Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jesse Speak


just dropping by to tell you that I envy your ability to render (apparently) quick great concept sketches…you have so many ways to go now…your probably will have some difficulty making up your mind.




Nice feeling of levitation : these ships really fly !
Nice to see the inside of the mother ship : maybe you could shade a little more the outside hull, to reinforce the contrast between outside and inside.
Good luck

My space opera


I have not much to say except wow, no crits from me yet …hehe :thumbsup:


[font=Times New Roman][color=white][font=‘Times New Roman’]I wish I could draw like you, I’m really slow heh. The one where you used 3D to help with perspective (on page 12) is my favourite. Very dynamic perspective and catchy colours. Easily the best thing I’ve seen so far in this contest, although I haven’t seen much yet.[/font][/color][/font]


Wow. You work interesting. And yes, I want that sentance to look that way. I like this ship to. The design is very nice. And I’m sounding redundant. Ouy.


:applause: :thumbsup: Fantastic work…and to think I’ve hardly started…

Really great drawings…I’m a big fan of wide angles and unusual perspectives, so I love this stuff…keep them coming… :applause:


Well, it certainly is about time I was settling on a final composition! I set out to approach this challenge in a new way. Previously I settled on the image incredibly quickly, like after two or three days for the MF challenge and actually bypassing every preliminary in the Game Icon challenge and simply painting the final image from the word go. Now I feel I have really (over)explored the topic at hand and as I mentioned before, have combined my favourite bits and pieces and, shock! horror! …I’ve even considered the background story too:

This image is from the pivotal moment when this civilisation is about to succeed in launching their System-class embassy ship to join the galactic council on the planet GalCon Prime orbiting a distant star. The journey, of 20 parsecs in this instance, is a kind of rite of passage for upwardly mobile locally civilised species wishing to join the greater scheme of things. Once they arrive at GalCon Prime, the embassy-ship will land, and become a kind of representative civilisation in miniature. The embassy ship will bring samples of art, flora and fauna for public display, and a complete library of knowledge and literature which will be merged into the central data nexus.

The reward for such an incredible feat of engineering, production and duration is commensurably grand. The civilisation here will have proved themselves capable of working in harmony toward a common goal, of dedicating the hundreds of years of resource gathering, energy storage and preparation necessary to succeed in their task. The Galactic Council will then construct a wormhole and data link which effectively gives this civilisation the biggest evolutionary boost in its history. The council will also place an embassy on this planet as a gesture of goodwill and to act as guardian of the wormhole. Intergalactic trade, longevity treatment, the accumulated knowledge of thousands of entire alien cultures, the abolition of pollution, the start of the golden age. Sounds good to me!

And why not simply build this craft in space and launch from there? It’s part of the rules. The ship must be made from, powered from and launched from the species’ home planet. No atomic power or pollutive chemical process may be used, it has to be all natural. This is why the ship is being constructed at the base of a waterfall - this waterfall has been charging up the launch laser for over a century now, and the ship carries it’s own power storage, huge hyper-advanced batteries. Of course, a representative from the Galactic Council presides over the affair, but it’s all very goodwilled, encouraging, and gently prodding us in the right direction!

There we are, this is my thinking behind the image. Specific image details need to be developed a bit further, namely the embassy ship (quite palatial too!) needs to look better, perhaps bigger. In fact, it all needs a bit of work. I decided to set this in a high set of values as if it’s a brilliant sunset. I find I tend towards the dark and wanted to work towards something lighter and brighter, without war, strife, conflict. A future we can hope for!


Everyone - thanks as always. It’s so late and I’m nearly nodding off here. Will write a better reply in the morning. Night.


After seeing many entries it is very pleasing and almost like a relief to read and view your entry. A Wonderful original idea!


GREAT PIC BLAH BLAH , hehe , yea it’s on the shore , this scene ? cool ! nice to
have many elements . The background story is very good , too , always gotta
have these peaceful ones , too !

That connection bridge … u gonna put some high up officials there ?
would be cool…

Now we start watching the progress of this :slight_smile:


Waw, put a color version of the last one!


And when the spaceship arrives at GalCon Prime, they are presented with a book they must decipher called “To Serve Man”…
…har har har! Okay, maybe that was a bit too obscure of a reference. Oh well.

I really love the perspective of this one. Backstory and all that aside, I think the picture is fantastic.
(jealousy… …rising… …can’t control… …urge… …to… …throw out my design and start over…)


Russell - Just did a bit of googling, came up with:

nicely referenced! Got to admit the twilight zone never really clicked with me the few times I ever caught it. Maybe I caught a couple of poor episodes. In the UK it always seemed to be on ridiculously late and unpredictably so I never gave it much of a chance. Still, cheers!


Yeah, the backstory you wrote just reminded me of one of those utopian-dystopian “bait-and-switch” moves that they always liked to pull on the Twilight Zone. Why is it mankind is only capable of envisioning disaster for himself (global warming, epidemics, etc)? Oh well.


Your last sketch is my absolut favorite.
I love the angle, the feeling and the overall weight of the composition.
Fantastic… This image sucks me right in,… I am there!:bounce:

Can’t wait for your final choice(Please the last one, Please the last one, Please the last one,…)
No, when you are happy with your concept, go for it.



I agree - the point of view is really superb: works really well in showing off the cityscape and making the viewer fall into the image. Very imaginative to come up with that. :slight_smile:


Indeed!!Great angle,nice feeling of falling into the image and nicely worked out
BG story!!!
This is the one I prefer so far from you!!!
And like Tommy Lee already said,if you feel this one I shouldn’t hesitate too much.
It’s great!

y Srand Graceopera:


Yeah, great story! :applause: And the pic is my favorit so far. I’ve nothing to crit and am just waiting for more! :smiley:


Squibbit - from the size of the bridge in question, I doubt they’d be visible. The foreground craft might well be shuttling some last minute officials to the embassy ship.

BlueEyeLizard - Ah, I’m glad that my benign vision of the future pleases you. I thought I’d try something nice and wholesome. And no ‘bait and switch’ moves planned, Russell! :twisted:

LuisNCT - Yep, colour version to come. Not sure if it’s worth doing it until the 3D base has been set up. Maybe. Thanks for your comment.

Tommy - Thanks! I’ve been considering it for days now, and I’m pretty much set on the last sketch as a basis for composition. When I have some free time I’ll do some basic 3D models and try and replicate this perspective, but I always find this well tricky!

Bolchover and Okmer - Hey, I’m glad that you feel that way when you look at the pic! I was aiming for a sense of vertigo. Thanks!

Anyone and everyone: thanks, I’ll try and regularly update when I start to work on the next stage.


oh man ,!!!wow, the final composition sketch(lighting scheme and atmospherics, contrast and camera angle), it has all necessary technicalities and it;s a marvel as a b/w, hope you maintain these tonal qualities on the final piece