Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Yes Fahrija, yes… very beutiful :slight_smile: Is there gonna be any ppl? Any kind of living form? I think that u could use some wires or anyother lines somewhere in the pic to bring more dynamic to it. Just some suggestions…


i like this the compo it’s approch 3d the painting is very clear very good paint great i like this again


great composition


special thanks for your encouragement. I was very uncertain how to evaluate the current stage and especially the current composition.

Hi Gaia´s Herald,
thank you very much for your encouragement. I´m glad you like the image. Oh yes the bushes need devinetley more attention. I need to try out how to develop them furthermore.

Hi Arctis,
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Blaz,
to you also: thank you for your encouragement. I´m also unhappy about the people situation. At the right foreground part I want to establish some habitants watching the situation from the roof of the building. The composition only alows me to create some indications of people. As regardes the wires I will play around with some stuff to see what´s possible but I have to keep the time in mind. My workflow is not constant. sometimes I work two hours on the image and I just produce “crap”. But some more elements wich assist reading the perspective could be good.

Hi Walrus,
the sky really looks a bit to friendly - the first intention I had doing this was to have special kind of paradise look and that the enemies suddenly arrive without any warning.
I tried it several times to add more mood into the sky but somehow I´m not able to get it to this point. :frowning: But if I have time I try something with the light you´ve suggested. Thank you very much for your comment.

Hi MDN67,
thank you for your comment. :slight_smile:

Hi Samueldeni,
thanks :slight_smile:



wow…That latest update is fantastic!

The water is soooo nice…I could just sit here watching it for hours :smiley:

Some tiny improvements (nuthing to worry about…just my personal ideas):
When you add those fighter try to get some diagonal movement going on…It would be great to break that vertical movement…and to add some kickass speed and battlefrenzy!! :smiley:
And those oneman fighters really bring the scale into reality. Those really small fighters in the lower right corner open the pictures scale proportions but now they are not enough to really show it. After you’v got those fighter in the right places It’s brilliant!



very nice, the sky seem too blue and ,i would make it more grayish blue so it blends better with rest of composition.and take away attention from your nice design down on the ground


Great, Fahrija. Your rendering of surfaces is awesome. Really good. I would like to suggest a couple of things:

  1. Some of the towers seem to be tilting to the sides and the horizon (even if your intention is to show it curved) seems to be tilting downwards on the left side. I would suggest bringing out some rulers and try to straighten these elements to strengthen your composition.

  2. The vegetation somehow seems to have too much texture. Try to give detail only in some areas.

  3. Probably your are still going to do this…but the building in the foreground to the right could use some more detail…

  4. I don’t know if the blue on the top is too saturated and too dark. Try some variations, perhaps, if you haven’t done so already.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for your comments - they are really helpfull. I´m working, working,… I will get it done.

Hi Elfuego,

thank you for encouragement. Yes the fighters are very important to give the scene more live and dramatic. I hope I can create them like we both have the action in mind :slight_smile:

Hi boalid,

the sky was mentioned by many people - to friendly and not supporting the scene (except of Gaja´s Herald :slight_smile: ). I try to go back to it but in the moment I have to set the focus on the foreground part. Thank you for comment.

Hi andreas,

Thank you very much for dropping over to my thread and your helpful suggestions. You have a exelent eye on the things. :slight_smile: Devinetley yes to the buildings. I try to fix it. The foreground one was much worst before but when you mention it I have to go back again.
The blue of the sky also need to be a bit desaturated. I thought the vegetation need a bit more attention and put some more work into it. I´m looking forward to see if you still find them a bit to overstyled.



Sorry I haven’t visited your thread in a while :frowning:

I missed out on a lot of progress too dammit… I love the ship and building designs. The colours are nice and the sense of scale you are developing is promising. My favourit is the little sail boats among the buildings. very nice touch :slight_smile:


Always very good work, i like the cool ambiance of your concept. The choice of color is very good, a impression of tranquility, of cool cicivizasion. The add of boat in the sea is very great is like a"riviera" but in the futur, i very like this, good work


The next progress. In terms of the comments on the sky I tried to add a bit more mood. What do you think about it? I will post some zoom-pictures to get a better impression. There is still much to go. A lot of details and establishing more mood. The skyscrapers need a lot of attention before I can start with reflections.



a zoom of the ship. I ´ve added plasma fragments which are coming out of the wings to give some more indications in terms of movement.

After some suggestions about sky and light it was the first thing I had in mind. What do you think, walrus?



Ops! I´ve posted the wrong picture to my text, sorry.
The image-zoom above shows the waterpart in the foreground.


Wow, jel ovo sve radito u 2d ili ima i 3d rada ovdje? Nadam se da razumijes, vidim ime je nase pa reko da na nasem se javim :slight_smile:

Hope you understand? :wink:


Hi nermin,

thank you for your comment to my image. Unfortunatley I´m not able to understand what you´ve written. I can only suggest what the content could be. My relatives often blame me for that circumstance but somehow the bilingualism didn´t work on me. Sorry.




dude , that’s masterful work,
the whole thread!



Fahrija i like that floating thing you have done, but when it comes to casting shadows should it really cast shadows on open sky?

Looks weird. Almost like sky is becoming 2d plane for that area.

Then again what do i know about art anyway. Good luck!


Hi Fahrija It look cool, I really like the spaceship light. Also the city and the other elements.
Maybe you can add more details to the spaceship.
Great image :scream:

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv



I made some more details and worked out many little shapes around the image. But the main focus was to sharpen the big building in the middle + giving it more details. I also made the little tower in the right bottom bigger to show the peoples better.

Below I placed a zoom of somewhere in the image just to give an additional impression. If there were time I would uprez the image and make more details but that´s impossible. To much work ahead.



This is a very pretty scene. Nice tone. I like the reflections and sense of movement you are accomplishing. Good job!:thumbsup: