Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Eric Browning


Eric Browning has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final!!

DONE! Not that I couldn’t noodle on it for three more months. I incorporated just about every comment I got except for the overall saturation change to warm it up, I wanted the girl to be the warmest spot and everything else to be cooler.

Can’t…believe…it’s done.


Welcome to the challenge!

Ohh and good luck to ya!


Thanks, Jarhead!


Here are some thumbnails, with one brought up a bit (I’ll post that seperately). I’ll post a story blurb later to explain, but basically a child is playing on top of the remnants of a robot civilization, with a behemoth ship as a backdrop. I have children, and they could be at the zoo right next to the alligators but be enthralled by a bug on the ground- I like how they do that and am trying to convey that combination of being seemingly unaware of the “big picture” while being utterly focused on the tiny. I think it will help punch up the the big science fiction elements of the picture.
I work on paper, and then scan and develop further in Painter with my wacom. Thanks for looking!


Here’s the further developed thumbnail I mentioned. I will do another pass or two at this stage, before moving on to the drawing.


very cool. for some reason, i cant get the image of the little girl out of my head, but i keep thinking shes wearing the oversized helmet of a dead soldier on her head…


You just made my night! I saw it as something she scrounged and put on, I’m glad it comes across.


Woah - awesome concept - v.original.

I like this idea a lot. The fact that the girl is oblivious to the giant machine behind her, like you intended, draws the viewer into seeing the epic scale of the machine etc. It draws a lot of interest, it’s something unusual, and is very very cool.


Really great composition. Sketch very effective. I don’t know the story BG enough but anyway…It’s a really good start. The BG could have many different ways of course.
A big ship like that, which “crushes” the mood (the effect is strong) or, why not it’s a suggest, a perspective…by opposition to the little girl…maybe a different focus…
There is a lot of emotion in this picture.


Hey thanks!
What kind of different focus were you thinking? If I’m going to rethink anything now’s the time.


Great concept, I agree its got a very strong emotional sense. Just be careful when you come to placing your work with the ratio size (looks fantastic in this long narrow format) we have been given in this competition cause it might take away that strong focus on the kid when the surrounding areas are filled in with the final artwork. Like it a lot, all the best!


When I talk about focus I mean the “point de vue”, the “camera” (arh english…) you could put your camera higher and see a more vast scene, for example, a small displace of the main character(in the meantime that could reinforce the lonelyness), with all the elements of a space opera… don’t forget the theme of the contest, “an iconic moment of a galactic civilization”…just a suggest of course, and my “point of view” :slight_smile:
I’m clear ? sorry I’m french and my english is really bad…


Your English is better than my French, thanks for making the effort! I think we’re thinking the same, I made some adjustments to push the scale even more and hopefully better address the “grand space opera” idea.

Thanks, and I’ll go back and re-read the rules! I love this sort of aspect ratio, but I’d hate to get disqualified over it. I actually have a thumbnail I did yesterday that would wiiden the aspect and still retain the composition.


Very nice sketches. gives me a good idea what to expect. I like the contrast between the large ominous machinary to the frail little boy/girl. One thing to consider; we shoudl get right away what the boy is doing through expression so that the viewers dont get thrown off.The angle of his of the boy/girl to the camera migh obscure his/her expression. maybe if he was 3quarters facing us. Looking good.

Good Luck. I’ll be watching this one.


Thanks, Rares-
It’s going to be a little girl, and I think you’re right, it needs to be clear what she’s doing. She’s drawing with chalk, and I’ll need to work the angle a bit to get that across. For the final I’ll get really solid photo reference because I think the picture will mostly succeed or fail based on that character.


Great idea. Very original. Cant wait to see it fleshed out. Good luck.


These sketches are looking good, I like the idea of the kid.


Here’s further development of my idea, I felt like the ship wasn’t massive enough, and to be as “grand” as the contest calls for I should really push it. So I added a ruined city between the child and the ship, making the ship more of a landmass now. The little black squigglies above the city are birds, which will be a cheap way of accentuating the scale.


I also knocked back the value/contrast of the ship to give it more distance, like I said before I’m going for “landmass” here.


I did a little further working out of the lower half, sketching in the “dead robots”. I’ll combine this with the previous sketch.