Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


somehow that robot reminds me of “dog” from Half Life 2, which is a good thing :slight_smile: great composition, looking forward to more :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: I can see already this is going to be a good one, love the composition and colouring so far…no crits from me


great compo, and designs. I want some updates :slight_smile:


Looking good Jason, we seem to have similar taste, willl be watching to see how it turns out, keep on kicking arse.


I took a long break from my Space Opera piece for finals… Now that I’m back, I don’t like what I have anymore… So I went back and I came up with another idea.

It’s going to be a shot of some kind of dark army lead by their commander. They’ll be walking through the ruins of their latest conquest.


this is the one!! i think it’s the best one so far. make it a VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST army! i don’t care how long it takes you! third thumbnail is top drawer! :smiley:

EDIT- One thing you might want to add to this composition is maybe a planet or some gargantuous buildings in the background. it doesnt read so much as a grand space opera as well as it reads grand fantasy opera.


I totally agree with Teknotek83 : the idea is more interesting, I think.
I prefer the 3rd sketch, where the chief is taller than anybody.
Good luck !


hello jason.

im just commenting because THE FINALS HAVE POISONED YOUR MIND, MAN!!. although im sure that whatever image you go for will be developed to an impeccable standard, i think that your existing composition is quite amazing. the potential for some great arcitecture and an all too immense lighitng scheme,(as already imlpemented) is a great foundation.

i can only hope you’ll carry on with it because it really is fantastic.

still the evil gerbil king should not be questioned and so let the conquest continue.

Regards from across the pond, mike



You’re too young to draw this good! Your pencils have a John Buscema feel to 'em… Can’t wait to see what you solidify as your final concept.


hey jason i finally joined. I gotta get in on this competition, but i like your new idea. The top one appeals to me, with the V-shaped composition ans opposed to the upside down V. Anyway ill be posting my roughs after i get back from vaction on the 5th. See ya next semester.

  • Derek


scratch that - i think the upward view is better


very nice concept paints and compositions. I always prefered blocking in shapes over line sketching


Ok, here are some lines I put together to better flesh out the piece. I’m also going to put in a ruined cityscape and probably an armada of ships.


Ok, I really have to stick to this idea now that time is starting to run out. Hopefully I don’t get penalized for taking this long to get to this point :sad:

teknotek83: I hope this is a vast enough army for you. It’s going to be tough painting all of these characters, but I think it’ll be fun. I made it more interesting for myself by making them all different in design. Imagine that they continue back in space :slight_smile:

Freefall Omega: I’m glad that you liked my older idea, but I just couldn’t bring myself to work on it anymore. I had areas that were unresolved that I couldn’t get to look the way I wanted and it was just proving to be more of a headache than anything else. Maybe I’ll go back to that image one day.

deviousderek: Hey, glad to see you on the boards! Wow, you better get cracking - you only have 10 days after you get back to finish this up!

J. Nieuwland: I ended up doing lines for the characters anyway… I was stuck at home during the holidays so I just drew up this three-page spread for scanning when I got back. I can still paint freely for the background though.


Superb anatomy on these guys. Have you thought about a dramatic
background of some sort ? I would love to see a giant monolith spaceship
behind these characters, as if they just left the landed ship.

In the distance there could be another “squadron” of isanely big transporters
getting ready to deploy their masses of mercenaries. Yay, another world to
plunder and r**e !


Starting to color the image. I’m probably going to work from back to front. Just starting the sky right now.


hey great work man…glad to see you in big shape…good luck with the contest


Can’t wait to see your finished piece. I’m a fan of your work. I think you’re one of the brightest rising young stars in the CG world. I’ve been keeping an eye on your progress for a few years now, and you just keep getting better.


I’ve gotten more work done on the sky. I think this will be good for now. The next step for me now will be blocking in the buildings in the background.


I’ve started adding some architecture and statues into the background. I’ve decided that the race that has just been conquered was a peaceful race that focussed their energies on the persuit of knowledge and the creation of art.