Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


Starting to look pretty swish, will be keeping an eye on it, keep up the arse kicking.


Shaping up very nicely!

Do you find it annoying to have ot paint over your dark line drawing? I usually keep the drawing on a seperate layer, then do the color rough on another layer. Then, when I’m ready to paint details, I fade the line drawing so that it gets rid of most of the nasty black (less painting over to be done, and let’s me judge overall values more accurately while painting).

This time, I didn’t do it and merged the drawing with the color rough because I kept changing the composition and resizing, and it was just easier to merge them. Now i"m regretting it. . …


That’s normally what I do too. I have a very unsteady hand and it shows in my line drawings, which is not ideal at all when it comes to doing delicate cg paintings. However, I kind of wanted a dark and gritty look for this image, so I decided to leave them.


Almost have all of the characters colored… But I’m going to call it a night. I’ll get right back on it tomorrow.


The right hand side is shaping up very nicely. You’ve set yourself quite a level of detail and polish to match on the right hand side though. I think all the hard work you’ve put into it deserves a hefty reward, best of luck to you! Any chance of working the slightest amount of dark orange into the shadows to balance out the blue or is this too late to implement?


hi, looking very good, though I find the colours a bit oppressive…! It also sort of reminds me of group school photos(!) or those cast of characters pictures (with them all striding along heroicly) founnd in some comic books :slight_smile:


One of the things I still need to do is go back and add some color variation. I’ll be doing that once I finish with the basic rendering.


Excellent, excellent,

I am really looking forward to this one. I would say leave the monochromatic feeling as that brings out the red cape of the leader much more powerful. I love how the image tells a story about every character and the place. Great work so far…


I really think that you own that new Boxx man you have earned it : ) Just curious how many hours you have into this so far.


Ok, here’s the full image with all of the characters rendered. I added a paintbrush texture to the entire image to give it a more finished surface feel. I’m trying to figure out if I like it better this way or not…


Here’s a comparison of how the texture looks like more close up. What do you guys think?

I like the way it unifies everything and gives it a more natural look. But at the same time, it makes everything less “smooth”. Perhaps I can put a mask on it and just use it in key spots or something. I don’t know, I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on this. In the meantime, I’ll work on some touchups.


I think thats totally unnecessary at this moment. You still have far more important question going on with the composition of the huge spaceship.

Dont go in to small detail until you score with everything else big time :thumbsup:

Beside at the moment its only increasing the noise build up of the picture. Specially if youre about to do skin like that. It will not create skin pores and hilites the way they should be done.

Just like a perfect photo you never ruin it with mindless noise :smiley:

Altought i prefer cartoony result usually. You can always look at my machine flesh and grand space opera artworks. Did my noise build up really made the pieces any better?

Just hand paint all noise. Youre so good at it anyway :bounce:


Falcor’s right, dude , away with the textures. You’re making a great
pic, I didn’t see a single place where the textures would have made it better.
You just don’t need them

carry on :thumbsup:


Ditto, that. Stay true to your medium and don’t obscure your pretty brushwork. The texture isn’t adding anything but unnecessary noise. ('Cept in a couple of places like on the armor and metal in touches. But not on the skin.) But 'side from all that, it’s really looking quite lovely. Nice stuff, and it really came together quickly, too. Good luck and have fun!



I think it would end up to be a good finition for the end. I personnally prefer pictures that have a more analog feel, but I don’t like to be able to determine the filter used. The brushe strokes in the background seem to me maybe a little too big. If you could just refine them a little, I’ll think it will work well. About the ship of flying forteress in background, it seems quite finish to me. It does what it has to do: it suggests me that there is something big there with enough details to identify it in parts. Great work so far!:thumbsup:


Untextured, as it will be reduced it may jsut look loosley rendered.


wow man, thats great…very scary, i’m sorry about the guy(s) that are in front of them. because they will make him(them) a grandmother’s pie


I dig the texture… I’d stick with it.


Thanks for all of the advice, everyone. I think I will do without the texture for now and focus on tightening the image up.

I’ve already started tightening up the clouds on the left. I wasn’t quite happy with the big airbrush splotches I had up until this point. For the next 4 days I’ll be tightening and adjusting everything.


Bravo joson rely nice style you have bravooooooooooo:thumbsup: