Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Giocele vieira rocha


Giocele vieira rocha has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Vertical City

boys and girls… finally “The End”!
The final image!!!

I would like to say: thanx everybody! You are wonderful people!
It´s an honor to be here, learning and working with you!

thanx and good luck!


just sketch!


First idea for a soldier.


maybe a bomber.


So far I think its looking good. What is your story and idea about? . I think the idea just as important as the final look of the image. The soldier concept would be better I think if he didnt have the guns on his back. I really don’t think he could reach back there and take the weapons out that easily. Just a thought. OK good luck


Yes, a story for the concept would be nice but it’s a godd epic feeling in your first sketch and the bomber looks great. Hope you’re intending to go for the blocky type of spaceships all over.


I love your first concept design. It looks like everything is in motion. I can’t tell you what the sense of movement does for a battle scene. I would avoid stagnant poses like the soldier unless he’s reading a digital version of Tsun Tzu. Keep going. There are more ideas that you’ve yet to show us.


Love your drawing style :thumbsup:


The main inspiration is the D-day (WWII Normandy invasion).
Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of ships. A massive attack.

To me, show the target is essential.
So, this time, the target is the ‘Vertical City’.

*note the soldier sending YOU to the battle.


Can’t really see the target “vertical city,” I’m interested in seeing your visualization for it. Good job with the convincing concept sketches.

Even if you don’t have a set composition in mind for the final piece, you should start piecing together the elements of the story and image, as others have already said, that way you at least know ‘what’ it is you want to illustrate and ‘why’. Those should be the beginnings of the concept. The ‘how’ is the process that we are all working on till january. As it progresses, everything will morph. But if you couple your strength in illustrating ideas with a solid storyline and purpose, your concepts will become a lot stronger and more meaningful.

But sometimes, if you just have a small bit of inspiration, there’s nothing better than just sketching and seeing what evolves.

I’m anxious to see what you come up with… I’m sure I’ll have no problem following along with your imagery! good luck and take care


Giocele - nice challenging perspective, I like it. Also, the idea of a vertical city is an interesting one, I imagine they’d have some pretty fierce defenses on the ground floor! How about using a portrait aspect ratio to really emphasise the verticality?:thumbsup:


[left]Very nice designs. Very good job in the bomber design! I like the idea of perspective rotation, in your last concept sketch “vertical city”.I hope to see your coloring.
[left]Very interesting inspiration about the D-day!
good luck!:thumbsup:


the side view of the vertical city. I’m not sure about this, but is a start.
In my mind, the vertical city is not a building or a tower, but a ‘city’.
So, I imagine some chaos in the constrution. Nothing is much symmetrical. Many buildings over buildings over buildings…
Just like any big city. The only difference is that you don’t have space between the buildings.


more great drawings :thumbsup:


thanx everybody!

speaky: Good ideas! very usefull.

Lluc: In some days, I will post something in color.

Element5: thanx for the nice words.


More to come!


the colors are coming!

Just a color test. It’s ok for me.

That’s it! No more sketchs. It’s time to stop to play and start to work.
In some days I’ll post a line art.


I agree with you that your concept is ready !! i like your coloring style !can’t wait to see it with the charactor! keep going!!


that’s my line art.
The original size is 33x48cm (13x19 inches) and was made with 6H pencil.
The line is just a reference.
In the final image the line will disappear.

I’ll put a lot of details in the coloring process, like windows, shots, searchlights, explosions…


the first problem to solve is the main colors:
*I change the line-layer to multiply (now I can see through the layer).

*In a layer under the line-layer, I colorize all the image with this basic color.


the next step is to find the other colors.
To do this, I make shapes (pen tool - Photoshop) to separate the levels of depth.
Now, I have a clear vision of the entire picture.