Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Love the atmosphere! Great job so far.


Oh! I like this one so much better (yeah, like the opinion of one out of hundreds of people is really going to make a huge difference) The composition may not be as extreme seeming, but it reallly works like this. I like the balcony things on the building. They remind me of those half-circle shaped fungus things that grow on trees. Keep 'm coming!


another great image :thumbsup:


I feel the first image has a stronger composition and general mood than this…


Fahrija, I’m in agreement with Erebus74 on this: the first image does a better job of conveying scale and a sense of an “iconic moment” than the second concept piece – though I very much like the design on the building in the second piece (sort of a cross between Gaudi’s church of the Sagrada Familia and an African termite hill).

As for 2D skills being the best foundation for good 3D work, yes, I agree completely. The thing I’ve noticed about skilled traditional artists who make the jump to 3D is that their works tend to have much better composition and (in particular) superior lighting to those of us who leap into 3D without the fundamentals. Interestingly, I’m actually using 3D to do a kind of “pre-visualization” for my writing, so I guess where you start is all a matter of where you intend to end up. :slight_smile: And greetings from Kansas, Fahrija!


Hi Michael and Giorgio,

Somehow I feel the same way about the second scetch. Maybe the other scetches are at least useful to find some elements which worth it to integrate into the first one.

Thanks to element5, artie and danielh68 for your comments.

and successful work to everybody


I agree, I personally found the first sketch more iconic.

I love the colour scheme in both though, very deep and rich, and almost gives it an antique look (which is v.good for legends and the like).

Look forward to seeing more developments.


Here comes scetch 3.0 - A different surrounding with more action and also different color palette.
What do you think regarding 1.0 and 2.0?
Your comments as usual very welcome.


WOW, Fahrija… what a great sketch. i love your version 3.0 !!! i think, you should go with this colour-scheme. though i like your sketches in the brown/yellow ranges, i think that this one is more attractive… great job!

[super arbeit! verflixt, jetzt hast du die meßlatte aber verdammt hoch gelegt… :slight_smile: weiter so und schöne grüße!]




Your last scetch 3 is very made a success of the harmony of the
colors is good and have direction well the size of the things perhaps
the good direction…


Great!..Fine concept. Things you could improve:

  1. that cliff on the right, doesn’t really frame the image…perhaps you could leave it out.
  2. the space ships look like they are coming from out of the water. Perhaps they could have more erratic flight patterns.
  3. some debris falling into the water, would look really good.

These are just opinions…your work will turn out great for sure!


Wow, the third sketch is even better!
How much time you spent on that?
I wish I had a so fast capacity in visualizing the scenes on sketch, like you. Those seems almost alive!!!

Great work!! :thumbsup:


OOHH! I do like that…:applause:


Wow (!), 3.0 is great!!!


Fahrija, the color scheme in 3.0 is great! I still believe 1.0 remains the most “iconic” of the lot, since the foreground figure implies that this moment in time has had a profound impact upon the people, but simply from the standpoint of “should I develop this because it would – at minimum – be a great piece for my portfolio?”, I’d say 3.0 is your best bet. 3.0 looks very much like the kind of spectacular concept art you get for major motion pictures (or really neat book jackets!).


Go with V3.0. the colours are great and the moment is captured very well.


put simply… 3 ROCKS!

I much prefer 3 to the other two. The scene seems to have much more conflict, and at the same time is very pleasing to the eye (be that the colours, the composition, or other things contributing, I don’t know - but it is).

Interesting use of the composition from sketch 2 to base no. 3 on. 3 is a lot better than two, yet their compositions are almost identical. I think it’s all the ships flying towards the city, and the fact that the buildings look futuristic (more sci-fi) due to their white metalic look, as opposed to an orange earthy (as in dirt, mud etc.) look.

The fact that the only orange in the scene is the fire makes that stand out, which is great. Also, being able to see the other cities further in the distance gives a very epic scale to the piece. (e.g. is this city defending all the others, and when it falls are the others defenceless, kind of feel).

My only crit is the colour of the sky. It doesn’t seem to reflect the mood of the piece. It’s a ‘happy sunny day’ kind of sky, and the piece should be conveying strong emotions of loss, pain etc. - which that sky doesn’t in my opinion.

Anyway, awesome work.


3! Great color, comosition, and action! love it!


Hi fellows > thank you very much for this great response.

< Salamander >
Thanks for your rating - the third one is more dynamic rather than epic but as you I also like the warm colors of the first one.
[Vielen Dank :slight_smile: Irgendwie habe ich die ganze Zeit den Eindruck das alle anderen die Messlatte immer höher setzten und ich nur versuche drann zubleiben.]

< Tranchefaux >
Thanks for your comment. “Perhaps” is the right word.

< andreasrocha >
You are defenitely right. The cliff in the forground needs some more attention because it has not the right shape to frame the sequence. But I am not sure if the scene comes along well without anything in the foreground. Yes, the ships need to be placed much more readable into the context but this was just for the first view to see if it works. I created the mainship at last therefore it looks so uncordinated alltogether. The debris will be the fun part when I decide to finish this one. :slight_smile:

< Erebus74 >
Thanks for compliment :slight_smile: The picture took me round about four hours nonstop from coming home after work at eight o clock till posting at midnight (european time). Might be long time for some people but I can´t handle it faster and constant through all pictures I make. Scetch 2 for example took me much more time to create with more breaks though it doesn´t look much more complicated than sketch 3.

< Michael >
You really have an good eye analysing images. Your post describes what I thougt. The first one is still much more iconic and I also still like it but I don´t know if I can conserve the “profound impact” through the final. That is the focal point though there is less action than in sketch 3.

< stevetwist >
thank you very much for this detailed comparison and also the description of your impression you have watching my sketches (very important! we all see things with different eyes). The sky looks a bit to friendliy indeed. In one hand it should describe a peaceful place and on the other hand it should express the effect of the attack. Difficult to find the mixture without loosing (or removing) the center of interest.

I just try to see if I can make another initial scetch



It likes excellent, the color is really great.