Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jesse Speak


Jesse Speak has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Ambassador to the Galaxy - The Historic Launch Approaches

Well, there we go! Thanks again to everyone who took time to support me, it was my absolute pleasure to take part in this challenge. The amount, and diversity, of sheer talent participating has been a great inspiration to me.

Good luck to you all!


yea Speaky !

Nice to have you in the contest ! Good luck and have fun !


I just needed to make a start somewhere! Here are three quickie thumbnails drawn by hand and fleshed out in photoshop.

I always tend to do landscape format pics, so this time I’m going for a portrait format just to try a different approach.

For the first thumbnail I was imagining some kind of epic plantetary evacuation, perhaps the home planet of some grand empire, which has become unstable and will self destruct in the near future.

The second thumbnail shows a scene where the emperor has been assassinated (sp?) by the enemy’s elite assassin (sp?), and as he slowly dies, the assassin (sp?) forces him to watch as the attack ships come to plunder and loot his beloved city planet.

The third thumbnail is an action type scene where the hero is escorting his special lady friend to the escape craft, and just needs to get past that hulking kill-bot. With a massive space frigate in the sky!

I love this challenge already, and have high expectations for all of your entries! Good luck!


I like the one on the far right a lot.


My fav has to be the far left one, It shows what its like on the planet, I like that alot!


:slight_smile: :thumbsup: I love the middle sketch…I prefer the composition to the other two…The archway works really well…and lots of depth…great start!!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing how your ideas develop :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Cool concept man!
like most the one on the right. :applause:


Nice sketches!!

All three evoke elements of a ‘Grand Space Opera’ straight away… and from such small sketches… can’t decide on a favourite… they’ve all got bags of potential. And they’ve all been picked as favourites already so i don’t want to add to the confusion!! :slight_smile:


More quick ideas, this time with a focus on epic structures.

The first one, I imagined some kind of spacefaring imperial palace which tours the core planets in the empire keeping them all well and truly under the thumb. This would bestow honour and probably also a massive headache for the provincial rulers of the planet. Those are supposed to people cheering and celebrating on balconies, though I wonder if it’s for the arrival or the departure of the palace-ship?

The second one shows some kind of massive weapon turret which has been developed in secret and is capable of taking out enemy ships in low orbit. Not overly keen on it myself.

The third one I quite like because of the perspective. I imagined this little buglike shuttle flying down toward this huge structure that sits on a base at the foot of a huge waterfall. The sunset would pick out the left hand side of the building where it rose higher than the plateau around it, and I think this could look quite compelling. Perhaps it’s the core imperial headquarters?


Oh wow, lots of feedback! :bounce:

I’m glad that each of the first three thumbnails had something in them that was liked. My own preference is the middle one because it works even at a small size, and I’m learning that this is very important to get right. I think the assassin(sp?) idea is quite dramatic too. Though I do actually like the right hand one because it’s quite daring and action packed, and the one on the left does have a certain melancholy about it. Erm.

For this challenge I’ve set out to do a lot of ideas work early on, which makes a lot of sense but I find difficult because I just want to get straight on in there. The Game Icon challenge I just leapt on in and painted from start to finish. Machineflesh I think I did two preliminary sketches, but this time I want to calm down and plan it out a bit more in the hope that I find an idea that really grabs me!

Thanks for your comments, it’s very much appreciated. :thumbsup:


I love the first sketch on the new series… but there´s something I really like on the second one. Maybe, it´s the spacecraft partially at the shadow of the building - it gives the piece a nice contrast between warm/cold colors.
Anyway , great ideas so far ! I´ll keep an eye on this thread. Good luck!:thumbsup:


very nice sketches, I personally like the middle one of the first three and the first of the second set, they are all nice but those are my favs.


and Speaky takes the lead!

first set: first one, second set: middle one
nice work, keep 'em coming :slight_smile:


Out of the first set I really like the middle (assasin one), I think this could bring out a lot of emotion. From the second set I like the last one, I dont know if the shuttle quite fits, but the nature/technology combo could be interesting. Keep at it!


Well someone is off to an awesome start, Good to see youve join in this great new challenge, i look forward to following your work buddy, and i wish you all the best. Goodluck:thumbsup:


I’m a 3d guy just checking out what peeps are doing in 2d.
Man, So obvious on what you are doing.
My personal favorite is the one with people cheering in the streets with the floaty building.
The ones where a planet is evacuateing is really cool. Nice ominous tone.
I think that fits the description of epic event that holds empire together really really really well.

Man u are gonna make some dope shit. Looking forward to it.


Reminds me of the trasformers city lol :smiley:


Thos sketches are great! They all look interesting, but my favourites are the 2 first the second serie.


Wow, looking good. Really nice concepts, I feel like changing mine now.:slight_smile:


That’s a great idea with the quick thumbnail sketches and the focus on grand epic structures. I first saw this technique used on the Feng Zhu DVD from Gnomon. I think the second series of sketches is starting to show some refinement. I’m looking forward to seeing your work develop.