Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


LOoks very promising! I really like the work you produce, it is very unique. The character designs look cool too :slight_smile:

I look forward to more updates and the final as well :slight_smile:


Frickin’ bee-U-tiful!

Can’t wait to see this evolve…


I’ve finished puting in most of the architectural elements. I’m now starting to work on the characters.


Probably not a piece that I would say its mega grand but it is surly turning out as an impressive work. The slick style you have on the characters brings out its form. Well done.


great work man…I think you’re gonna reedit the Machineflesh cool work…good luck


Hi Jason,

I very much like the composition of your picture. The mood and look of the destroyed city looks very convincing and gives a good impression of the culture the habitants had. Though it doesn´t look grand at first view - I think it is a very fresh view in terms of the topic. Great work.

It would be nice to adept something of the habitants. Maybe some convicts trailed in chains by the conquerors. But this might be a big cut for the composition a that time.



ecura and Fahrija: You guys may be right. I like how the picture itself is coming along, but as a Grand Space Opera, it needs something more… I’m going to play with the composition a little and see if I can come up with something… Right now I’m thinking of changing this into a verticle piece and just adding a lot more. Maybe some patroling ships, taller structers, some kind of slave transport…


Ok, I went ahead and tried this with a verticle format. Now you can really see the legions of soldiers. I’ve also added the idea that the mother ships that they use to attack the planet appear by opening worm holes in the sky and just dropping in for surprise attacks. Also, I have spider mechs in the croud that have cages for bodies that are used to transport prisoners/slaves.

Do you guys think that these are good changes or should I just stick with the original simpler horizontal format? Any feedback would be helpful since I need to really get working on this if I want to finish in time.


I’m liking where you’re going with the vertical format. The only drawback is you characters aren’t quite as epic. The action becomes the more dominant feature. Works for me either way you go. Nice work…


Great style, love the characters.

I like the vertical format, only problem is that the statue is drawing a lot of attention.
I would leave the statue as it is now, but give the Mothership humongous proportions, filling half the sky. One bad ass Mothership dropping out of a wormhole… yeah, that would be cool :slight_smile:


Well you can think of this as 2 edged knife.

Its pretty obvious you will lose the characters if your going for portrait, but in exchange that you will control vertical plane which is source of all grand. So you will be opening up new doorways to new ideas.
Also space becomes evident. Lot more space for things that fly. That statue will be able to hold the picture. It looks cool already.

As for landscape.
You will be able to let people see huge band of brothers. But it will more likely be in the direction of braveheart or lords of the rings.

Stay in the landscape mode, but you can cut more room for spacestuff… just go for typical computer screen size. You will be able to add plenty of stuff to it. Since youre are mostly in panoramic view.

Did this made any sense? I think not:sad:
Good luck! looks cool!


Looks great :slight_smile: I see taht your composition once again change for the better. Keep it up.


personally I kind of liked the cinematic feeling of your previous update. The central figure with his red cape made a really strong statement that now feels diluted. It still looks pretty cool though, I think either way will work out - just follow your instincts and do what you do best. It’s going to rock.


Thanks for your help, guys.

Okay, so basically, the new stuff is good, but losing the intimacy with the characters is bad. I think I’ll try Falcor’s idea and make something a little bit in between the two version I have now. Hopefully that will work a little better.


Ok, another composition. I didn’t include the vast army or wormholes, but the composition is a little more balanced, in my opinion. I’m also thinking it might be cool to have the ships kind of emerging from behind the clouds and the clouds go swirling off the sides of the ships.

Tell me what you guys think.


hey very nice new composition…im fan of your work …i think youre an extraordinary artist!! ill be here waiting to see this master piece finished!!


Ok, here’s another layout. I think I like this one the most. I found that by cutting off the top of the giant mothership, it no longer reads as a focal point and fades back into the background bringing the attention back to the characters.

What do you think?


This is great Jason. Love the mood in this illustration. Bravo.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: I like how you’ve cropped in, however I might think about shifting the large BG shape to the right just a tad bit.


Great looking image. I really like the lighting you’ve given it. Also, the statues on the buildings really add to the image’s impact.

[edit:] … and the new cropping works well too. It helps draw the eye to the characters.


Nice colors and nice mood in the last composition! Great work! :slight_smile: