Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


I think you should change your name to Superman! :scream: It amazes me how you got to this fantastic piece even after your accident! I agree with Nathaniel about the horizon line, but I do know how dificult it is to convey the idea of a horison without drawing the line (shapeless as my nebula was, it did had an “horizon”). Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much, cause the perspective of the building clearly show where it is, and it’s just a matter of blurring it. I personally would add some sort of tropical storm in the background, cause in that type of climates it’s quite often to have a sunny day “above you” while it rains a few kilometers away.


Fatastic work. Glad I got to see this one develop. Great work Fahrija! Good luck in the voting!


It sure is sometging fresh, original in this challenge… not just the colors wich I love the most, but also the design of spaceships and architecture. I was really amazed with every ur update. From the sketches on, I knew that something big and awesome will come. And my expectations were fulfilled. Congratulations once again for ur piece, and wish u best of luck at voting process! :slight_smile: See u in next challenge i hope…


thanks for reply. I know what you mean :slight_smile: - the last days were quite taxing and stress. Hope to see you again in the next challenge.

||) |V| |^|
[color=White]thank you very much for compliment and your interest for my thread during the development. Good luck to you also.

thank you for compliment.:thumbsup: I´m looking forward to meet you in the next challenge. I just can repeat. It was a pleasure to post into your thread and watching the development of your masterpiece.

I wish you all fun with your new artwork you´ll start to paint after this great challenge and that it will express your improved skills.



Great work, very grand scale and good uses of depth and scale, look forward to seeing more work and continuing discussions.



Hey Ryan,

thanks for looking into my thread.:scream: and thanks for compliment also.
Oh yes, continuing discussions … looking forward to participate furthermore - the only limitation factor: my english but this will improve… I´m confident about that. :slight_smile:



didn’t see u in the top 15 …?? Guess they couldn’t give u two prizes,
good job tho! Hope to see u in the next one, congrats!


from me too…BUMP! :bounce:


Congrats Fahrija!!!

I thought your image warranted at least an HM as well… oh well. It was a heck of a competition and you certainly deserved the community award!

See you in the next one man!


Damn,… I feel bad that I got a honorable mention and you not. I can’t believe it:shrug:

Congrats for your community award and you did a wonderfull image. One of my favorites:thumbsup:


Tommy Lee


Hi! fahrija! manythanks , I enjoy this challenge very much ,as cgtalker said ,2d works is brilliant! and for my own choice , your entry is my favourite one ,not because you pop in my thread, but your work tell by it self ,
many thanks for advice me for 2d work ,
maybe in the next challenge , i have to choose one , enter both 2d and 3d is very hard!!
hope we enjoy it again in the next challenge,

PS i see you in photoshop and painter board?? see you there while we wait for the next challenge!!
see ya!:thumbsup:


Hey, Fahrija! Congrats on the community award! I too felt you should have gotten at least equal credit for your actual painting, but hey, there’s always next time too! -mike


One of the best pieces in here in my opinion… its going into my private collection of best world digital art for sure.
Im looking forward to see u in next challenge as well my friend!

And congratulations on the comunnity award! U deserved it with ur most helpful comments :bowdown:


Congrats with award Fahrija…! :beer:
And with great work too…! :thumbsup:
All the best and cheers,
Paul. :beer:


Congrats Fahrija, looking forward to seeing you in the next one. Thanks for your kind words in my thread.


Many thanks for your great posts buddies :thumbsup:
In terms of the comunity-award > I´m surpised if you believe or not :bowdown:I still can´t
believe. Sometimes it took me much more time to find the right words when writing posts
rather than painting a scetch. [the online-dictionary always very close to me :slight_smile: > without
it I would have surrender after a week] Thanks again.


 Hey squibbit - you know how to make people smile :thumbsup:
       Hi ken - I thought the same vice versa but it´s like mike said. There is allways a next
     time.  Thank you both.
      Thank you Dimi and send my regards to all the beautiful greek women :)
      Cliff - you´re welcome. :) Meet you in the next one. 
      Hey Tommy - your image is a killer - thats why it is at this point where it is now. :)
     great work and congrats again. There are so many works which deserved hm. I´m very
     happy not to be the decision maker > It would have broke my neck :). 
     I just can repeat - It was an adventure and a pleasure to be an eyewitness of your
     incredible 20hr-painting-marathon. I wouldn´t believe if I hadn´t watched it myself. 
      hey paul back in town! Thanks for your kind words - I would only had be to pleased to see
     your version of the composition. Meet you next time maybe on the same area.
      Monsit, many thanks. I have to give back compliments your whole work is true inspiration.
     Congrats again. see you in the painter/photoshop section. 
      Blaz.....that is honorable mention [:bowdown:](http://misc.php?do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=1&forumid=0#) Thanks my friend.
      [b]my little epilogue[/b]
      Very special thanks to Michael (nuclearman) - your comments were more than just helpfull.
     And I´m sure your finished picture would have changed the current ranking in the top 7. 

      Also many thanks to Gerado - thanks for support

      Additional thanks to the 3d people who dropped into my thread very often as I recognized.
      And last but not least I would like to quote a post-reply I´ve read during the challenge
     which I very much liked . 
    See you around in this community 
    - fahrija


Nice work Fahrija, looking forward to meeting you again in the next contest.:thumbsup:
Take care.


Congrats for the comunity award! You truly deserve it, for me your comments were always well thought and constructive. It’s a shame that you didn’t get any honorable mention at least, cause i really liked your piece. See you next time:bounce: .


Hi Dwight and Gerardo,

thanks for your posts and congrats. I appreciate very much.

and we will meet again in about 17 days :slight_smile:

best regards


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