Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


i fear you. amazing colors and interesting compositional choices!


hi Fahrija…

great sketches !!! :thumbsup:

i personally preffer No. 3… i like it a lot… it has some great sense… i think blue color is accociating with the sky and ocean and because of this makes some fundamental feel… in general white/blue/yellow/brown color pallete is epic by itself in my opinion…

also i think if you give to this central building some important functionality the composition should get more clearance as it will be obvious why the battle happens exactly around it…

anyway great skethces… :thumbsup: i’ll definitely wait for further development…

the best of luck and cheers… :beer:


i really like the last image. maybe play with the angle a bit more?


excellent ! work ^^

the one of the spaceships attacking the tower on water is greatest to me^^
continue doing such great concept :slight_smile:
try capture unike feeling


Sorry for not posting in the last 8days. I´m working on two new scetches and some space ship designs for scetch 3. I hope I come up with my new stuff in the days.

Neozoom - Slav - teknotek83 - ered dium > thank you very much for your helpful statements to my sketches.

Hi greentek,
thank you for rating my images. Yes you are right. The building needs to add some features that leads gives the viewer why it is the center of interrest. Or I add some fighting impressions in the background too. That spreads the action into an greater area.

Hi Thranchfeaux,
thank you for your comment and keep up creating your unique work



good stuff, your sketch 5 comes across very powerfully - may be the ‘shimmeryness’ of teh sketch. Also looks like that american/neveda.western scenery turned into spaceships etc :slight_smile:


Excellent sketches!!!Nice color schemes.
Prefer the firts one for the colors and the last one for the scene.
Maybe it could be quit cool to do the last one with the first colorscheme and architecture style.
Keep it going!!

Good luck to you

My grint spacepra


Love sketch 4.0. Possibly what needs improvement on it is that its a bit claustrophobic, or too sheltered. Like the viewer is in a cave. you could try opening it up a bit more to draw the viewer in. Just an idea. Keep up the amazing work!!!


Hi fellows,

sketch 6.0 arrived :slight_smile:
Topic: Hidden culture (like termite hosing) with mediaeval touch (flying ballons like in Mummy II) will be seeked and attacked by a high tech civlization for assimilation. In the foreground I left some room for placing characters on the rocks.

Critics and comments are very welcome

Sketch 7.0 and 8.0 will follow soon in addition some line drawings regarding sketch 3.0 ( but I have to scan those before) :slight_smile:


< jbig808 >
thanks for your rating and your comments > I will keep it in mind if I decide to go with this one.

< okmer >
thanks for compliment and your comment. Good luck to you also :slight_smile:

< bolchover >
That´s what I had in mind. (western nevada style > with an different interpretation


hi Fahrija…

i still preffer #3… i’m even going to use a compositional fragment from your sketch in my composition if you don’t mind… :slight_smile:

waiting for #7 and 8… :thumbsup:



Yeah, I still prefer #3, I don’t really like this latest sketch that much (sorry), just seems that the other sketches focussed on the buildings mainly - which I liked the idea of. Here it seems to be focusing on the ships… and I just don’t think it works as well as the previous ideas.

I too am looking forward to #7 and #8.


i love sketch 5.0 the best!!


Hi Paul and Steven,

thank you for your honest responses. I also think that this one can not beat the other sketches. At the moment it´s just fun creating rough images. In the last week of this month I will start concentrating on “work in progress” with one or two of my sketches. Just to have an alternative image if one turns not well.

Paul, which compositional fragment do you mean about sketch 3?

and a lot of success to both of you



hi Fahrija…
i meant your central building… only in my composition i’ll have very high mount with a tempel on the top instead of building… but compositionally it’s very similar to yours…
thank you for inspiration and cheers! :beer:


I just love the sketch no.5 coz of its grandness and great atmosphere. The last one is too closed, doesnt have enough space to “breath” in my opinion, and those robots reminds me about matrix (all those “eyes”).
Im voting for 5 now :slight_smile: just add something in the first plan, otherwise it works very well.


Nice Use of Color Farhija.

I see you like to get the mood out of the way first. The last concept may be more dramatic if there was more destruction around that structure those people are running into.

Add some more people on the ground, perhaps soldiers firing at the machines. Again, good use of color.


Thanks for keep watching my thread. I´m very glad about this. :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,
I´m looking forward to see your interpretation of my composition in sketch 3.0 > Do it :slight_smile:

Hi Blaz,
you´re right > sketch 6 looks very blocky. Yes the matrix-style of the invaders seems to be to obviously. But it was fun painting this sketch even if it is not that strong :slight_smile:

Hi Rares,
you are right with your comments but I stopped painting because the mood and the compostion did not work quite well at this sketch. Additional details wouldn´t make the image better if it doesn´t work at this stage already.



Sketches r always fun to make :smiley: Keep up the good work!


thanks mate! :thumbsup: i hope you’ll like it…