Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


those clouds are looking spectacular! didn’t think you had it in yourself :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha just kidding!


Yeah,… You don’t need the textures.

The only thing I would do is add an engineglow behind and penetrating the clouds. Maybe in green… would give the pic nearly a sacreligious feeling.

Anyway, absolutly stunning image…:thumbsup: :applause:

Cheerz buddy



lol i gave up on this contest a while ago,sniff all busy

wowee!!! when u done,cud u make a wallpaper???
and no to the texture…clouds are excellent.



I think if you added some colors in the background–maybe fire from the ruins, and greenish light from the mothership…etc, it’ll make the image richer in color. But, I do like the more monochromatic stuff though–for example, Justin Sweet is really good at it.

Maybe add visible cracks in the architecture and statue?

I wouldn’t worry about the texturing. I think for your painting style, any kind of texture should be from your brushwork–it’s more relevant artistically, and better looking IMO. Also, I think having the kind of textures you experimented with doesn’t really improve the image, since digital textures are quite different in feel to traditional textures from gesso or canvas weave. I think when digital textures really work well is when they actually contain color information, like the way Craig Mullins uses textures.


Very sweet image here Jason!! Looks like it could be the box cover for really kick-ass movie…

Well Done!:thumbsup:


awesome stuff, i cant believe this is the first time ive seen your thread. a great blend of fantasy and sci-fi, definately no critiques. if you dont win first place you certainly deserve best ensemble cast. cant wait to see what it like once you’ve tightened it, good luck


Ok, I have the sky pretty much finished up. Next are the buildings and ship…


Incredible. I’m amazed that you still need to work on the ship and buildings, the look pretty friggin’ done to me!!! :wink: Great work.


great job getting it done to this point in such a small timeframe! It’s still looking badass, I don’t have much to crit, I just want to see the finished product. Nice work.


I added some details to the flying fortress.


it is coming along very nicely!
check your private message inbox when you get a chance


I’m playing with the color balance. I’m not really sure what else to do. I’m pretty happy with the image at this point. If any of you have suggestions, let me know.


Love to see some light rays coming from the ship itself, would add some more drama to the image.

Looking great!


Youre so talented to be able to pull such a picture in almost two weeks :thumbsup:

Well your color scheme works very well. Dont know would it help to add more colors at all.

There is one thing you could work on. That is the cloud complexity and the movement of the clouds. Make the giant in the sky push the cloud masses towards and to the sides.

Think of the winds. Will the push and pull in certain places. Will the winds pull up the particles behind the characters. That kind of stuff mainly

You made it in time! Great work :deal:


Nice work ! :thumbsup:
The perspective of the “temple” just left/above the girl seems not right to me : its lighted side should be more horizontal, I think.
I agree with Cgkrusty about light rays.
Good luck !


Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

Arctis: I’ll adjust the temple’s perspective and see how that looks.

Falcor_: The wind idea is a good idea. I’ll play around with the clouds and see what I can do.

cgkrusty: I’ll try adding some spot lights and see how that looks. If I can pull it off right, I think that should look pretty cool.

Thanks guys. If you have any more ideas, let me know.


It’s a definitely a very great pic, like i said at tolga, your pic is probably one of the best in the challenge, very good work i think you have finished but i wait the final pic


I added some spotlights coming from the ship. Let me know what you guys think.


Ok, but i see the ray of light but i don’t see the point source of the light,


I agree with MDN67, they look great, I like the chaotic nature of them, looks like they’re searching for something. If you could show an origin or brighten up the top portion near the ship that would help. Right now it’s hard to tell if the lights are coming from the ship or the ground…

Love your clouds by the way!