Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jason Chan


Jason Chan has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final

Here’s my final image. I just did some very minor changes to the glow.

Over all, I’m very happy with how this piece came out. There’s still stuff I could probably keep fixing, but I can always say that about a piece. I hope you guys like it.


Now you’re another one I would REALLY have missed, glad to see you’re in here


hey jason! nice see you too here, good luck!


Hey guys, good to see ya :slight_smile:

Let’s get this thing going :smiley:


Here’s an idea I’m running through my head. The scene is an alien landscape. The princess’s star ship has crashlanded on a beach after a fierce battle in space. A mysterious stranger appears and rescues her from the reckage and carries her to safety while debree rains down from the sky.


Cool sketches. Two comments…
I think the middle sketch on the top row works best. The symmetrical composition really makes the figure stand out. And you can really give the spaceship a big scale (+ distance fog, as you have done).
There is only one thing that bothers me (perhaps this is too early to be talking about these aspects)…but if debris are falling from the sky, I think it would be more believable if the saviour was protecting the princess from the debris, hunching, while carrying her. And where do the debris come from? The remains of the galactic battle just fought?
Great start…


I agree, the middle one on the top row looks best because it has lots of room around it, and brings out the sadness that I am assuming you are trying to protray. I like your story too, it would work. I was wondering when you would post something. :slight_smile:

I like what you have


Drawings are very beautiful, I awaits the continuation of your
search, good luck for this challenge.


Those are wonderful sketchs - very loose and expressive - I especially respond to the sketch in the bottom left-hand corner - it has a particularly strong sense of pathos. In terms of overall composition the top-left with the subjects slightly off-centre works best imho.



the middle sketch of the top gives a better idea of the action , and using the last sketch for the woman pose, it’ll be great! But it think there is something to do with the top right corner sketch. I’m impatient to see the evolution, good luck


Heya Gerbil, good to see you back into it again, i will definatley follow your progress, looks to me like your back in fine form. Have always loved your character sketches, very emotive. Cant wait to watch as you finely tune your piece, the last comp was great fun to watch. Goodluck.:thumbsup:


I really do kind of like this the more I look at it, has a nice quiet/thoughtful sort of feeling.

just curious by the way, does she actually have a tail or is that part of the clothing ?


Evil, your concept drawing looks good. I’m digging the idea. I haven’t seen much of your work, but judging by your figure drawing skills, I’m expecting great things.


Hi man ! Nice to see you there. Yur MF piece was excellent…I wonder what you gonna do this time…
I wish you the best.


Great to see you again in the challenge, Jason.
I feel the top-center image captures the atmosphere rather well - feels really like the true aftermath of a titanic battle, with chuncks of debris raining down, and the sun obstructed. That her rescuer looks so calm (though strangely sad and melancholy), and otherwise unscathed by any of the falling debris adds to the mystery surrounding the stranger.

Will be waiting for more :smiley:


I like your sketches, have a very heroic touch. I’m watching this thread.


Very nice, they guy looks a little like iron man but is good :thumbsup:


Nice concept, sexy, romantic, and space related, what else could you ask for! Right now I am leaning towards #1 only because I know you will do a kick @ss job on the figures and I want to see all the detail.



Good to see you in here… nice start on the sketches,… can’t wait for the evolution of this image!




I loved your picture for the “machineflesh challenge” and i find your new concept very interesting.
I hope that you’ll do such a nice picture as in the past challenge.
I can’t wait to see the final picture!
Go on and good luck.