Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Hi, Fahrija! Thought I’d better check in to see what kind of progress you’re making. :slight_smile: One thing immediately struck me when I saw #6: the viewpoint is surprisingly static compared with the action. There’s a lot going on in the picture, but there’s a distance to the POV that I think works against the subject. In #3, the POV – and all the action – focuses in on the city, which is part of why most people agree that #3 works so very well. In #6, the eye is drawn in several directions, which suggests the confusion of war, but I think you’ll generally find that a closer “you are there, in the middle of it” perspective heightens that sense, which is why some of the really fine concept art done for CG-intensive war projects thrusts you right into the action. When I look at the situation portrayed in #6, I very much want to have the “camera” swooping in amongst the giant machine attackers, instead of watching it at a distance.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing #7 and #8, as your use of color and desire to experiment is quite delightful; I never know what you’ll come up with next!

Keep up the excellent work!


Hi Michael,

thanks for your coment on sketch 6.0. You specified very good the reasons why this image is not that eye catching as it should be. You are right > the viewer is to far away from the center of action. If I find time I try to sketch this one with another camera angle and modified environment. Just to see what happens in comparison to this one. :slight_smile:



Sketch 7.0 > with a new composition and totally different content than the other sketches. I tried to create a close up image with characters. It doesn´t show a lot of the environment and maybe you´ll be missing an epic touch but I tried to set the focus in the mood of this one.

Topic: Human intruders with agressive intentions discovered an alien township in the deep forest of a foreign planet.

critics and comments about this one are very very welcome.



Maybe the scale of the first image is to big > I attached a smaller one
just to get a better impression.


can I just say that I really enjoy your sketching styles… I’ve browsed them before but did not have enough time to comment on them, but they are really great and attractive.
If I had to pick the compositions/sketches I liked the most, I’d have to say the first 2 and your latest one. The other ones seem maybe a bit too cliche…
However, I think what you would benefit from most is developing a story. Create a world or epic story, create everything about it, the race, terrain, atmosphere, surrounding areas in space and create a story to go along with it having some sort of conflict. Images will just come to you then, only ‘restricted’ to your givein concept. Right now it seems as though you’re just kinda reaching in the dark with random sketches, they don’t flow. I think in this challenge, and in most art, the story is a necessity before much further work takes ground. It’s like reading a book, it’s a story… only words… but naturally, it’s the restrictions of it being ‘that’ particular sory that lets your mind go wild with images from that story. You won’t read the LOTR series and have images of space-age warriors with rocket packs. And while reading a modern day love story, you’re not going to have images of monsters. Find out what it is that interests you, what you could really develop a new world and story over, and create that. The images will just flow then

And I really think a vital aspect of winning this challenge is simply following what the title says: “grand.” It’s got to be large, the scene has to cover either a LOT of a story, or a LOT of ground within the world. The originality of the world, race, story and the perspective chosen to display all this will really determine your place among the hundreds of artists working their butts off!

The newest sketch is nice, but, I personally don’t get a sense of the “grand.” Maybe expand upon it or use it as a design for a personal sketch sometime. The composition has to display a lot of tension and has got to be, not just beautiful, aesthetic, action packed or whatever… but, when the viewer/judge looks at it, he/she has to be impressed by the entire seen. Not thinking about how much work went into it, or how well it was carried out… you want to capture the viewer in the image.
Hope I made sense and that this helps a little, I look forward to seeing which direction to choose and the development of it!
take care


oooooo… what a great message from Steve Newport !!!
very wise observation! and an ocean of useful remarks!

what can i add?! yeah… i like this sketch a lot… but… well, everything was said before by Steve Newport… it’s not “grand” in few words…

we all are waiting for some really “Grand Space Opera” stuff from you Fahrija…



Hi Steve,
thanks for your comment and describing your point of view.
I think we both have different approach on how we work on this topic. The fact that I don´t write any big story to my sketches does not mean that I have a story at all. I just don´t want to come up with thousands of words. I want my images speak for themselves without having any summary beside which describes how to read the picture. That gives me room to paint as much as I can and that´s why I opend this thread. :slight_smile: For me not every sketch doesn´t have to push a story forward. Sometimes you have to paint a picture to see that it doesn´t work the way you thought it might do. That is my kind of work in progress. To you maybe it looks like I´m still searching but I feel very comfortable witch sketch 1 and 3 but I don´t want to leave the sketching stage because it makes fun to do it.

Hi Paul,
I´m looking forward to see yours :slight_smile:



Your have developed some terrific concepts. Your rendering and colour sense are both wonderful. I see some great (visual) stories developing here.


Latest concept is an interesting new route to take. I think it’s promising, as it seems to have more character and depth than the previous concept.

A little development and I think you could be onto a winner.


For me it promisses to be a very beautiful picture, full of poetry, and really “Grand”! It makes me feel like in alien, when we see the crew exploring the alien artefact through a monitor inside the mothership, with bad transmission. It can be much better than top clean vision.
About the story, I agree with you, Fahrija, that some moments can’t be described with words, so that’s why we are making pictures, not writing text !
I also think that sometimes it’s harder to get in a poetic picture than in a battle scene for ex, but with time, it can be more satisfacting. But it’s personnal.
I’m just disturbed by the character upright : for me, he’s reducing the “grand” impression of the whole.
Good luck !
my space opera thread


Very oily painting! Likes overall its sense of have been painted in real canvas… the use of colors and brushstroke are great but, like have been say by steve, maybe you need more sense of greatness.


Great sketches Fahrija! If anything, you’re exploring some nice palletes to work in, and they are nicely varied and should work out for you well. I personally enjoy #3 and #5, if you want another opinion - they’re both very refreshing and look like great starts.

I’m looking forward to more! Nice work so far.

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Wow, thats a change of POV. interested to see where this goes.


Thanks for your encouragements and comments

Hi Patrick,
thanks for look in on my thread and good luck to you also



One fighter concept for sketch 3.0


wowwie!! that looks polished! very nice! :smiley: more, please!


Very cool!


wow… great design and excellent sketch Fahrija!!! :thumbsup: i like it very much…
every post your throwing in great stuff!

keep it up and cheers! :beer:


I really like the concepts oyu have posted lately. I love the sense of scale you protray in your sketches. I also love the quality of work put towards the metal on the ship. Excellent work! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Fahrija, your industrial design skills are really coming through on the fighter – it’s a first-rate piece of work, with really nice attention to the metalic sheen. As always, it’s a pleasure to check in on your thread and see what you’re up to. :slight_smile: