Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Keep on going, your architectural style makes a real difference.


I like the direction you going in with this painting. To me it looks pretty good, just keep going.


The design you have on the building and spacecraft looks very cool. There is a unique style to your work which makes it very interesting look. It has a mix of soild and softness to the method you carry out. looking good.


Some replies:

Hi Squibbit,
thank you for looking over to my thread - your´s is great as well. :slight_smile:

Hi Falcor,
yes you´re right about the light. My try to get some more mood and lightning effects into the scene. somehow I like the effect on the upper side of the image but below the it´s to shiny. I have to detract it.

ered dium,
yes detailing on the spaceship in foreground will come.

||) |V| |^|,
thank you for encouragement :slight_smile:

thank you for your comment.

thank you, I´ll do my best.

thanks, I´m glad you like the design. :slight_smile:



It is a very inspiring piece of work. I especially like the ship design and the idea of a water city. Still, I would have loved to see more detail on the main spire and I’m not too sure about the grey mist in the back of the image.

Good luck.


When I look at you image i really feel I’m there, that’s probably one of the greatest features of your work. The metalic look on the buildings is awesome, and you already know i love the underwater parts of the city. Are you sure that all that detail will show after the reflections are added? The dock and boats truly show that there’s nothing left to chance here. The only thing I’m not sure about is the size of the people on the copper dome.

Good job! Congratulations:bounce:.


Hi Gerado,

thank you very much for encouragement. I´m really glad you like the image. And also thanks for the continious support. The reflections are usually very strong. You are right about this but I´m trying to find the right mixture. The bottom of the island-city is fortunatley some darker. That makes it more confortable. I hope I also find the right way to give the water more live with some breaks or very little waves without to wipe out the underwater part. There´s still so much to do. The copper-dome is placed on a bank infront of the buildings you see behind. But you are right you can see it also at the same place, then the scale of the people is wrong. I try out if I can fix this by desaturating the buildings behind some more.

Hi Belisarius,
thanks for comment. I also hope I can do some more details on the main-building. Cause it
lies on the center of interest.



I started with the reflection on the water. I just made it for the big parts at first. What do you think about the mixture. Is the underwater-part still there and the reflection not to less.



Hi something else I would like to add:

I´m very unhappy at least with the right part of the sky. Too dark at the top (like andreas said) and to dirty in the middle.

Does anybody has a good advice?



Wow what a superb entry. Just one crit and maybe a part of the solution. Is the upper left space ship bigger than the building ? If so, you could be using atmospherics to partially attenuate the sky… Hope this may help…:thumbsup:


Fahrija: as I see it, you’ll have to solve the sky coloring before working on the reflections. I reckon you’ll have to add some ripples to prevent it from looking like a flat mirror. Maybe it’s not even a shading issue: just mess up the reflections, add a few highlights and you’ll be done with it!

This pic is pure eye-candy. Just love it!


Great progress! I am liking this piece more and more each time you update it. :slight_smile:

To answer your sky question, I’d say slightly lighten up the blue with a lighter blue with a little bit of grey in it. The blue you currently have feels too Ultramarine, and the rest of your composition feels like a lightsteelblue, with a touch of grey. Try it out, perhaps it will help. :slight_smile:

Good luck, I’ll stop by before the deadline :slight_smile:

ps. the reflections looks great. :slight_smile:


No crits about the sky… But the horizon needs more work ( to give the impression that the scene is extending far away…)
Nice work, keep it up !


Thank you for your critics and comments. I have to work much harder > still a lot to go.
My time-management is not good but I will do my best. I´m sitting here at work but instead I would like to work on my image. That´s not a good sign :slight_smile:

Hi spacenail,
thank you very much. I will try it out. Good luck with your work.

Hi Gerado,
thank you for helping out. I have to work on both a bit more. Yes you are right > Especially the reflections need some more little fine breaks at the edges to make it look more like water.

Hi Airborn,
Thanks for your kind words and for your suggestion > I´ll try this out.

Hi Arctis,
At first I thougt. Why the background? But just now I made a print of my image and recognized that you are right about it. The background needs more attention. Thanks :slight_smile:



I tried to make some overall work on the whole picture. mostly I made reflections complete (but without adding the watersurface yet) I changed the saturation at the top and also the sky at the right part. some lights and little strokes everywhere.

I have to concentrate now on the big ship. This has to be complete tommorrow or I am in trouble. Arrgh.

What do you think about the sky change so far? And where do you think is detailing still very important?



Thanx for all of your comments on my picture, it is helpfull to keep on working hard.
For your picture, i think that the ship on the high right corner needs to be more detailled.
You can also add many more of your ships in the far background because i think your horizon is a little bit too “empty”.
Whatever, good luck for the finish my friend.


And where do you think is detailing still very important?

Mostly on the right side:
The dome in the lower right feels not quite up to the level of the rest.
the ship on the upper right (but you knew that!)
The tower in the back right (though not as much, because it’s further away.)
And I confess to having some trouble reading all of those triangular things on the lewer right, too. With so many other boats in the scene, they read a bit like sail-boat sails, blown over, 'though I don’t think that’s what they are. Parhaps part of the issue is that all of the other architecture is very vertical, and these break that up and thus appear broken.

I think Starbuck is right about the horizon too. I’m not even sure it’s horizontal (or whether that matters!)

But overall: Looking good! Good luck this week!



Thanks for your helpful comments and suggestion. Very important for me.

Hi Starbuck,
thanks for your comments and suggestions on my image. I will work out the background - it really needs more live. keep up your good work. I very much like the design of your images you´ve created for your thread.

Hi Walrus,
thank you very much for leading my eye to the horizont. All the time I thought there is something wrong. The right part of the horizont is much higher than the left one. That is devinetley not intended. I will fix that and do something additional on the horizont.
The triangular shapes are solar-panels. I never saw it the way you describe but that´s why I look on this picture every day. I´ll see what I can do there.



Oh my god… This piece is incredible!!:eek:

Absolutly nothing to crit. Beautyfull…



PS: Thanks for stoping by in my thread…:slight_smile:


Nice progress here :applause:
As mentioned before the ship on top-right have to be refined… no other crits.

I`m looking forward to see the finished image :bounce: