Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


Hey man, this is looking awesome. I really like the ship back there. It feel immense and huge. Nice work.


This might be my favorite pieces in this contest. I’m suprised you don’t have a website, would love to see more of your work.
Well done.


His website is


I’m still working on these soldiers…


I love it how it is… Great mood:thumbsup:
I wouldn’t change a thing…


Still working on these soldiers…


absolutely love your character designs:love:


we should all give up - I think you have this one in the bank : )


man, u rock :buttrock:


soldier with the huge hammer and the soldier on the far left with the cross mask are awesome! you should re-use some of these characters sometime!


Ok, I finally have the left side pretty much complete, minus touch ups. Now I can get to work on the right side.


Enjoy your new workstation!

looks awesome mate, I love it.




Just great work… still unbelievable.


Thats some exceptional work, I’m blown away. :slight_smile:


Lol. I wish.

BTW, did you ever get your Cintique? How is that working out?


yup, the thing finally arrived just before christmas. It’s a lot of fun to use, and feels very natural - like you’re drawing in your sketchbook. You can also spin it around like an animation table, which is really awesome. Of course now I’m spoiled - when I got back to work and had to use a regular tablet again, I felt like I was drawing with my wrong hand, and it took about twice as long to produce anything. It’s probably the best digital art tool I’ve tried.


Wow, I’m jealous :twisted: I’ll have to get one of those one day… I just wish they weren’t so outragously expensive. I’ll probably have to wait for them to drop in price, if that ever happens.


I’m slowly making my way right… I’m actually getting further than I thought I would today.


i knew you’d get far today! the mask design is really neat! kind of reminds me of Shredder with a gas mask on.