Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Emrah Elmasli


Beautiful stuff man.


How can you be so productive?!?! That’s is just great!:thumbsup:


Your sea and your boat are beautiful ! Do you have a website where I can see other work of yours?


Squibbit - Thanks alot!
NinjaASSN - Yea thanks. I’m working on no 1 and 3. Those are going to be on the water.
Ozanosfer - Thanks mate. Appreciated! About the ships and stuff, i need to design all elements. Thats why i’m working on them this much. Thanks for your comments again.
terraarc - Thanks for the comments. They were really fast sketches and i didn’t think too much on them. But they came out well i guess. I like no 1 and 3. I’m working on them. Thanks again!
Sunguine - Thanks mate. Working on it…
screamingwing - thanks!
Kraull - haha…thanks. Just drawing rapidly.
Arctis - Thanks. my site is: but it’s under construction at the moment.


yesss wonderful coloring and ambient I love it my friend

           :bounce: i would like to see more.It s amazing :bounce:  

         :buttrock: See MY Concepts & Cities and more:buttrock:


simply amazing last one man :slight_smile:


This looks fabulous. You really use the right colors, they look really nice! I also like the way you made them, really nice style. :applause:
What program do you use btw?


thanks for the comments!

I use painter and photoshop together. But mostly painter…


i know im the last person that can talk atm… btu i was wondering, you have your flying boats and you got some in the water… surely they would be all flying or all in the water… tho the rest of it is amazing :slight_smile:


hi my friend ı like your using light in composition and your ships are so nice good luck.

abi tasarımlar ben cok hoş özellikle istanbul manzarasındaki devasa gemilere bayıldım kolay gelsin.iyi şanslar


definatley the last one should be the last one :thumbsup:


thanks for the comments

daadaa - i understand what you mean but this is a cultural thing. I wanted to do some variations on the ship designs. Some vehicles fly, some do not. Just hovers. Cheap and expensive thing. I hope i can explained myself…
korayarts - thanks my friend
V_Shane - yea, thanks.

I’m going to post the line art soon. Then i will try to finish the piece in pace.



i am in awe =O


great work so far man…try to add more details also…cheers


Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I respect your work. Your use of colors is awesome, although I think your image is a bit too yellow, specially compared to your last image, which I know, has nothing to do with the composition. I was totally blown away by the translucency in the water.
You’ll surely be on one of the top places!


I love your process the latest looks to be a finished piece in itself…very good :thumbsup:


Man you definetily are one of the best in here, every piece you made is very impressive !!!

Wish you good luck !


Just thought I’d pop by and see what’s been happening here. I’ve been away for a while. I have to say I’m mightily impressed. Each one is a strong composition, with a vivid and confident use of colour and light.

keep it up


I like your designs for hover ships/boats. I wonder, there’s a danger that unless it’s clear the ship is hovering someone may mistakenly (or foolishly) look at final image and consider was supposed to be on surface, but badly placed. It’s possible. I think you’d have to make clear boat is hovering eg obvious gap, or consequent ripples on surface of lake/sea from its hoverdrive… may not be necessary, but questions of interpretation can carry an idea one artist portrays far far away fron where he originally intended (for good or for bad…).


Get progress! I really like the ship designs and the enormous ship in the background. Amazing work keep it up!