Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Jaime Jones


Jaime Jones has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Thriving outskirts (colony urchins)

This is it! Thanks for the comments and help!


Hey, welcome, and good luck!


Heey, thankyou! I appreciate the welcome!

I feel so dirty showing my sketches. Not very coherent, I know, but it works to get my thoughts down.

I had composed this scenario mentally, and had a general idea of how I wanted the composition to lay. I want 2-3 children with their backs facing the viewer, looking out through the glass of a space station/colony window. The interior is barely visible, but it is clearly a dark and delapidated room. The wall is strewn with miscilaneous panels and shotty metalwork. Graffiti/vandalism is rampant. The children are dressed in rags. I want their attire to be foreign and unique, but clearly the clothes of a street rat. The children represented are all born of the metal slums in which they still reside. I want them to be racially ambiguous, a mixture of asian, african and european features. This is to suggest the countless generations of people who have lived and died in this setting. All racial distinction has been lost.

Outside the window, an arm of the space station the kids are on wraps around so it is visible to the viewer. Thousands of windows are visible on this arm of the station/colony. I want it to be very clear that the kids live in a floating metropolis. The same mismatched paneling that is visible inside can be seen on the hull/siding of the colony. It appears that many different additions were made to the station at various times. These range from ragged industrial modules to beautiful residential installations.

The window also provides a view of a fiery orange planet that the station orbits. In the distance, another floating station is visible. Closer to the arm, a large cruiser is docking. Even though the cruiser should appear as a massive transport, capable of carrying a many thousands, it is dwarfed by the station. Smaller ships occupy the space outside the window, but they are all well in the distance. It should be aparent that no vehicles are even close to the region where the kids live.

There will be perhaps one more visible planet out the window. A nebulous cloud wraps around the distance. Many stars are visible. Despite the clutter of the background, individual ships and buildings should not stand out. Values for this region will be reltively flat. More important than the many details of this background will be the general impression of a vast space occupied by millions. Even more important, as emphasized by the gesture of the foreground children, is the isolation of the colonies’ ghetto. The child closest to the viewer, whos face is given a profile in the lower left, is extremely young.

My series of thumbnails (see below) is all about me working these ideas out inro a workable composition. At first i had a more conventional framed composition. I decided it was very boring, and somewhat overdone, so i tilted the angle for the next interpretation.
With my next sketch I found some obvious spacial issues were developing- mostly in that the window was to small for what i wanted to convey. in the final thumnail I felt i was beginning to get at goal. I noticed the height and size of the children wasn’t consistant with the perspective. I made a little line to note where the distant child should be positioned. He should be a bit larger.

From here I went and began to collect some reference Images. I am still in this phase, but i will put together a collage of images I find once I assemble them.



Working out my concept and composition. I already had the narrative in mind, I just needed to translate it to a single image.


Here is my composition fleshed out in a line drawing (photoshop). I don’t often develop my lines any more than this, unless I plan on letting them show through. Most details will be added in the painting stage.


I’m drawn to those ideas that have a bit more originality than just a great space battle, not to insult those that chose that route, I like those ideas also, just nice to see some variety…

looking good so far!


thank god the urchins showed up, what’s a space opera without a couple of 'em runnin around, wipin their noses, and gettin ready to prove themselves…

nice start, look forward to seeing the rest


I agree.

I like were your going so far, cant wait to see more. Keep it up


yeah, great start! Nice to see you participating too, Jamie. I’ve already admired your stuff in the sijun forums …



Blocking in major colors and establishing my values. Beginning to detail the interior of the upper left. A problem I can already foresee is the interior/exterior seperation is pretty vague. I’ll need to suggest glass or some seperation material.


this is one of my faves i’ve seen so far,i like the kids,n background.

wanna see more progress!! noW!! hahaha


Building up my textures details.


wowzers! looks like you’re almost done! i am really loving the warmth of the child in the foreground and the details in the background! can’t wait for the finished version! (you cant be too far off :stuck_out_tongue: )


My friend, that is just awesome! And your drawings are beautiful. I got nothin’ for you! Just looking forward to seeing more. Not that you couldn’t just stop right now and be done.


Cicinimo: Amazing composition and great colouring :thumbsup:


hi, you’ve captured a feeling of vastness really well! to me, the boy at front looks a bit emotionless at the moment - what’s he doing? whats’ he thinking? It does however make me curious, which is good.


Very good dynamic and composition… like ur painting skills as well!


This is coming along nicely. Very interesting composition. One thing, I’d like to see some life on the face. If the characters were looking in our direction, it may help to draw the viewers in more. It also helps to attach appropriate expressions in light of their predicament. If you can breath life in those character you’ve got an awsome illustration.

Good Luck!


You’ve got fantastic detail here. Like the angle as well. Not so sure if the child in the foreground on the left really adds much to the piece for me. I’d like to see a slightly worried expression on the older child facing us. I think it would add some great emotion to top off the piece if you could get some good expression going in the faces as well. Also, the graff style you used on the technified wall is outstanding style man. Can’t wait to see the progress. Keep it up.


Great pic! my only crit would be mabie concider adding some more purple shadows on the foreground character.

amazing detail! excelent work :slight_smile: