Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Thanks for your comments and sorry for the late reply also not showing further developments > had a really bad week and things have to go slow for next days also.

Hi Paul,
thanks for your helpfull comments. You are right about sketch 7 > by now I know that it will be more mysterious than grand so I leave this one. I focus on 3 but I´m not quite happy with the camera angle. Regarding this “andreasrocha” had some critics I have still in mind.

Hi NinjASSN,
thanks man, for your comments on the last one. Nice ideas :slight_smile:

Hi SteveTwist,
thanks for your rating

Hi Kraull,
thanks and yes, after reading your post I also recognized it. Same colors > this wasn´t intended. I devinetley will work on this one after the GSO challenge.

Hi LuisNCT,
thanks for rating and comment

Hi Tranchefeux,
thanks for your comment. You are right I hope I find the time to work in between on the first sketch. I try to keep it as emergency solution if sketch 3 does not develop like I intend.



hey, on sketch 8.0 … or ur latest one, i just thought itll be really cool if the explosion has caused some land to collapse and a building is falling down :slight_smile:


Hi fellows,

I´m still struggling with the after-effects of a car-accident I unindepted was involved last week. I hope I can get back to work with less pain in a few days.

Meanwhile I post the LineArt which lead me to Sketch 3.0. I don´t know how important it is regarding the milstones but I made it anyway so why not posting.

Greetings and good luck to everyone.


Fahrija, car accident are the worst thing I know… Cars are making too much pain for himankind and the environment. I’ll hope you’re ok soon.

but about your sketches:
I like palette of your first two sketches. And for me the coolest pictures are 1st and 5th because on first picture I like the confrontation of huge city and wild outer space (countryside? :))… but on fifth picture I like most this aerial perspective and tiny ships flying out from this huge thing. It gives really cool feeling of a scale. Maybe it is possible to melt these two ideas somehow - the feeling of flying, open perspective and different scales between huge and tiny? I’d like to see some huge flying ‘cities’ (or ships or whatever) to add more fantastic and spacial look… Go on :thumbsup:!

Smooth recovery!


Hi! I like a lot the vertical image with the city in your last sketch, this looks epic and interesting to devlopp.

Hope all go well and you can back to work :thumbsup:


oooooo… :eek:
i’m very sorry my friend about this bad event… :sad:
i wish you recover fast and without any post-problems…
the best of health Fahrija and cheers… :beer:

oops… as for new sketches… they’re great mate… very similar composition to what i’m going to do in my scene… i personally like it a lot…
cheers again friend and untill later! :beer:



the first coloring wip for sketch 3.0. I removed the big rock on the right hand an tried to increase the range and depth by changing the format to widescreen. There are lots of details to be done > I am not happy with the design of the buildings (in the lineArt picture it looks better). I try test adding some bridges, props and a big mothership in the center of the picture.
What do you think?

I attached the first one behind to have a better comparison regarding the development.



well, took a while to notice what was different in the bottom two pics , so to me they’re

fine, rock wall or not :slight_smile:

yea that widescreen is lacking the big ship from the middle, now only the left side is
where the action is and there’s not much interesting elsewhere so the eye stays left.

maybe put the big ship center right high and make the buildings more interesting…
couple of fighters could be approaching the burning building at near water level,
maybe capsizing a fishing boat in the process… there could be a surrounded evacuation
ship somewhere…


Hello there!
I like your final compositon a lot. I think it needs a little more action on it. The landscape is beautifull but too calm for the kind of things are happening there. I think the ship in the left must be shown to earn more protagonism. If you move it to the right and give it the same speed sense as the others it could be great. Also the clouds could help you to enfasized the movement and drama, perhaps some stratus ones, instead of the cumulus, I dont know. Good work. Keep the progresses!


I like the texture you obtained for your sketches, and light effects on the foreground object on the left is really impressive !
I wish you a better health, Fahrija.
Keep on the good work.:thumbsup:


My comments follow those previously said by Squibbit. I think too that the pict might need more ships in action in the right part to re-balance the composition. I think also that the vertical compostions of your examples are interesting. I have the impression that the building are tallers this way. Anyway, that is just an impression and the widescreen version might work perfectly too.


Fahrija, terribly sorry to hear about the auto accident. Hope you are feeling better soon!

In regards to the widescreen version, although the colors and landscape are very nice, the eye is immediately drawn to the lower lefthand corner where all the action is taking place, and, lacking either strong foreground elements or dramatic color contrasts (like the juxtaposition of red and blue in the region of the fires) there is very little to draw the eye back to the rest of the frame.

