Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Ilina Simova


Ilina Simova has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.


Welcome Ilina. Good luck and i hope to see some good stuff :slight_smile: . once again, good luck!


good luck Angua :)!


This is a quick and quite an ugly scetch just to get me started.


thats rather fascinating… a heroic colossal statue… it reminds me sort of michelangelo’s david but maybe in the future. Do you think you might keep this idea or have many more? good job so far, welcome to the challenge and good luck!


Same scetch but I’ve put down some colours and lightning to see if I am moving in the right direction.


The story :
" It has been centuries since the Fleshless Gods came down from above and shared with us a part of their eternal knowledge. Still, we are waiting patiently for them to return, as they
have promised that we shall not be forgotten. We have built this Temple of Joy so we could praise them and share our silent prayers and hopes for a imminent reunion. "

The Main Idea :

a community/tribe , gathered in an ancient temple, built by their predecessors. They perform a ritual to honour and evoke the gods, which are represented by a single gigantic golden statue in the middle of the temple (an astonaut in a space suit).

While the people are listening to the story of the priest, a boy, sitting on the shoulders of his parent sees through the dome of the temple that maybe their prayers have been heard and the gods have returned once again.


Really interesting idea!
Good luck, Angua! :slight_smile:


Hi there!
Really like the concept so far, can`t wait to see more of it :wink:
Keep it up and good luck


hey, nice job man!! One thing, maybe you can change the point of view (people’s point of view)… contre-plongeé,… Will bring more impact to the picture, and increase the sense of grandiosity.
well, just a opinion…:slight_smile:


She is a girl :slight_smile: Nice job Angua, waiting for update! And good luck!


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