Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Hi mike,

thank you very much for your continious support. You are right about the position of the building. It bothers me since my wip06. I think it has to be rearranged a bit towards the bottom of the picture.

And not to forget: thanks for the information about the upload. This helped a lot to estimate how long I can work on this.



I think it looks like you’re trying not to block out your main building by having the fighters only in the negative space around it. I doubt that’s your intent…

I love the design of everything, I think the water area looks great and now want to see the attack unleashed on the peaceful world.


I think if you don’t obscure some of the beauty you’ve created or mess it up a bit then it will continue to look like a picture perfect postcard of a future civilization and not the tension filled drama that I think you want to depict.

Great work, love the detail on the FG Mother ship!


Hi Ken,

good point. I rack my brain to find out a way to show more action in a logic way because the fighters are to little to do much harm on the buildings. Maybe some air fights? If there any suggestions let me know.

Thanks for your comment - I appreciate




As far as Painted 2d works goes, I think we have a winner here folks!!

Well Done!!


What about a few side impacts / explosions on the main building, a fighter crashing into the water, the sail boats being straifed… that sorta thing? Or, what about having the building on the mid-right in flames already consumed by the attack… the smoke might give you an nice backdrop to have some dramatic ship battle which is tough to do now because of the bright blue sky.

Looking forward to seeing what you do!


eek! :eek:
Nice to see you feel confident about this but there is a great number of breathtaking artworks in this challenge. But thank you very very much for your encouragement and evaluation to my work.

excellent suggestions. I try out what´s possible. I have to avoid reservation at this point.



Are you nuts? I love it, absolutly stunning artwork. You should consider to make a tutorial DVD… I would buy it in a wink!:thumbsup:

Cheerz buddy,



o.k. …

Hi Tom, great to see you again! I´m glad you love it! :slight_smile:

Actually I have no wip stages of the big ship. I will post some after submitting the final image. I almost made it on thursday evening till posting at ca. 3 am. fortunatley i had a good workflow at this day but then I forget everything around (e.g.>saving wip-stages :D). Days before I got around detailing it cause I was not quite sure how the look of the frontpart should exactly look like.

thanks for encouragement:thumbsup:



I tried to give the background more action. Maybe I have to place one of those big ships nearby.

I also tried to paint a crushing ship into the water below but I think I have to erase it because the attack in the foreground just started.

There´s a lot finetuning to do but I´m a
bit exhausted, buddies.


Looking great! I love the BG building under attack… subtle but perfectly captured as is the fighter crash into the water.

…getting a real sense of the drama of the moment now… excellent!


Hi, Fahrija!

Great to see all the progress you’ve made in the past month! The level of detail you’ve worked in is really quite impressive, as are your skills with color and texture – particularly the metalic surfaces. (The water is looking just a wee bit too much like ice – perhaps due to a combination of stillness and sheen – but that’s getting REALLY picky, my friend, and I fully realize you’ve got other issues to address.) I suggest you submit the piece to the British SF magazine Interzone when you’re done, as this would look very much at home on the cover. (They pay reasonably well, and it’s great exposure.)

Best of luck in getting the final touches in place!


your work has high detail!! good work! and good luck!


Yeah, this little details give it really the finishing touch. Love the hit building too.
1 day 18 hours left… don’t panic:eek:

Cheerz buddy:applause:


thanks for support and thank you for pushing me to add some destruction into it. It really got better with that. :thumbsup:

Hi Michael,
I´m very glad you stoped by into my thread. I´m also not very happy about the water. The water and the sky “achilles heel” - I try to modify it a bit. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will contact them. Lets see what happens. :slight_smile: I hope we keep in touch.

Hi Monsit,
thanks for your encouragement. You did a great job on both fields.

Hi TommyLee,
yeah you are right. But I have to leave this image on sunday cause monday I have to go to work again. No chance to push some more pixels. So…I try to put as much as I can into it today. Thanks for encouragement :thumbsup:

P.S. I wish you many patience and a excellent workflow for your 8 hr painting-rodeo.



Always a very good pic, always this “cool ambiance”, very nice, good work and,… go; go; go for the end



P.S. I wish you many patience and a excellent workflow for your 8 hr painting-rodeo

It’s more a 20h Rodeo:eek: … Thanks buddy!



this will be the last final-color-wip.
I made a lot little changes.
In the background I worked on the buildings(reflections/shadows). I also had to modified the building under attack a bit more. Mike(walrus)was right about the position. I changed it. This was more work than I thought it would be cause I already had added the smoke, the debris, the reflections… Argh

I did some more on the textures of the big building + shaping out a bit more the net-structure in front. (see detail)

I went all over some blurried things also. I know a picture is never finished - you just leave it. And I have to.

I will do two more things till posting final image tonight.
a) I will do some more work on the little fighters on the left (I don´t know if it will be 3 or 4)
b) and some more work on the big mothership on the right top.

If you have any little suggestions please then post them now!



Fahrija - Looks awesome. I love the sense of scale and the water setting, the greenery, the figures, the detail … I’m impressed! Great job :thumbsup:


This is getting better by the minute. Your textures are really good! The sky and water also look great.

Great piece…Congrats!


Fahrija: I leave for less than a week and your entry goes from wow to baba bum! The textures are amazing, the water looks perfect, and the composition is balanced. M8, you’ve done a terrific job here and I can’t think of anything I would change. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: