Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


I added the lightsources, like you guys suggested. I also went ahead and added some glows into the highlights all over the image.


Hello Jason,

Great job ! I wish you good luck !
See you on the next !

Luter (aka GOLI…:slight_smile:


Great progress, the lights look alot better on the ship in the background especially. Keep it up Jason, the end is near!


Nice! I think it really adds some movement to the piece and helps to give the Mother ship a sense of emergence from the clouds.


It’s nice with lightsources, great work


You’re da man! Your work is definitely on the top, but you probably know that already. You’ll be rewarded for sure.

Don’t know how this could get any better.


Awesome man. Friggin’ gorgeous. Once again you crush most of us with your artistry. Your sky is unbelievably cool.


It’s getting better with each update! No comment, no crit, just enjoying!:thumbsup:


Yup …i agree …one of the most enjoyable works to see growing…congrats man…i wish i could offer and some serious and constructive critique…but your work seems monstress to my eyes …and Mom told me not to speak to monsters :smiley:

Best of luck for u …amazing work!


I keep thinking green lights on the mothership (not on the bottom like you added, but front of the motheship, where you already have that vertical and horizontal row of lights), and orange on the ruins from fires. But, that might take attention away from the red of the capes. However, you can just up the rightness/saturation of the cape in that case.

I’m totally struggling on mine. sigh


“chronicles of riddick”-like but amazing non the less! great work!


WOW your work is stunning:eek: A great master piece you got here. I wish you best of luck:thumbsup:


Looking absolutely great :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I love the mood, good luck for the final :bounce:


Here’s my final image. I just did some very minor changes to the glow.

Over all, I’m very happy with how this piece came out. There’s still stuff I could probably keep fixing, but I can always say that about a piece. I hope you guys like it.


so cool ! I hope I come up with something like this in the next challenge :slight_smile:


Hi evilgerbil,

CraZy :eek: - without a doubt a masterpiece!

congratiulation and good luck



Extremely tasty.


Congrats, it turned out incredibly well. It’s so accomplished, I love the sky, the ship and each character feels like part of a grand story. Spot on! :thumbsup:


No doubt. Can’t crit much, came out beautiful.


Wonderful…very, very good!