Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Fahrija Velic


Fahrija Velic has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Mynæº-Crisis: the end of embargo

This was a hell of work this night and I really hope it went good. It´s difficult to estimate it by now. (I need sleep) I had to fill the image with more life. So I did. :slight_smile:

I´m not amused about my own time-management. In two hours I have to go to work and I´m dead alive. But I´ve finished it - for about 3 weeks I thougt it would be impossible.

The challenge as a great opportunity and I wouldn´t have done it without your support and encouragement, buddies. Hope to see you altogether again in the next challenge.


This is the story behing the image.I hope you like it :slight_smile:


The waterplanet ŁeÍıa has become a rich and powerful planet in the universe. It is the only place where the unique substance Mynæº will unearthed
in daunting underwater facilities. The substance is contained in the plancton and will be enduced by a secret procedure. It enables civilizations to flight with speed of light without any deformation in hullstructure of spaceships and it decreases time differences to a minimum. A galaxy treaty appointed that every development of speed-light-weapons is forbidden and will be punished by a Mynæº-Embargo wich
means isolation for the guilty civilization.

The Rµtorian-Civilization was punished two decades ago. Their Mynæº reserves were confiscated and the Rytorians left to their own resources. But a hidden facility staid undetected. The Rµtorians were capable to build up an armada of war-ships. Once punished they decide to go into an open confrontation. It should be a sudden-attack of ŁeÍıa to break the embargo and retrieve formerly power…

To whom may concern:
music-list of the songs I´ve listen to frequently during the finishing line:

non-electric (the complete cds):

  • Disturbed - believe
  • Lamb of God - as the palaces burn
  • The faint - wet from birth

electronic (from my EP vinyl collection):

  • Kiki & Silversurfer - restless
  • Jeremy P Caulfield Cavalcade EP - Swagger Saw Grotbox
  • Azuli - Chicken Lips (She not in-Stanton warrior re-edit)
  • Speicher 25 - DJ Koze A.K.A Monaco Schranze
  • DJ T. - Electrofied (I love this track!)
  • WB - you might say
  • Various Artists: Brian aneurysm - delta
  • Scoopa-fi: talkin large rmx session


I hope I will post my first scetch soon. Nice works I´ve seen so far


will be waiting patiently for your first post :slight_smile:


My first scetch for the challenge. Tried to create some monumental surrounding
with intruders coming from upside. Comments are very welcome :slight_smile:

I will do some more different scetches and decide later
> still searching


My starting scetch for the challenge. Tried to create some monumental surrounding with intruders coming from upside. Comments are very welcome

I will do some more different scetches and decide later
> still searching


WOAH! looks awesome - I love the colour scheme, very powerful. Nice work.


Awesome…looks promising alright!


:applause: No crits here


yes, the color scheme is really great, it gives already a good feeling! I like the idea of the bridge with this gate. No critiques at the moment :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for your comments - I hope to find time soon to come up with my new ones just to see if this one is strong enough in comparison.


Beautiful indeed, almost a finished concept artwork in se!

Beautiful colors and grandious imaginery.

Clap clap clap :applause:


ooohhh… ahhhh… Love the colors, lets see more! :slight_smile:


Hey Fahrija, Very nice feel to this one! Looks perfect for an establishing shot as we’re arriving at this city. If you go with this one, it’ll be fun seeing the intruders take shape. Awesome


That’s a gorgeous start, Fahrija. Very atmospheric, with really solid composition. Any chance you’ll do a full 3D version of this in the other part of the competition?


Thank you for your comments!

Hi Michael (nuclearman) - I´m a rhino user for a long time with some render experience in 3dsmax but I know less about poly modelling. And it´s a real challenge for me to change over from nurbs to polygon modeling. Maybe I could handle building up the surrounding but the rest…and not to forget the atmosphere…ahhrg
You 3d guys really have mad skills.


This is really nice. I like the warm colors (is a sucker for warm light) But in the final image I don’t think you should have the girl in the bottom left hand corner. She kind of pulls you out of the picture. Just my opinion.


Really cool concept. I am looking forward for the next picture… :slight_smile:


Fahrija, if you followed the Alienware Challenge last year, I’m sure you’re aware that Pufferfish’s incredible entry was done in Rhino and then rendered in Max, so there’s really no need to switch to polygons for the 3D work. It just happens that XSI, the application I use, has much stronger poly tools than NURBS tools, so I’m more comfortable working with polygons. I think the real challenge with doing your piece in 3D is, as you’ve suggested, getting the atmosphere to work, but then you could always use something like Afterburn to get the volumetric effects.

As for the 2D vs. 3D skills debate, well, I’ve always envied those with more traditional painting and drawing skills – though I’ve seen some absolutely first-rate concept sketches on the 3D side that indicate there are more and more artists who are equally comfortable in both arenas. “Mad skills” indeed!


A new scetch with different topic but same coloring. Critics to this particulary with regard to Scetch 1.0 are very welcome.

“Comunication disrupted can mean only one thing - Invasion.” > Episode I


Hi Bishoppnes of death,
I will keep this in mind if I decide to choose this one. But generally I think it is needful to place some kind of indication in the foreground that gives the viewer the impression of the scale.

Hi Michael,
You are defenetly right > to handle both technques that burns.
This time I decided to join the 2D Party because I need some drawing and painting
fundamentals as basement. With this skills I think it is much easier to work out 3D images.
Maybe I´m wrong.
thanks for this interesting conversation and greetings from Cologne