need more!



Especially for Sketchfiend… Here’s the King of Space getting his daily feed. Nothing like a nannybot for a bit of comfort and solace… “whatvere it takes to keep little cranky pants happy”, eh?

This is a bit of a diversion and a quick doodle. I’m still looking at a grand scene of surrender with a planetary backdrop as in the earlier colour concept. I haven’t had chance to do anything!! Very frustrating!!?

Edric: Thanks… i can’t resist making up stories and charcters for these challenges… loads more of that to come, although i’ll try and lay into my final composition this week…

CuTnPaste: Thanks!! Glad you like it… keep lookin’…


i know this was a quick sketch’n’all… but that cloak is just so wrong…

better stuff to come soon… promise…


Again, your sketches are awesome, keep them coming! :thumbsup:


HA!! Nanny bot…that’s tight!


:applause: fun stuff…hehe


Whahaha :cool:





arden rey!! That’s ace!! Love it!! Cheers!! Woohoo!! um… er…

No really… that’s a great picture (love the style) and i’m really flattered!!

hopefully i’ll keep you interested!!

I didn’t have chance to do any work at the weekend. My girlfriend’s parents made a surprise visit which scuppered my plans for a few hours at my drawing board. I’m gonn a do my best to devote a few hours this week to the King of Space!!

Thanks again… and thanks to the rest of y’all.


duddlebug, I’ve been watching the progress of this and I have to say I love your take on the space opera theme. Humour is difficult to convey in an image at the best of times, but you’re doing it beautifully.

keep it up and best of luck!


This one’s just a bit of fun… doodled on scrap paper whilst sat at my desk… nothing at all to do with my current plans for a final image… but it’s on topic and i liked it, so here it is!!

unit studio: Thanks!! i’m not sure how i’ll incorporate humour into the final image yet. It might just be in the faces, poses and actions of the background characters. I’ve found a cool image of Napoleon with a sceptre, laurel wreath and the full regalia so i’m gonna do some sketches based on that painting.

They’ll hopefully come in the next few days!!


HaH!:smiley: Nice monsters!


hey nice to see you duddlebug , always a pleasure to see your design !


haha, those are great. I doubt they’ll appear in final work though ;D