Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Wow Fahrija, this is excellent!! Your attention to detail is outstanding…:eek:

Did you use a tool to get the reflections in the water, or did you have to repaint everything to get the reflections to work?
Inquiring minds would like to know!!

Absoutely beautiful work done here!!


superb stuff so far, certainly very alien and some top notch ship designs. everything in the image is very well designed and rendered. i think it has been mentioned that parts of the image are sort of lacking activity, particularly the water. my suggestion is to increase the ripples of the water, it appears that the water is moving quite fast around the trees but there is no real affect other than in their immediate area. adding more of a flow around and after objects should help to make the water more interesting and the ripples could make for some nice distortions of the reflections. thats all though, other than that its a great painting and with some tweaking it could certainly be a contender


I tried to give the watersurface some structure but I don´t know how to estimate the development. I´m not so happy about the look. Is the size texture size o.k.?



Additional information to the detail image above:

please klick on the image to watch the original size. The website layout you see above is very different to that.


oh!man u are great!! can’t believe that 2d , i think it’s come out from the rendering!
nothing to crits , good luck


Thats some amazing detail. I like the pattern you put on the big building. Hope to be at that drawing/painting level one day (if i ever get the chance to start 2d).


Thanks for your comments and support to my work. I can only repeat > very encouraging and helpfull.

Hi TommyLee,
thanks for visiting my thread. I´m glad you like the image.

Hi Nomad,
thanks. I´m currently working on the ship. I´m looking forward to your opinion. :slight_smile:

thank you very much for encouragement. The reflections are not developed so complicated as you might think. Hmm… how can I explain this precisely in a few words.
I took the painted buildings - flipped them - set the opacity on 40% - and very important: you have to erase all parts witch show the top of something (like roofs, etc.) - then I used Strg+T and corrected the perspective. It is useful to split some parts of objects wich are based on two different perspective angles to align them better to the bottom. finaly you have to repaint some little parts or you can also use the stamp. In terms of less time I didn´t do it very precisley - essential is just you make the obviously elements correct.
I hope you find this description useful and thank you for your interest.

very good analysis. You mentioned all the things which devinetley need more attention. I will do my best to fix it all. :slight_smile: Thanks for comment.

Hi monsitj,
Wow! :slight_smile: Thank you for this comment. Your 3d work is amazing. You´ve got some incredible skills.



Hi ace4016,
thank you for your comment.

What do you mean by saying:
“if i ever get the chance to start 2d”



The current development of the ship on the top of my image. As I mentioned before I wanted to give the ships some kind of anger within the ships architecture. I hope it´s still just an indication of a face and not more. :slight_smile:

It´s still in process. And I have to make sure to get back my metall-sheen which somehow dissapeared at the frontpart. Later I will show some fighters comming out of the entlighten part.



this is just a stunning piece … i don’t think u have to worry too much about
that water surface…or anything for that matter :thumbsup:


I get the angry look from the ship, clearly seen (by me). The “eyes” look kind of evil.

What I meant by “If I get a chance to start 2d” is that I always wanted to draw and now that i have spare time learn/practice, that time is being taken over by 3d and programming along with harder classes this semester that are probably going to get harder (engineering). I’ll find time sooner or later though, or this summer, hopefully.


nice job …grat texture:scream:


My favorite part of this image has to be the subtle face within the ship. I had that thought well before I read your mention of the very topic. I think you’ve done a fine job of indicating an angry face, without making a transformer.

Your atmospheric perspective here works wonderfully, and your hierarchy is very effective. The shapes to the left definately dominate the composition, but even the farthest ship plays an important role in the story and layout.


Thanks for your comment and your support. I very much appreciate this.

Don´t worry and keep cool. :slight_smile: You are so unbelieveable young > you have all the time in
the world. All those skills you learn on college will be helpful when starting painting. Just keep your eyes open :slight_smile:
thanks for dropping by.

thanks for your comment :slight_smile:



Looking great, Fahrija!

At some point when you have time - it can be after the deadline - I’d love for you to post more about how you achieve your metal effects. The painting and texture on the metal parts is just fantastic!

Good luck!



Hi mike,

yes, I post more infos for you, after submitting the final image.


BTW: Can you tell me - Is there any special thing I have to know about submitting the final image. Uploading time or something like that?


When you have your final image ready, there’s a two-step process to submit it. For the first, you click on ‘submit final image’ and it walks you through a process to submit a JPEG in the same way you’ve submit everything else. When you do that, you will also be given detailed instructions for submitting a full-resolution TIF file as well, i.e. FTP site address, username, password, and what you should name the file. (The TIF has to be ZIPped so what you’re really submitting is a ZIP file.) You FTP that and you’re done. How long it takes you to FTP it depends on your connection and file size, but mine only took a few minutes (fast connection here!) You can confirm that the FTP worked by checking the ‘submit final art’ page: If it worked, a thumbnail of your image will show up.

And that’s everything! Good luck!



The current stage of the image. Lots of little details added. The background is modified. The foreground buildings got some attention…

Very fast I placed some little fighters for test screening. To place them in terms of size and proportion is a bit difficult but I thought I should try to break the vertikal arrangement a bit and fill the air with stuff. :slight_smile: What do you think?

The background will get some more attention and I try to place some more details everywhere.


P.S. If you see parts which need devinetley more detailing or other things, tell me.



All of the fighters look fine, but the top left one is bothering mwe. Not sure why, i think in part because it’s clipped by the edge of the screen. Also, 3 is a golden number: maybe you don’t need a 4th?

I was just noticing that the horizon, while now horizontal, feels low with the perspective of the piece. I don’t notice it too much if i just look at the main building, but when i look at the one in the upper right (which looks great with the fixes, by the way) it feels like it’s close to dropping off the edge of the world. Especially when i look at the base of that right building, it feels like the horizon shouldn’t be that close. Maybe it’s just that that builing is placed too high? Or too low? Or maybe there’s enough of a fish-eye lens feel that you could get away with a slightly curved horizon? I don’t know, it jjst feels a little off when i look at that part of the image.

hope this helps, as always… Good luck. Not much left to do, and a whole weekend to do it, whee!