Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


ok idea but…

I’d get rid of the smoke clod going up the right hand side of the picture, since it draws attention away from the compostion. The others are correct in that hte first on has a more dramtic feel, but I like the color scheme of this one better, and with a little work, it could really turn out great. Maybe you could have one of the fighters dropping out of the carrier (i’m assuming that’s what it is), possibly another carrier (and smaller set of fighters attacking) on the other side of the city, and maybe (big maybe here) a few little fighters of a different style coming out of the city to engage the attackers…but that’s me. You could also darken up the sky maybe, make it a bit warmer and earier to convey the danger.

Ok, that last sentance just sounded stupid.


To me 4 hours is not so much, beacuse I’m sloooooow.
Maybe I concentrate too much on the subject I wanna depict and don’t let the images go for themself… Boh! :rolleyes:


another very rough Sketch. I´m not very content about this one and do not consider to go with this one but it belongs to the work in progress therefore I decided to post it also. There´s still enough time to search for some other stuff before I go with Sketch 3.0.


I personally like the first concept best and I also think it’s the most iconic. It shows the contrast between ordinary people and gigantic constructions…


Great concept sketches! Very nice technique… I still prefer the first one so far, but all the other havel possibilities to be an exellent finished pieces. I can really feel the pictures. Good luck at this challenge!


I adore your colors. Very very good. I’d love to see a whole lot more sketches from you - not to mention the final pic! :slight_smile:


I personally like your latest concepts. It has a very grand feeling and the composition and layout of the buildings is very unique, and unique is “good”. Just my two cents. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work.


I’m not sure, I personally am still thinking that the third concept is the best one so far, followed closely by the first… but it’s always hard to chose a concept, that’s the problem I’m having too right now (along with trying to come up with an interesting composition in the first place).


Thank you very much for your comments. It´s really fascinating that your ratings are so different. Overall it seems that 1 and 3 were noted mostly.

I´m curious myself about the final image because I didn´t detail images up to at least 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI so far.

I would like to mention that this challenge is worthwile by now because in the last ten days it pushed me painting more than I did before. I´m glad I decided to join this cool community. So - Good luck to everybody and have fun :slight_smile:


Here´s a new sketch with similar content but horizontal arrangement. Critics and comments are very welcome.

Next time I try to sketch something different > more close up stuff or some line drawings I don´t know yet but I think it´s time to go out now :slight_smile:
have nice weekend.



maybe put a close up of a fighter or two in the pic ?


Wow, Fahrija, you’ve certainly been making a lot of progress in the past week! A couple of compositional comments on #4 and #5:

On #4, I very much like the DOF affect with the buildings in the distance, but agree that the dark, cave-like framing clashes too much with the strong vertical lines and cripples what might otherwise work as an excellent cityscape.

On #5: Nice colors, but the problem is that the arrangement draws the eye to the center … and there’s really nothing there – just a compositional dead-space compared with the rest of the piece. (You can get away with that as long as there’s asymmetry and the eye is drawn to a distant horizon-line … but that’s clearly NOT the intended focus here, as you’ve got a burning city on the left.)

Anyway, it’s GREAT to see you really trying things out and experimenting! Sometimes that’s more important than simply hitting milestones in a timely manner, since in the long run you’re probably learning precisely what you need to learn.


#5 looks cool, I agree with the above compositional comment by nuclearman, but this isn’t too big an issue. I like all the tiny craft which shows the grand scale of everything else.

However, my personal favourite is still concept 3 - I don’t know why, perhaps because it’s the only one with water - and I really like all those reflections - plus I think the composition of that image, IMHO, is spot on!


Great scene, i love the environement …


Another great sketch but still prefer 3 what with the sea and lovely colours.


My eye feels very draw to the top left corner, I have to force my self to look around. But it is just the start/concept.


Thanks fellows for your helpful comments.

Hi Michael,
I don´t really intend to focus on sketch 5.0. I had another picture in mind but somehow this was the result . Primary I try practicing to create sketches with interesting perspective angles and functional compositions. Regarding that you are completly right > Sketch 5 does not work. I tried to integrate some ships in the foreground but they added some more problems as regards content. >from where did those ships come? > And the foreground ships had the same size as the mothership in the background and if I would make them bigger they concealed the whole picture. > So I left the focal point blank - also not a good idea. :slight_smile:

Hi stevetwist,
thank you for your constant participation to my thread. :slight_smile: I like sketch 3.0 also but I think it looks a bit to strikingly and has some weakness within the content. This is fixable but maybe I can find a stronger composition in this early stage. The water was fun painting. :slight_smile:

I have another image in pipline which I can post within this week hopefully. It integrates some characters in the foreground. I´m still working on the composition of this one. I´m looking forward of your precious comments.



Some encouragement for the progress of your Space, I always prefer the
03 in spite of the two last I waits to see your new ideas good


Looking forward to seeing your latest concept.

Maybe you can take the colours and water from #03, and use them in a new composition - I dunno (I think it’s the colours and water that draw me to #03 the most… so they may work just as well in a new composition, which might mean that all things in the image rock - which is obviously the idea… lol).

Good luck


I like the first concept more, the second sketch that I prefer is #3. Your last sketch is very nice and maybe you can combine it with the concept number 3.

Excellent work and ideas