Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


There is nothing like a mad megalomaniac! :smiley:
Love the style and humor!


N1! Very nice Concept. Now im motivated enough to enter the contest myself. TY :smiley: :smiley:


Cameron: Hey!! Great to hear from you… hope Montreal is all you wanted it to be… keep on looking in!! Your input is most appreciated, dude!! :buttrock:

Erakesh: G;ad you liked it. I was on the train to work, and a bit stuck on developing the main composition without reference so i roughed out the strip as a laugh really. Gotta get some reference together and get stuck into the main composition next… although there’ll be lots of aliens and stuff to concept so i’ll hope to keep you interested!!

PreatORian: HaHa!! I work in games so i’ve met that kid, but grown up, a million times!!

Alice: Cheers…and good word… that’s what he is for sure!!

Vahn: Thanks!! Everyone should enter… makes it more fun…


I agree with Kirt: the second to the last sketch is really interesting in composition, and maybe colours could be swapped, even I think the red planet in the background works great. The compo suggests a really nice set, and the idea is good…
good start, Duddlebug!


I don’t want to repeat something that someone says but …please could you slow down there !!! :smiley: I haven’t a beginning of start of an idea and you’re already with great-fine-nice-so funny ideas…please, slow down…:scream:
BTW, nice concepts.


Ha!!:smiley: I like you concept!!!

I wont to see more pages!:bounce: Much more!:bounce:


I think I had better reserve a seat in this thread…Things are looking cool…bring on the space King Jonny…I am Liking this…:arteest:


hi … great comic. wondering what your future images are going to look like… :slight_smile:


Man! Your sketches are so cool!

Good luck!


Hi! Great idea. I really like where you’re going with the last concept with the red planet in the background. The comic strip prologue was damned amusing, think most of us can relate to the “wanna make computer games, dude” student.


Whahahahahaha I’ve just seen the prologue, CLASSIC!, that’s just made my day :applause: :applause:


Hdri: Thanks!! The ‘blue’ sketch is definitely the one i’m going with but, as you’ll know from my machineflesh entry, i tend to get carried away with the story and do lots of other sketches!!

Goli: I’m sure i’ll slow down… i’ve got tons of other stuff on at the moment. I have been dying for the new challenge so i had a little burst of activity as soon as it was announced!! Glad you like the stuff so far!!

ArdenRey: I’m sure i’ll be doing a few more strips over the next few months… it’s an easy option when i’m on the train and haven’t got any reference or other work to look at!!

Virtuoso: Keep on watching!! Hope you like what i post!!

Slav: i’m wondering too!!? :shrug: Cheers!!

Rkhon: I’m gonna keep working up that ‘big’ image… hopefully there’ll be tons to look at and it’ll be ‘grand’, ‘spaced’ and ‘operatic’ all at the same time!!

FlyingP: Great!! Glad you liked it… it made me laugh doing it which is always a good sign!! I wouldn’t mind doing a longer version with the King of Space babbling on for loads of panels… maybe later… I’ve also got an idea for the class ‘build a robot’ homework assignment…


good luck man, you did excellent in the last compertition, no doubt will be just as good this time round. i like the cartoony feel so far. im looking to do a funny image myself this time… Look foward to seeing the progress


Really nice to see u in this challenge! This will be some great thread to follow. Will be a lot of fun and nice illustrations :smiley:

Good luck!


Nice touch with the child!!
why do have to be a grown up to rule a universe…really??
can’t wait to see this idea come to life!!
Definetly gonna subscribe.
a site by a good friend of mine we’re collaborating on, if i can ever finish anything for him to post up, check out his stuff though, it’s where legends come from!!

Good luck


yeah man ur concept’s are awesome great story :thumbsup:

GL for u


Ho hum… i’ve not managed to draw anything today… busy at work and updated my website a bit!! I did manage to search for some reference material on Napoleon and Napoleonic costume… it’ll hopefully come in handy!?

Thanks again for the replies…

eupee: Thanks!! I really enjoyedthe machineflesh competition… but that was just a warm up!! This one’s gonna be better!! Good luck with your funny imkage… i’ll drop by…

NinjaASSN: Thanks for the vote of confidence!! Hopefully you won’t be disappointed…

NewCenturydsn: Keep on looking… i’m hoping to do a good one this time… and maybe the universe would be a better place if it was run by kids!!? Apart from this little ba*tard, that is… :slight_smile:

Pand-aren: thanks!!

Sorry there was nothing new today… i’ll post something tomorrow… promise…


Looking forward to how this one turns out jonny.

I like the direction your going with the rough layout colour version. It gives you good scope for some nice lighting and composition.

  • John



A reply from mr.Lomax!!

Glad you like the composition… :slight_smile:



That was quick I only just posted that.

Get offline and keep drawing :slight_smile:

Would like to see some more colour versions now please :slight_smile:

  • John