Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jaime Jones


Impresive rendering of detalis and color mood. I like the picture very much!
The only critique I could give is to separete 1st plan a little little bit more.
Good luck !


Very impressive work Cico! :smiley: Love the yellow glow. Your picture kinda reminds me of the space station I’ve seen in Aliens.


Hi Cicinimo,

awesome image. very convincing is the look of the boy at the right handside. The background gives a very nice feel of grandness though it is framed by the room in the foreground. Very well done.



It’s a rich and interesting scene you have here ! The little kid is very well executed : congrats!
However I would have added some action (ship’s activity…) on that large surface of the planet : it still looks a bit empty to me…
Good luck !


Great stuff!

The change to the foreground figure was spot on, looks much better now. This is a very nice image, good luck.


Big thanks for all the feedback guys. Being compared to Donato Giancola is very flattering!

Arctis: I considered for a long time if I should add a few more ships. I even tossed around the idea of some sort of epic space battle going on outside (though I dont think this is the type of action you are suggesting). I ultimately decided either of these would have fought to much for the attention of a viewer and spoiled the relevance of the children’s presence. I wanted the drama to be very intimate in my painting. I was really thinking in terms of Luke Skywalker and Ender Wiggin. Thinking back to scenes with these characters that had the greatest impact on me, I rarely bring scenes of action to mind. Moods that I’ve always associated with space operas tend to be centered on isolation in vast worlds.

As I worked on this painting, it became increasingly important that the figures were extremely far from anything. I think this is how most space operas begin, its the archetypal way to start an adventure. Luke was was a farmboy who had seen no action first hand. Ender started as a suburban kid in school. For me, Space Opera scenes with the most punch are those with the most emmotional underpinning.


This is it! Thanks for the comments and help!


way cool! This is one of the most narative pieces in the competition.
Is the guy to the right a hobbit type person? he seems old, yet short.


great pice of mood Cicinimo!!
the station detail is enourmous! :thumbsup:


Fantastic work. The people in it looks great, the details are stunning and the lighting conveys the mood perfectly. Nice job.


Hey, big thanks you three. Codenothing, the boy is not intended to look like an adult. I was aiming for a boy mayb 13 years old, approaching the brink of manhood. Perhaps his adult-like features could suggest experiences and difficulites beyond his years?


I love the mood and the persona of this. I voted for ya.


A piece of art thats worth checking out many times. Im really glad u came back after a long break and finish ur piece. Good luck and all the best at the voting process :slight_smile:


Hi Jaime,

This image has a soul.

The characters convey a desperate situation and I´m feeling involved by watching it.



Awesome Work
You Had my Vote!:deal:


Congrats man… awesome job!


Hi, All my compliment for your price. :applause:


Congratulations! You really nailed this one in the end with your changes to the characters- I think I posted this before but I really like the expression of the boy at the window. Great work.




Tommy Lee


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