Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Giocele vieira rocha


Windows, windows, windows…

more to come.


great colors and great scene you got there!!!Excellent!

MAybe some ladders(some kind of elevators brought t the walls to climb them by the enemies could be cool.

My Grand SpaceBra 2d:


Hi Giocele,

I like the color and the perspective view very much. Great work.
I hope you´ll get this one finished right in time.



I really like Your composition and perspective. Looks good so far. Good luck!


thanx guys.
I’m worry about the time, but I believe that I can do it until january - 17.

I’m always thinking:“yes, you can…yes, you can…” :slight_smile:


the main structure is almost finished.


Just stunning style and also amazing composition! Just amazing work around here…! I like the ‘orange’ feeling of the painting, it gives it something special! :arteest:

I will keep following this, its really inspirating! :slight_smile:

Greetz & happy newyear (bit late :wink: ),


Just more details in the city.
I believe that the city will be completed tomorrow.
And then, I will concentrate in the wall, the sky and some details…

I am almost there! :smiley:


Looks cool. I can’t wait to see more updates. My tastebuds are beginning to water. :slight_smile:


the city is ready (maybe need just more little details, but…)and now I’m working in the sky.


Very nice…the perspective is awesome and works very well. Just the leftmost turret’s perspective doesn’t seem quite right. But perhaps it’s too late now to change that.

Well done! By the way, are your portuguese?


thanx man!

YES: I agree with you about the perspective, but is really too late to make big changes…
NO: I’m not portuguese, I’m from Brasil. E por aqui a gente fala português também.:slight_smile:

Thanx again.
You are always welcome!


Insane detail and scale in this. Cant wait to see the sky.
Before you finish though, I want to mention- the face on the guy at the bottom should probably be worked on- probably the eyes. It looks just a little too comical.


Hey you’re right!
I didn’t see this detail.

And now, I don’t know if the “comic look” is because the low resolution or if it’s really there!
Anyway I will fix before finished.


And the sky… I want to keep it simple! I don’t want to make “heavy clouds” or something. My work is already with too many elements and the “dramatical sky” will don’t contribute.
But… it’s not finished yet.

Wait to see.

Almost there…:bounce: Almost there…


Great work, i like the structure and the paint of your tower and of your ship, my only critics is for me, there are so the same color the orange is beautifull but an other color for the balance met valor of the project with more contrast, good work


I believe that it´s the end.
Critics are welcome.

If you have something to say… tell me now.
It´s your last chance!


Hehe, just the character looked comical, in the sense that he looked more like something from a graphic novel than a real scene- again, 'cause his pupils are a little too small. Cant really tell at this resolution though.
I cant honestly say it detracts much though, it still fits. The new touches to the drawing are great- nothing to criticize here.


I really made some little changes in the eyes, and now, I think it´s ok.

I don´t wanted to make big changes, I like that “big eye”.
But, with the changes it´s become better.

I really don´t care if looks like a “graphic novel”, because if you look the high resolution picture you will see other areas (windows,etc) that aren´t so realistic.

I like that way. It´s my style.

but, many thanx. The changes in the eye make big difference.

see the pic. it’s 100% zoom.


wow, it’s looking great! I really like the amount of details it has, and some things like the big explosion at the left
my sugerence would be to make the tower darker at the top, iluminated from the bottom, and maybe change a bit the color of the sky, as MDN already said, to add a little more variation…nothing necesarily too big, maybe a bit of hue variation, or the lightness…I don’t know
you did a good job with it, good luck!


boys and girls… finally “The End”!
The final image!!!

I would like to say: thanx everybody! You are wonderful people!
It´s an honor to be here, learning and working with you!

thanx and good luck!