Also, by having the ship hovering only partially within frame on the left, you establish the expectation that “more will be revealed” if the viewer continues to watch this region. Personally, I think the best way to overcome this – and thereby achieve the balance that others have mentioned – is to trim the righthand third of the composition (roughly, everything to the right of the low foreground island) and then further develop the compositional diagonal that runs from the bottom lefthand corner … through the attacking ships … up to the fires on the tower … and across the tops of the righthand clouds. I would pull the lower foreground island closer to the camera, so that it registers as larger and there’s virtually no gap between it and the island to its left. Next, I’d incorporate another fairly large ship that’s roughly in line with the top righthand cloud and fills in a bit of that empty blue space between the tower that’s under attack and the top righthand cloud. These two adjustments would help strengthen the diagonals in the composition without forming a perfectly symmetrical (and thus less interesting) composition. (Another possibility would be to place a second, even larger – but much more distant – tower in the righthand section, and place it under attack, too. The key is to play up that bottom left-to-top right diagonal, so the entire composition feels more dynamic, and the eye follows a course that encompasses the entire image.)

As usual, you’ve selected a beautiful color palette for your scene, Fahrija. It’s just a matter of fine-tuning the visual dynamics by playing to where the eye naturally goes.


beuty and nice work


Marvelous new sketches Fahrija! I’ll wait with suggestions just to see where will u settle… I think that this environment could be the one, something fresh in this challenge and still grand. I hope u r OK (the accident) and that u’ll normally and successfuly finished ur piece. Good luck!


hope you are feeling better :slight_smile:

Your recent images are looking great, I do like the wider shot :thumbsup:


Well even if our concepts are a bit blurry, they are great !!! Can’t wait to see what will be your choice


Thank you for your comments and your kind words > the worst time I left behind me. Some parts of my spine are still hurting but it feels that this also will be gone in short time (hopefully)

Hi tikson,
thanks for your comment. You are right about sketch 5. And I try to confer this impression into sketch 3 by establishing a widescreen format. Lets see if the melting process will show if it works. thanks again.

Hi nomad,
thanks for comment.

Hi Paul,
thanks for everything and good luck to you also.

Hi Kraull and Squibbit,
Yes you´re right about the current composition. I still have to add a lot of stuff into the image but I thought I post the actual state of affairs to show that I think about leaving the vertical size. The idea with the evacuation ship sounds nice.

Hi kaparo,
thank you for your comment. Yes, the image devinetley needs more action. I´ll add some more ships and other details at the right side of the image. I´m also unhappy with the current cloud structure. At the moment I don´t find the right way in painter to establish adequate clouds for this scene. I´ll work on that.

Hi Pierre,
thank you for encouragment :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,
thank you very much for your analysis. Yes, the current composition needs to be modified. I´ll try to implement your suggestions. I thought about establishing a big mothership in the right half of the picture where those transport ships like in the left handside come out and spread over the sea-paradise to release little fighter ships. I will check out your suggestion regarding the buildings in the background but It´s very difficult to place those islands into the scene because the horizont line is located very close to the bottom of the image. Thanks again for your time.

Hi Horge,
thanks for your comment

Hi Blaz,
Thank you for visitig my thread and your encouragement. I looking forward to your opinion to the next images.

Hi element5 and bonestudio,
thanks for your rating and your comments.



Hi, just had to say great work, love the style. I have to say that I really prefer the concept (2 I think? the first sepia-ish tone work with the woman in the lower left corner. I got much more of an ‘epic stuggle’ than the other concepts. I also has more of a human element in it which I feel takes nothing away from the grandiose scale of the environment and contest subject matter…rather it makes it more dramatic.
I mean you can have as much technology as you want but in the end, this human element is where the epic struggle comes in…and what better struggle than a monumental uprising? It pits the person against this seemingly impenatrable fortress/city.
instead of say technology vs technology, which I feel dominate your newest concepts. (although very sweet concepts in themselves I might ad.)

Has all the classic elements found in a star wars novel book cover.

my 2



updates? :wip:


At the moment I´m working on the current topic of sketch 3. I was very unhappy about the whole composition and the arrangement of the current one. I´m checking new perspective views and try to add more functionality to the content > as regards the buildings and the environment. Try to add some foreground elements.

New updates devinetley at least by tomorrow. Thanks for patience. :slight_smile:

Hi Blasterboy,
thanks for comment.

Hi Blaz,
I try my best. thanks for showing by.