Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


This is looking better by the minute. Great work…It would be a shame if you didn’t finish it on time, but you will surely do it.

You’ll surely make it to one of the top places…


What an Impressive production!
No use in telling you that i love your way of drawing (i think i’m not the first to tell you such).
Very good last picture (especialy in the color palette used). I love the framing and aspect ratio too (very cinematographic).
I think your on the good way for winning.

Good luck dude!


Hi Evil Gerbil,

I loved to know how you made the eyes. Can you post a close-up view of your characters face?



I definitelly fan of your work, i see your machineflesh challenge, very great and for me if you continued this picture will be the same quality, good works and i think you will be in the firts places


Thanks for the support, guys.

I thought it was about time to work on the actual characters :slight_smile:

Paul Davidson and andreasrocha: I’m fairly confident that I can finish on time. I only started coloring this on Monday or Tuesday, so it’s actually coming along fairly quickly.

Fahrija: I’ll post up a closer shot of his face for you.


Here’s a closeup of his face. It was all done in Photoshop with the airbrush/paintbrush tool. A little smudging was used with the hair.


Great progress! THe facial details are coming out very well. I love the texture you have created thus far.


Thats pretty accurate for a guy who is strugling with the deadline.

Anyway how strong are you going with the heros red cape and the woman character red hood.
Will you be letting the red flow in as ambient color? Will you emphasize it? Or just muffle it under blue?


Hi, Super the head, good blow of brushes.


Thanks for the comments.

Falcor : Right now I’m not really sure how vibrant the red will be. Most likely it’ll be fairly muted with the exception of a few areas where I want to pop it out. I’ll just have to see how it looks and work from there. Let me know if you have any thoughts on that.


About the red hue.

Well i can offer you 2 ideas

First: triangular red ambience from the spaceship to chest plane of the characters.
ambience must be very subtle.

Second: two horizontal boxes. One for space ship plane. One for character chest plane.
Stronger red hilites. Less ambience.

Conclusion is open. I have no definite better solution to offer this time.

                                                :D good character painting.:buttrock: 

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I’ve pretty much finished up this guy for now. Now only a million other ones to go… Later I might add some blood splatter on him and his weapon. I’ll save that for last.


your…art …is…so…cool


It’s looking great!


oh boy, oh boy…my jaw just dropped


Beautiful head, good work !


great head… but the eyes dont seem to point in the same direction…the right (his right) eye seems to point away from the other a little… dunno if that just me… or am i being too critical :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude, awesome. Once again you pull off amazing work. I really like your colors.


Man i think the signature “Silent but Deadly” u have does u Justice…Awesome work …and i totally love your Main Character…:thumbsup: