Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jesse Speak


you should be proud, it really has turned out to be an excellent piece, as if there was any doubt. Everything is very nicely rendered. The ships on the top right give a good sense of depth and perspective. The main ship is a lot more recognizable as a ship now and the surrounding city is beautiful. The select spots in the city on the right where the sun is hitting them especially strong is genius and extremely dramatic, nice addition.
I think I like everything about this piece except for the clouds. They don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the image. The forms fine, but the rest of your image is very lit up and vibrant by this sun, I would think the sun would be dancing through the clouds to create a very elaborate color scheme and visual effect. Throw some more color in there and see what happens. Overall very nice piece and I wish you the greatest of luck. It’s been a pleasure having you as a critic for my work and seeing your process, I’ve learned a lot. I’m not able to finish my piece :hmm: , being my first large scale painting it was hard for me to plan my time and process appropriately, and since I started with a subject foreign to me, that put me off as well, but if I keep working on it with the help of the people here maybe I’ll have a piece worthy of expose 3? we’ll see. Anyway, thanks a million for your help, i’m very grateful. Take care


awesome now!:thumbsup:

I think you did it!!!


Fahrija - Yeah, I can’t draw on an empty stomach. In fact, can’t do anything on an empty stomach whatsoever! Thanks for your kind words. I’m very happy with a lot of the pic, though I do wish I’d anticipated the ship / building issue because that caused a lot of grief. It just goes to show how necessary planning and thinking ahead is!

Ecura - Cheers, yeah I’m glad I canned the hole idea. That was on a whole lot of good advice from everyone here, it’s so good to have that kind of support from people with such an interest in this type of art! I’m happy the pic gives you the wow factor, I do prefer a slightly less obvious pic (generally speaking) where it’s not prescribed for you too much. I was just worried that it was a bit bland thematically. Thanks a lot.

Denman - Ah thanks, I’m very pleased with the result. And, completely honestly, If I’d seen this pic two years ago I’d never have thought I could do anything like this. It’s easily the most accomplished piece I’ve done, all thanks to an inspirational challenge, enough set time to really get into the process, and so many talented artists providing the impetus to push myself to the limit. I’m a happy man.

Steve - Hey, I’m sad you didn’t get round to finishing your entry, that last cloud image you produced was spectactular, so many little subtleties and nuances. I hope you do find time to finish it now the pressure’s (almost!) off, and make sure you post it online so I can see it! I respect you for setting your goals so high, that’s the best way to improve I reckon. Just don’t feel disheartened if you can’t achieve them, better to aim high and miss rather than aim low and go noplace. I remember setting myself the challenge of including some figures in my pic, but I chickened out in the end embarrasingly, just can’t do 'em! Take care, thanks for your comprehensive feedback, and I’ll look out for you in the next challenge! :thumbsup:

Tommy - Nice one, glad you like it (even the clouds?). Thank you for your support through this, it was most appreciated. Cheers dude, now get on and finish yours!


yea i think the big ship looks more like ship than ever before… :thumbsup:


Well, there we go! Thanks again to everyone who took time to support me, it was my absolute pleasure to take part in this challenge. The amount, and diversity, of sheer talent participating has been a great inspiration to me.

Good luck to you all!


Excellent work ! Nothing to crit… just a pleasure to see.

Good luck:love:


that’s a nice picture. fine perspective and design.but I dont like those white smokes in the middle of the picture.Also the saturation of color give to the picture little overburn effect (because of saturaion standing next to very dark ships and some of the shadows).
I would also think about changing shadow colors to bit colder coz yours are in just darker example basic color of element. Also I would aviod that intensitivy of light or contrast.

Keep working dude theres some time left :wink:



Beautiful…just beautiful!..that light…you can almost taste it.

Very good work, Jesse…congratulations!


Best of luck Speaky!
You’ve produced a load shed of jawdroping images in this Chalenge…
And I feel this last one really deserves the award!


Yeah, even the clouds… and I am on it!:smiley:


Congratulations on finishing your entry, your entry has a great sense of scale, nice colours and great visuals. I love the details too, lots of work went in this piece by far. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Spacesnail - Thanks! :smiley:

Tiger1313 - No time left for me, I’ve submitted my final image and uploaded my tiff. Honestly I could have driven myself to an early grave tweaking this, adjusting that etc. So I just called it a day and submitted. I really wanted an over-the-top orangey / sunset type image, it’s been a plan since I went for this particular concept. Your points are all good, and if I started over I’d give them the utmost consideration. Dude, you’ve got an outstanding entry for this challenge, I could learn a lot from you. :thumbsup:

Andreas - Hey there, cheers! I’m glad you like the way it turned out. I think yours is excellent, I’ve followed it all the way through. Good luck!

Evanfotis - I had a lot of fun in this one. Honestly, they couldn’t have set a more inspiring challenge from my point of view! As to an award … I’m not even thinking about it, there are so many excellent entries, so many interpretations, so many different approaches… it’s anyone’s guess isn’t it. I just hope they follow this challenge up with another!

Tommy - Cool, I’m happy the cloud issue is sorted. I’m gonna pop over to your thread and see how you’re doing next.

Airborn - Just finishing it was difficult enough! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.:slight_smile: I’m glad you like it, thanks for your comments.


awsome! i love your atmosphere! :slight_smile:


congrats on a great image jesse - it’s a real standout entry.


This is great Jesse!!

Well done on finishing, it’s been a pleasure watching you create an absolutely amazing peice of artwork. I like the lights, a very nice finishing touch.

Good show, and good luck on the win!!


great work man, this is the first time ive seen your entry but its a very good one. the light and detail is great. good luck


Hi Jesse,

congratiulations to your final image. A very beautiful image but also the whole thread was a pleasure to watch. Great work.

my best wishes and good luck!



Great image Jesse :thumbsup: Congrats & Good luck


Congratulations :applause: is really an awersome work !!!



Great work, Jesse! I am glad that you decided to keep the clouds in the uipper right. All in all a beautiful sense of light throughout the whole picture, and i think your final captures all of the best elements of your recent posts. Congrats! (now go rest!)