Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Hi Gerado,

thanks for your encouragement.



The city looks great, i like. The other drawings ive seen look great too, i just wish i looked at more 2d entries in the beginning.


Beutiful picture(s) Very cool vertical-based compostition. The last linedrawing looks really good and that underwater thing fits it perfectly. Those ships in the linedrawing look much better than that fighter but the fighter is still a pretty nasty warmachine :slight_smile:

It feels like those modern saudi-arabic hotel buildings ( with scifi touch)

Nice work!


nette lineart. die farben der colorversion sind mir etwas zu tuffig :wink:
letztendlich wohl geschmackssache


Hi everyone,
I need some opinions and suggestions to the very first color blocking of my lineArt image. Just the shapes with less lightning indication yet. The landing-ships are re-desingned and will get more face-lifting during detailing. The foreground part with the island at right handside will get a detailed version, too.
I´m not quite sure how to handle the reflexion but I need to seperate it frome the shadows the objects cast onto the water. Therefore the sunlight will primarly come from the left side behind the viewing point.

I have a question: The image has a resolution of 4606x3177 Pixel (39cm x 26,9cm) with 300dpi. Does that work? I very much hope that because my workstation at home runs at full capacity.

I wish you all a happy new year.



Thanks for your previous comments about lineArt

Hi ace4016,
thanks for encouragement :slight_smile:

Hi elfuego,
thank you very much for your comment. I still want to include those little fighters into the scene. I hope this will work. Yes, it has a little bit of Dubai :slight_smile: but as regards the islands in the water - at the very beginning I had Thailand in mind like I know it from the James Bond title with Roger Moore " the man with the golden gun".

Hi xeNusioin,
the first colors are really a bit “tuffig” [Woher kommt eigentlich der Begriff? Der ist mir völlig neu :slight_smile: ] I hope I can prevent this a little bit by including more atmosphere and less saturation into the scene but this will be tough on a shiny day in “paradise”.
[Viel Erfolg mit deinem Bild. Sieht jetzt shon sehr cool aus.]



All your artwork exhibit very realistic choice for colors.

So i guess you cant go wrong in what ever you choose to do. I wish i could be able to see your palette wheel and how you pick to use each kind of color for certain areas.

No advices for you just waiting for the final pic. Only note is that when doing architechture buildings lighting will make or brake the scene. Choose well.

Good luck and happy new year! :slight_smile:


yup that could help.
it just had abit to much of both (colours and saturation). :wink:


Hi everyone,

Europe arrived into the new year (local time: 3.50 am). Good party to all the american members of our earth :slight_smile:

Hi Falcor,
thank you very much for kind words. In the moment I´m not very confident if I can paint all parts I would like how I want it to be. Let´s see in which direction it develops.

Hi xeNusion,
I hope it will not look tuffi again in further development.



Hi Fahrija!

The coloring looks really good! and ehen the reflections come in it’s gonna look even more so. I think some wind in the sky tearing those clouds would be a good addon. It would give speed to that design for sure.

About your question:

I keep my image quite low resolution (1500pix / 1000pix with 100-200dpi) until I start to add detail to it. Then I just upres it to 4000x3000 300dpi or whatever is needed and Draw all the lines and details in. The upressing doesn’t damage the colours that much and after adding those details and lines in high res mode It looks as good as you’v done it in highres all the way (and it speeds the process up like 200%) I learnt this tip from Ryan Church (concept designer for Star Wars Episodes 2&3 so its pretty reliable information) :slight_smile:


I need help.

I´m still blocking things in to the picture. But I have no idea how to create a convincing skyscraper surface which has a kind of detail-looking character but not to much because of the distance.

Thanks a lot.


Good progréssion, but it remains much of work attention to the
time… go, go. :bounce:


Starting to detail the shapes at some points.

Hmm… I worry about finishing > bad scheduling


Go man… I hope you finish, what you’ve got so far is gorgeous.

So are you just dodging in Photoshop to get your metal sheen?

Love the light on the ship in your latest post…


Nice job on the ship. About the skyscrapers, maybe you could try a concrete looking suface (the buidlings remind me of the buildings in batman beyond and they seem to be made of concrete). Then again you could go with a dull metallic surface for the buidlings. Just some ideas.


Hi there Fahrija! I see that u r progressing very well! Its a very good pic, and I only hope that u’ll detail it as it should be… I expect lots of rust and moss on the metal surfaces… and ofcourse… The water should be nice and very reflective so we could see a double image in the picture :slight_smile: Lots of expectations from this pic! Good luck!


Very cool, Fahrija! That ship is just looking great! I love the surface, and the glow on the top is terrific. I really hope that you have time to finish everything, it’s going to look great. That being said, it won’t help for me to suggest abhig major change, so sorry, but I’m going to toss this out here anyhow just for the heck of it: Right now I don’t get a huge sense of drama from your shot. The buildings are dramatic, and the scale is, too… However, the pleasant sky lends to the feeling of “just another day in a futuristic paradise.” I wonder how much more drama might be imparted by a more dramatic color in the sky - dark storm clouds, or an ominous red glow, or an eeirie green. Anyhow, just an idea, and no worries if you don’t like it or it’s just too late in the cycle to consider it. I do like the rendeing job you’ve done on it so far. No matter what, this will be an attractive piece… Good luck finishing it!



Still blocking things into the scene that makes it look blurry at the moment. Try to put more details. The fighter sequences are still missing.

the reflections and the watersurface will be added at last because I try to establish the look of the underwater parts.

A zoom of the current waterpart below:


Fahrija: the sky looks awesome (not very dramatic, but awesome anyway), and as you said, the water is in progress, still the underwater parts of it look great. You’ve done a good job texturing the skyscappers, and with the fighters on it, this will be my favorite pic! The only thing that I really dislike are the bushes, cause they are a bit flat at the moment. GOOD LUCK!


Hey, hey, it’s growing nicely…
Keep on the good work !