Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Giocele vieira rocha


Now, I can start to work.


nice line work. certainly dramatic. I like the way your building your image . . . it’s like a tutorial. wicked! Will keep an eye on you sir!


It’s looking really nice :thumbsup: particularly this latest version. My only suggestion would be that nothing is overlapping the structure on the right. Maybe a foreshortened flying craft. Just a thought. It’s looking great :thumbsup:


I really like the way this is going and your use of perspective. Nice, dramatic angle. I’m looking forward to seeing how you are going to do that atmosphere in this pic. For some reason, my eye seems to want something in the forground on one of the sides, but maybe once the colouring starts, and the left starts fading into the backround my eye will be happy. Keep it up.


Hi Giocele! Your pic is coming along nicely, good range of distance, from the closeups of the soldiers to the grand structure itself. It’s quite orange, but I’m sure you’ll temper this saturation and colour a bit later! One thing, in the colour sketch you have the building getting darker toward the top. I’d imagine it going the other way, dark below and fading towards the colour of the sky the higher up it got. You could lighten the lower levels again if there were street level lights affecting its downward facing surfaces. Looking very promising though, love the sense of scale!

PS - You used the pen tool? Oof, woud have taken me ages! I’d recommend saving a selection as a new channel, much quicker in my opinion. Maybe it’s because the pen tool seems clunky to me.


Hi giocele,
I like the point of view you’ve chosen : I really am inside the action !
I’ll be watching your tread, keep on !!!

My space opera


dramatic view no crits here :slight_smile:


looking dramatic, in midst of battle sort of thing, I think the fighter would ned to angle more towards the bottom righthand to fit the composition. anyway, good luck,


speaky - thanx for the tips. always usefull and always welcome.
Yes. I like this tool the pen tool.
it´s very accurate.

thanx for everyone’s comments.


I had to disappear for a few days, but I am back.

I decided to start with the first-plane-soldier.
My process is relatively simple:
Brush Tool and smudge tool.
In the brush tool, I like to turn off the “size jitter”, and turn “pen pressure” to opacity jitter and flow jitter.


Brush Tool and smudge tool…
Brush Tool and smudge tool…
Brush Tool and smudge tool…
Brush Tool and smudge tool…
Brush Tool and smudge tool…
Brush Tool and …


Other area of the picture.
the process here is not much different from the soldiers: brush and smudge over a basic color.


More details in the ship.


some modifications and new details.
it’s better now…


All pieces together.
until now.


I like the smoke effects. I am sure you’ll add details to that later, but if I may suggest, I think it needs to be blurred around some edges. You could have more denser consistency around some edges and still blur them a bit.


thanx man!
very usefull!

I hope you come back later.


giocele… I am really liking your image. colouring is great, composition is very powerful…:thumbsup:


More soldiers are joining to the army…
I can´t wait to see this picture finished…


Nice point of view : it reminds me some scene of a French author, Philippe Druillet, who illustrated the siege of Carthage in his book “Salambo”.
Good luck !