Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


okay… still not particularly ‘grand’ but it’s says somewhere that story matters. ANd he’s got that crown. Which will change. Honest.

This is the other sketch from the train this morning. The King of Space and some of his advisors. And a pet.

I’m gonna do some grander sketches now with the king of space in context… some rough layouts for the actual image.

Hopefully post something else towards the end of my lunch hour!!


You’re able to put so much character and emotional depth into these pics, I love 'em. They all feel like they have a lot of story to tell, keep it up. :thumbsup:


Here’s another rough layout of the whole image… I want to start working on the grand scale whilst still trying to keep the human story element.

Our little friend, the King of Space, is raised up on his throne accepting the surrender of yet another brave leader who stood in the way of intergalactic conquest…

While they watch, the now defenceless planet in the background is about to be destroyed… or invaded… or shrunk by his shrink-o-ray… or something…

And all before supper.



Nice to see you work again! :bounce: New story?! About the King of space in this time.

Nice sketches! Good luck!:thumbsup:



not entirely sure why that last image was blown to more than double its actual size…?

ho hum…

any ideas?


This is a fantastic idea… maybe the surrendering leader should also be a kid. Maybe the kid who used to beat up the King of Space in pre-school, which set him on his way to galactic domination. Great concept work, I particularily like the second last one, the scepter is very cool.

The image is blown up because it is automatically made as wide as the forum page.


Thanks Speaky!! I probably got a bit carried away with the story on my last challenge and lost sight of the final image a bit. I wanna build the story up around the image this time. So it’s all there… in the image…

Thanks arden-ray!! Good to see you back too… i’ll pop by your thread later!!

Thanks TimothyD!! And thanks for the tip on re-sizing… i never realised…

I was thinking about involving other kids… the surrendering leader in the first diddy rough was supposed to be a girl princess-type.

i really like the bully idea though!!


like the last one, and I agree it’d be cool to see more kids in there :slight_smile:


I like your latest concept, good luck


That last sketch looks spectacular. I think you’re on to something good with this. Only suggestion I have at this point is that the red planet really draws your attention away from the main focus of the picture. Easy to fix with a little de-saturation & it is still real early in the process. Just thought I’d point out what I noticed first.

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey , Great work , i love ut comic style its really amazing , and i c that if u add more Weird Alien Characters would help u alot to emphasize the fact its a space opera, beside the background ofcource. good luck !


FlyingP: Cheers matey!! I’m definitely thinking about more kids… but i want plenty of ‘adults’ to keep the contrast and the ‘oddness’ of a kid leader. he surrendering leader could well be a kid though… with real hefty, defeated imperial bodyguards!!

dgpilot: Thanks!! Keep looking… it’ll get better… promise!!

Kirt: I kinda wanted the planet to contrast with the interior colour but cast some lights across the people and creatures inside. Lighting is one of my big weaknesses so i’m hoping to improve with this challenge… that’s the big goal. I’m tempted to move the planet more central. The composition will be all very central then but it might add to the grandeur…? I may desaturate a little or make it more of an earthy orange, but it will be important in the image. But the King of Space should be the main focus.

Keem: Definitely more alien creatures on the way!!! I want the interior to have plenty of different creatures and races in fancy costumes to give it that grand operatic feeling…


Oh yes :thumbsup: got to have those :smiley:


How about you insert the little kings mommy into the picture, she could perhaps be bending him over her knee giving him a spanking for being a naughty little conquerer.

Kinda like the life of brian “Hes is not! the messiah, hes a very! naughty boy…”

Still love your style Duddlebug, its good to see you back at it again, keep the pics coming its looking great.:thumbsup:


haha… kid’s mummy’s a good idea!!

I’ve also been thinking along the lines of a rotund robot wet nurse!! A little boy needs his milk if he’s going to conquer the universe!!


Definately throw something along those lines into the composition and see if it works, its still early and there should be a good deal of time to play. Robotic wet nurse, maid, cook whatever it takes to make little cranky pants happy right? :twisted: :thumbsup:


Jonny Jonny Jonny !

Love the last colour sketch mate. the circular composition is interesting too. Youve got a good way of approaching these themes with a unique subject matter. I like the background characters too. make sure you see it all through.

AWESOME ! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: ( lol )


okay okay… it’s nothing to do with my final image… but it is the ‘King of Space’ on his first day at school.

It’s background.

It’s history.

It’s legend.



:)) :)) Thats funny and gr8. Like the concept that u r flowing around. Cool art too. What more could we see next? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha that’s great!
That guy with the one-eyey and cap is exactly like me btw :expressionless: