Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


It looks cool, the colors and buildings are great. You are right, now all the characters looks like the most important element in the image. :thumbsup:

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


Very cool, this is coming together nicely. I knew it would. Getting near the end, keep it up.


I’ve tightened up the ship some more. I think it looks like a flying fortress at this point. I decided to make it partially hidden in the clouds to make it more a part of the background. Plus it just looks bigger that way.


very nice!!


That’s what I ment with big bad ass Mothership :thumbsup:


I like the addition of the Mother ship. My only concern is that the entire composition feels very straight ahead, one point perspective and all, very symmetrical. I’m sure once the characters are rendered this impression will fade.

Beautiful work!



Added more detail to the flying fortress. I’m probably going to work on the clouds a little more as well.


very good work and solid composition. that sculpture -with the look like alien welcome- is like levitating, is very highligted, like front plane, not for the second plane where is placed. very dramatic atmosphere there and good light control. kepp going.


Unbelievable beautiful looking work! Forgive me if I’m being redundant but what program are you using to create this illustration? Painter? Photoshop? Just curious. Anyway, can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work.



Amazing work!

I love the ship design, layout and colorwork. Your painting style is amazing, I look forward to seeing how this one progresses.


Hi, Your image takes form quickly and I can only like with dimensions
the antique that you gives him, the appearance of the vessel in the
clouds is really cool. :thumbsup:


Hi EvilGerbil,

very good solution to make it more grand without any loss as regards the composition.
Great work.



One of the best entries is coming to reise!
I really like ur concept and how u r looking for the right canvas size, adding more and more elements, details. Im sure this will be one of the best here… no doubt… u r the master, I’ll try learn as much as posible from this thread :slight_smile:


goog good good work, like always, the graphic quality is very good, i like the atmosphere and the disposition of the mother ship, very good work i wait witk impatience??? IN FRENCH? THE FINISH OF YOUR IMAGE


Amazing as usual Jason _ I am a big fan of your work. Its cool to see how many diferent concpets that you went through on the way here. I honestly leved what you did in concept 3 with the giant robot behind the girl. For some reason when you did the color comp you changed the perspective and scale and it just didn’t hit me the same. I love where this final image is going, love the mood, scale, drame, etc but you really should go back and finish concept 3 at some point after the contest.

Can’t wait to see the final details on this bad boy : )


Thanks for all of the support guys. At the beginning of this contest I was having a lot of trouble finding a composition that I really wanted to work on. Now with less than half a month left I finally think I’ve found it :scream: I wish I had come up with this earlier so I can work longer on the details, but too late for that now.

As for those other compositions that I abandoned on the way… Who knows, maybe I’ll pick them back up later on.

Okay, back to work!


I’ve been working on the central figure of the piece. I still have a little ways to go, but you get the idea. I think I spent too much time in the face. I can even zoom in some more and the detail will get even clearer, but there’s no real point to that since the image as a whole is much bigger than this. Oh well, I love doing characters :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it shows! Cripes… looking cool…


Wow great characters, composition and palette! This feels very cinematic.


Just popping in to see how it’s going. You’ve hit the jackpot with this one, mate. You should have enough time to get those details in (my Machineflesh image was done in two weeks, if i can do it, you can!)

The atmosphere works really well…I can see it as an opening shot in a movie.

Well done…great work as usual