Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emre Tanrıverdi


Emre Tanriverdi has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: colored a bit

just a bit detailed…


well good to be in such a creative action again!’
well i ’ here just posted a old drawing of mine but actually just trippin around some ideas.
Buuns live under soil, horse kinda legs and very hard skeleton(like a steel). fights with their elbows.
and there r machine- organic creatures called drognatz. they catch the buuns to take the “zira” out from them as an energy source . zira is the gas inside the buuns , somthing like a soul. here is a drawing that shows collection the soul scene.
good lock (heheh luck) everyone.!


here is a buuns drawing and a drognat.
BTW this two versus creatures kinda concept is a very cliché i think. :smiley:


well i dunno how but i just posted the same drawing again and again so now i’m editing those posts with this nonsense messages lol…


here is buuns and drognats


thats great work again as usual, looking forward for the new stuff… amazing sketching skills!!! go on dude, who holdz u?? (kim tutar seni:))


the mech looks awesome. are those teeth? ew! what are you using for modeling software?


So clean, I love your sketch work. Every line has a great amount of purpose. I’d love to see a lot of the creatures from this scene done by themselves as we go through so we can analyze them individually. :slight_smile:


Your creation are really interesting I am in a hurry to see the

Good Luck


frantic: eyvalla dude, i 'm hoping to finish it on time :wink:

lazlo: thnx lazlo, yeah they look like teeth but they r not feeding themselves by biting so they r some kinda lungs. open lungs. i’M not gonna model it in 3d. i 'm in 2d competition:deal: and gonna do it in photoshop.

Shadow Seraph: thanx seraph, yeah i just try to refine my sketches after spending years pencil drawing… i’m still thinkin about my concept. dunno.

Tranchefeux: thanks tranchefeux… i m not sure about if i will go on that concept or find another one. but check me out :wink:


more work!!! more work!!! let’s do some action baby.


I love your detailed concepts. Geez, they are well-thought out for “concepts”. I can’t wait to see colored versions. Great job.


I like the line quality of your sketches. It looks like it will have a lot of movment in the end piece.


at last i could get back into action!.. here is how i beganned coloring. actually i dunno if i could finish it on time but the deal is do i really want to finish it :wink: anyway we’ll see…


just a bit detailed…


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