Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: jonny duddle


jonny duddle has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.


well good luck Jonny, I have actually entered the 3D section this time, figure it’s a good chance to learn something :wip:


hey jonny ! can’t wait to see what you come up with for this contest !

Good Luck !


woohoo!! replies already!! thanks squibbit and flyingp!!

i’m struggling a bit on this one… spaceships aren’t my strongpoint. But i’ve got a few ideas of interiors with characters and lovely view of exteriors… maybe get something posted tomorrow…??


Looking forward to your participation. :slight_smile: You had a great piece of work in the last challenge.


So here’s a first idea!!

There’s this kid… and he wants to be ‘king of space’… so lots of bad things happen… there’s all this fighting and explosions and stuff… and then just before his ninth birthday he defeats the final remnants of resistance… and he’s King of Space. So here he is… in his court… accepting the final surrender with the smoking planet and remnants of a mighty space battle in the background. And he’s only eight years, three hundred and forty four days, twelve hours and thirty-eight minutes old.

His mummy’s very proud.

but the other kids think he’s a swot.



:smiley: :applause:

and hey slow down there :smiley:


Nice to see you again in a CGTalk Challenge.
Good luck!!


:slight_smile: :bounce: Ideas already…wow…hope the results are as good as the last

Good luck and can’t wait to see what you come up with :applause: :slight_smile:


Wotcha, mate!

And so it starts…


Thanks for looking in already… all this interest from a bunch of award winners!!? Fab!!

One of the most enjoyable parts of the last challenge was the banter… and a lot of the work y’all produced was an inspiration. Nothing like a competition to keep up the pressure for drawings and ideas!!

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to a subject i’ve not really touched on before… it’s gonna be a laugh…

Thanks again!!


Good to see youve join in this great new challenge, i look forward to following your work buddy, and i wish you all the best. Goodluck:thumbsup:


So here he is… the future ‘King of Space’…?

I like the idea of this little kid, with an attitude like Napoleon, who’s conquered galaxies and won’t stop until he’s officially ‘the King of Space’!!

This image isn’t as epic as the final image in my head (which will be along the lines of my earlier posting but BIGGER) but i’m just developing the idea in my head.

I did this, and another sketch, on the train this morning and kept racking my brain because the kid reminded me of someone… couldn’t think who… then i scanned it… and looked again… and thought maybe he’s a bit ‘Max’ from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. I haven’t read the book for ages and ages but i think it’s the dark hair and the crown…?

He’ll look less ‘MAx’ when i get more into costume (i was looking through my renaissance books last night but the grandeur mustn’t have sunk in yet)and think of a more ornate ‘King of Space’ type crown…

Another train sketch coming soon!!


Haha I love it when you go for train rides :thumbsup:

edit: and yes he does have a bit of Max somehow, still I think you captured Napoleon pretty well too, at least that was my first impression


thanks flyingP…

Like i said… i reckon he’ll look less Max with a different crown (doesn’t he get a crown from the Wild Things?).

I’ll post the other picture when i’ve scanned it… laters…


Hello, I like the last I waits to see more…


[QUOTE=duddlebug(doesn’t he get a crown from the Wild Things?).[/QUOTE]

been a while since I read it (30 or so years :argh: ) but I believe yes


i reckon he needs a very different crown then…


Laurel wreath perhaps if you’re going with the Napoleon look ?


hmmmm… he becomes more of an ‘emporer of space’ with a laurel wreath… i really like the title ‘King of Space’.

I’m gonna work on that crown!! Although it’s gonna be a small detail in a BIG picture!! Hopefully there’ll be a whole lot of epic mythic massiveness (tongue twister?) behind him!!