Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


I’m not saying that art education is worthless, of course. I’ve learned an incredible amount. But like you said, rules are to be broken :slight_smile: If something that goes against the “rules” looks better, how can I argue?


Working on this guy now. Also went back and adjusted the girls gun. It’s better than it was, but I’m still not really happy with it.


Great job man. I love your style. Very, very nice! Keep at it!


It’s just looking great! You’ve really changed a lot your scene as I can see. This new compositon is defenitely more grandiose. I’ve no comment for now except that maybe it could be a little bit less centered. But that just my opinion. Good luck with the deadline with all those characters to render! But you seem quite rapid on this field, so I’m not worried for you!:slight_smile:


Maybe orange lights for his visor…?
Everything else is blue.
Never the less sweeeeeeet!!!


very good painting.I like your style.


Here’s the whole image so far. It’s coming along slowly, but surely. Probably a few more days of characters and then I can get into doing finishing touches on everything.


Just a thought:

This is to address the centeredness of my piece. What if I were to make it so the huge flying fortress was coming out of the clouds from the right instead of the middle? Also, I would have it facing at an angle instead of straight on. I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this idea.


I dont think the issue is trying not to keep the spaceship at the center of the pic. The reason it might be looking so straight oriented is the orientation of the spaceship.

But adjusting direction of the spaceship is not easy. Specially in 2D artwork.

If the ship would be seen sideways nobody would think that the composition is straight forward.

Just by tilting the heading will probably hit the problem straight on. Rather than trying to move to ship to the side.

I dont know really. If you have time you can try out stuff, but you dont have any! Less than week. Dont listen to me. Good luck! :thumbsup:


That could also work. But you’re right, I need to finish everything else first before I do anything like that and end up unfinished by the deadline. Thanks for the input.


Excellent work Jason. Your progress is coming along quite well. I think your doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!


Like Falcor said, I think you should also keep it coming straight forward. The upward tilting of the front due to perspective would work great, I think. Also try defining some more legs. If you create depth above and below the characters it will work well, I believe. Keep it up!


Wow man that is hot. I would love to get a full res copy of this when you are done, nice work. Sorry I don’t have anything useful to add…


Great painting so far! I think some color variation on the buildings and background would help tie the figures to the rest of the piece though. Keep it up, it’s coming along very nicely.


Hi EvilGerbil,

Oh boy, looks just beautiful. When I see this picture in terms of the atmosphere it sometimes reminds me of those horror movies I´ve seen long time ago > e.g. “Cabal”.



Listen to andreasrocha :wink:
It’s in your face now, let’s keep it that way.


I think you should leave the ship as it is, as well. It really emphasizes the gargantuous size and scale of the ship compared to ruined city and the soldiers walking through it. Although, there seems to be some minor symmetrical issues. I’m sure you’ve already caught them, though. Work furiously on this, Jason. But please make time for 24!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not a favour for centre piece focus work but what you have there really makes me think twice about my thoughts. You have it dead on correct there. The message you are trying to get across is the main characters and the flying fortess right, then I believe that message is already very powerful. They act as first element to see then the second would be the surrounding environment along with the least common characters standing in the dark. If you let the fortress sit on the right, it would probably lose that strong flow and bond between the main characters. You could probably try out your idea though do note that the deadline is coming close by. Anyhow it looks excellent as it is.


Always good work, your style of painting for the charatcers, is like,…Enki Bilal, i like that, very good work, no critics, the ambiance of the pice is terrible, and the look of the characters is very good


Thanks for all of the comments, guys. Ok, I guess I’ll leave it pretty much as is for now. When it comes down to doing the final touches, I’ll probably go back and try to make that ship look a bit more believable and symetrical. Also, I will be continuing with the soldiers and try to put as many feet in as I can.