Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


I made two sketeches regarding the architecture of my waterplanet scene. The water planet has some big underwater districtes connected on the bottom of the islands. Some of them braking through the sea-line to transport air into the deeper parts and some of the are used as habour station in case the island affords not enough space for it. The big architecture above is located on a big tail-lift to prevent flooding of the lower sections in case of increasing water level […]


The architechture above the sea line is connected to a tall thin building which acts as an rail to the main part. The weight of the main part is controled by a swimming (anti)gravity platform.

By now I´m drawing a new scene wich brings this stuff together. I hope to come up with the line drawing of the new composition by the next days.



I like what you are doing Fahrija it kind of reminds me of a space shuttle launch of somekind.


Looking good. You seem to have a clear definition of what you want to do. At the moment, I would say that if you increased the contrast of elements in the scene as you work further it will drive the overall impact of this idea home. Keep up the good work!


nice i like the color an the idea of monumental architechture stay true to your ideas and think big

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I like a lot your architectural approach, the buildings looks already “real” and functionnal.
It will be nice to add some landing areas/platforms for helicopters and for any other flying machines.
Great work, :thumbsup: looking for more…


Fahrija, you work is truly excellent! :applause: I particulary like the cityscape structure -a. It has an odd lookin’ design that I find very appealing. It’s very refreshing and inspiring to see this kind of aproach. Keep up with the good work and the best of luck with your recovery.


Nice designs. I think that adding some tiny detail or humnan figures would give a better sense of scale. Looking forqard for next skatches!


Im still working on my line art. Will post progress soon. I wasted my time with sketching another spaceship design for the habitants. It was fun doing it but didn´t push forward the progress as far as concerned the composition.

Hi impentrable D,
thanks for encouragement.

Hi ||) |V| |^|,
Thanks for comment I´ll keep in mind

Hi Lynch,
Thanks, I hope it will look big at the end :slight_smile:

Hi Nomad,
Yes :slight_smile: landing platforms > a very good idea. I will consider that. Thanks.

Hi Gaia´s Herald,
Thank you very much for encouragement and comment.

Hi Kalen,
You are right. I have to show clear indication of characters or something near it to give a better impression of the scene. I hope it will work. Thanks for comment. :slight_smile:



Hi erveryone,

Beside the line-art composition I made a fighter sketch of the habitants. just to give an impression of the waterworld. I put in some indications of the surrounding to get in the mood. :slight_smile: In opposite to the other fighter this one is less armed but much more flexible and faster. I hope to come up with my line art after sunday.

Wish everybody a merry christmas and a lot of success with your grand space opera.



Verry nice fighter :thumbsup: I see we are both fans of the same bio-design approach :smiley:

Keep up the grand art :slight_smile: I`m looking forward to see more :bounce:


Hi Nomad,

thanks for your comment. Thanks for your interest. Yours great as well. Keep up and good luck. :slight_smile:

BTW - what means WH40K?



Hi, Very, very good last tone post, metal well considering.


Fantastic fighter! The design makes it really easy to know which side it comes from. Will the city structure have a similar material?
Keep up with the good work. :bounce:


This fighter is just exellent.

I feel a little bit of Ryan Church in there , but that’s cool :slight_smile:

Reflections and colors are great , but maybe the backgroud should be a bit more blurry even if you want to show your building , and I see a little problem with the alignement of the reactor.

But overall , a great one :wink:


Fahrija - Beautiful design and rendering of the fighter. The metallic texture and sheen on it is just sumptuous! I can’t wait to see your whole piece come together this well.

And WH40K refers to ‘WarHammer40K,’ a game/miniature line with a distinctive look and style to its tech.

best of luck, anf thanks for the suggestion on my thread!



…and this is 2D?! WOW! Just amazing!

I think I now have to retire my WACOM and take up juggling. <sigh>


Hi fellows, thanks for comments drop over into my thread :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,
thanks for encouragement. You´re making a very good job. I´m sure your image will go far. And thanks for info about WH40K :slight_smile:

Hi Aerion,
Thanks for encouragement. The Ryan Church look was not quite intended but probably it is due to the arrangement of the objects in the image which maybe looks like in one of his dvd´s. I had the background blurry before and I thought it looked to dimly but you are right it could be a bit more blurry like that.

Hi Gaia´s Herald,
thanks for comment. The citystructure will not look exactly the same but it also will have many breaks at the cover. I hope the size will alow to add my little fighters into my image.



First view of the new arrangement of my scene. In comparison to the first colored sketch I lifted up the horizont line to show a bit more of the structure that is located mostly in the water. I have to re-arrange a lot more before starting coloring. The foreground at right handside will get some roof with indication of characters. The invasion ships also need some more attention. When there´s time I make a seperate technical-sketch of them. I thought it could be nice to give them a kind of architecural face in front. FX and fighters will appear at last during coloring. I have to hurry up… time´s running

Let me know what you think about the new composition arrangement of the objects? Any suggestions?



:thumbsup: Excellent arrangement! It is a little crowded, but with the right coloring that should be no problem. I can’t wait to see how this develops.