Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jesse Speak


Hi !
You’ve got your final comp, please keep it !!!
It reminds me one scene in Blade Runner, when cops are flying above L.A. : what a vision !!! :thumbsup:
What I like is not only wide angle -impressive- but also foggy atmosphere drowning the city…
Keep it up ! will look for more…

My space opera


Im jealous.:applause:


I think all of your concepts have been amazing. You could probably draw one out of a hat and come out with a successful piece. The scale on this last one is very impressive. It would do very well.


well all you sketches are very good, the last one is probably the best … But after that, if you have the time, it’s will be very cool to see final version of another sketch…(like the second of the page 15)


Yeah, that last concept is excellent, looks to have good potential :thumbsup:


Wow, really fantastic work - you have a big fan base going on!!! Good luck. :slight_smile: Claireabella


Very nice camera angle on the last concept. Also the lighting is very good, brings out the sense of depth. Waiting for the color version :smiley: Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


i like the composition… and it looks good b&w! look forward to some refinements


like the two towers


Giza-di - I find there is often something about a quick black and white sketch that contains a fluidity, spontaneity and dynamic which gets lost in the refining process. Often I’ve preferred the original sketch to the developed version! I’m happy that you appreciate it on on so many levels, for all its messy lines and scribbles I did put a lot of thought to the light and atmospherics of the pic. Thanks for your kind words!

Arctis - I know exactly what you mean. Syd Mead and the whole future vision of Bladerunner is so unsurpassed to this day, and the foggy, rainy film noir backdrop, the structures, the architecture still leave me speechless. And the music. I’ll stop before I get carried away! As to my pic, I plan on having quite a sunny feel to the piece but we’ll soon see if that pans out. If I get in trouble I’m sure I’ll douse it in darkness and neon lights to try and save it! Cheers.

Rusty_carr - My ego swelled a bit then, I thank thee.

Ondrayce - There were times when I was ready to choose randomly from the bunch, I’ll admit. I gave myself too much choice! Hopefully I’ve settled on the right one. Thanks…

Stunner - I liked that one too, something quite abstract about the style. But I kind of wanted the pic to be anticipating the launch, last minute feverish activity, steam clouds, tense expectation, spectacle about to happen and the sketch you mention didn’t have that really. Glad you liked it though, thanks for taking the time.

V_Shane & Clairebella - Thank you both!

Lenz79 - I did try a quickie colour version last night but it didn’t add anything really so I didn’t post. I’ve not quite finished a 3D perspective base replicating (quite well hopefully) the angle and dynamics from the last sketch. I hope to post this tomorrow, get a copy printed and do some pen detailing on it. Thanks for posting!

Hydrocell - Coming up soon. Hopefully have some time to dedicate to this over the weekend, can’t wait! Thanks.

Tolga - In the final version I’m looking to increase the number of towers significantly. Cheers!


latest sketch=bee yoo tee fooooool!


Without lack of being repetitive, once again you have outstanding talent, and the last couple of updates i just seen look spectacular…and i might just take you up on the advice for photoshop…



Your lastest image is simply fantastic! I really like the story behind it as well. Can alreally picture this as being a very icon indeed.


Amazing angle and glow :smiley:
can’t wait to see the final !!!


This is very atmospheric and the story is very good . . . something other than war. the whole feel of the piece is gentle and soothing and i can’t wait to see more. wish i had come up with story!


hi Speaky…nice story dude,love what you bring lately…the story is just amazing and full of details…saw you think of everything city names ,measurements…just cool…the final layout is realy cool …hope to see him developed more very soon…cheers tech


The atmosphere and the point of you are really well exploited! The final result may just be good with this solid sketch! :slight_smile:


The last sketch and backstory are just great! I don’t know what to suggest at this point… I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe you could find a way to show the people celebrating? Maybe parades in the street and spectators? I don’t know if this is possible at the distance you have set the camera, though.


Always very well your last sketch, but or you will stop you became a
machine with still creates space Opéra, Bravo for all this work.


Modelled in Wings, put together in Blender, I also included the 3D model for the original top-down perspective building shot for added complexity. I tried to keep it as basic as possible because all that’s needed really is a guide. I defined a lamp off where the sun should be, it will be useful to refer to it in the colouring stages. I can’t see myself following it too closely because there are always areas that can be improved with a bit of artistic license, made to read better or appear more dramatic at the expense of accuracy.

I’m also not entirely sure where the horizon is on my pic, I’ll need to try and work it out. Verticals are parallell to the horizon, but the wide angle lens seems to point to a curved horizon. Not sure how to do this, I may need to employ the age-old best guess technique. Anyone got some advice on this?

To produce the line art (will follow in a few minutes) I used the find edges filter, lightened the image and printed it out. This gave me a very subtle guide and I went mentalist with the line detail with a 0.1 marker I have.

Not the waterfall is flanked by structures, I’m wanting some generators and machinery down at the base of it. You can see this in the line art, to follow…