Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Really looks great!

The detail in the CU’s is wonderful! Awesome work Fahrija! Polish, polish, polish!!!

Great stuff!



Looks great Fahrija :slight_smile: I am really glad to see your entry almost done. To me it loks complete, but whatever you have in mind I am sure it will work out well. :slight_smile: Good luck! it was a pleasure seeing your progress, oh… and thanks for giving me critiques, they really helped.


This was a hell of work this night and I really hope it went good. It´s difficult to estimate it by now. (I need sleep) I had to fill the image with more life. So I did. :slight_smile:

I´m not amused about my own time-management. In two hours I have to go to work and I´m dead alive. But I´ve finished it - for about 3 weeks I thougt it would be impossible.

The challenge as a great opportunity and I wouldn´t have done it without your support and encouragement, buddies. Hope to see you altogether again in the next challenge.


This is the story behind the image. I hope you like it :slight_smile:


The waterplanet ŁeÍıa has become a rich and powerful planet in the universe. It is the only place where the unique substance Mynæº will unearthed
in daunting underwater facilities. The substance is contained in the plancton and will be enduced by a secret procedure. It enables civilizations to flight with speed of light without any deformation in hullstructure of spaceships and it decreases time differences to a minimum. A galaxy treaty appointed that every development of speed-light-weapons is forbidden and will be punished by a Mynæº-Embargo wich
means isolation for the guilty civilization.

The Rµtorian-Civilization was punished two decades ago. Their Mynæº reserves were confiscated and the Rytorians left to their own resources. But a hidden facility staid undetected. The Rµtorians were capable to build up an armada of war-ships. Once punished they decide to go into an open confrontation. It should be a sudden-attack of ŁeÍıa to break the embargo and retrieve formerly power…

To whom it may concern:
music-list of the songs I´ve listen to frequently during the finishing line:

non-electronic songs: (the complete cds):

  • Disturbed - believe
  • Lamb of God - as the palaces burn
  • The faint - wet from birth

electronic tracks: (from my EP vinyl collection):

  • Kiki & Silversurfer - restless
  • Jeremy P Caulfield Cavalcade EP - Swagger Saw Grotbox
  • Azuli - Chicken Lips (She not in-Stanton warrior re-edit)
  • Speicher 25 - DJ Koze A.K.A Monaco Schranze
  • DJ T. - Electrofied (I love this track!)
  • WB - you might say
  • Various Artists: Brian aneurysm - delta
  • Scoopa-fi: talkin large rmx session
  • Tommie Nevada - night becomes day ep (just great!)



Mighty grand work there! You should be very pleased. I definitely enjoyed your sketches as well, and how they led you to this fun image.

…Just awesome, and congrats for finishing!! :applause:



great work fahrija, congrats on finishing your painting, it has a lot of majesty. im looking forward to seeing your work in the next comp, good luck


THe finsihing touches you put into this piece look great! Once again, great piece. Get some sleep, and enjoy the great feeling of finally finishing your entry :slight_smile: Good luck!



I knew it

in the page where I get my information to upload my image I can see a little thumbnail but it
sais below:

[i]If this image is not correct, please try refreshing your browser. If that does not work, try uploading it again

[/i]I try it again. But will the other one deleted automaticaly? Does anybody know what kind of mistake I made?


im not sure, perhaps try posting in the faq thread, you might get a better response



thank you very much for your comments about the image. I´m a bit confused. To late and it´s not worth it to go to bed now. :hmm::cry::cry:

Thanks for the hint with faq.



some zoom pictures and good luck to everybody


Beautiful- good luck


congratulation for final image!! look very great! i hope i can reach your painting skill some day:thumbsup:


Very nice metalic texturing on those ships. I like this work. Good luck!


Beautiful finish :thumbsup:

Best luck for the final :bounce:


I love this painting, great job:thumbsup: . Good luck on the voting.


Thank you for your comments,

I also wish you good luck in the voting phase.



Really good work, the clouds have very realistic feeling, and the skyscrapper design are great.


This is really nice. The details are amazing, and the overall feel of this painting is quite realistic. I’d like to see a little more haze on those back buildings, especially the one on the right side, so as to really get the depth. Also, I’m having trouble with the horizon line–it seems off although I know the perspective is correct. I think what troubles me is that the line is visible, and it makes me feel like it’s an edge that just drops off. If it was blurred, we would still know that it was somewhere there because of the buildings in the background.

And I’ve just noticed that there are some people on the building in the right corner. I’d love to see some closer figures just to help us identify with them as they watch their city burn. All in all this is really beautiful and I’m just nitpicking it to give you some things to ponder for the next painting you do.

You’re a very good artist, and I hope to see more from you!!! :applause: :applause:



Hi Nathaniel,

thank you for your interest. I very much appreciate your constructive review to my image. Why didn´t you drop by ealier? :slight_smile:
I was struggling with the background during the whole process and your point/hint in terms of the horizont line is completely right. I would have try to fix it right away.
As regards the ppl I´m not happy about this, too. Blaz (Ninjassn) also mentioned this a bit earlier. I thought about this point during the development but I wasn´t able to integrate them in a common-sense.

Thanks for compliment and pushing forward.
It was a pleasure to watch your artwork in your online-porfolio. I have to give back compliments. :thumbsup:

I see you in the next challenge :slight_smile:

Hi LuisNCT
thanks :slight_smile:



I only saw your thread in the very beginning stages, and I wish I had seen it before the deadline so that you could have considered making changes. Sadly my workload got very hectic two weeks before the deadline and I didn’t have the chance to browse as much as I would have liked. Thanks for the kind words, and thank you for giving me a very nice critique of my entry. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: